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How to video track the car

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by ashishmalviya27@gmail.com, May 21, 2014.

  1. Dear All,

    I want to mount one mobile phone (having 3G video calling feature) in my Linea so that by calling on this mobile number I can see the same front view through its front or rear camera as I see when I sit inside the car.

    There are many advantage of doing so .. one is to see (virtually from anywhere ) whether our car is at same position where we left it or someone drove it away (theft)

    If someone else (family member, friend, relative , driver, service center boy etc ) is driving our car and we are not there inside the car.. then if required we can see where actually our car is going.

    I want to mount this mobile phone in some appropriate location near the windshield so that i can see the clear view of outside , No one else could identify the phone easily however at the same time it should be easily accessible to me so that i can remove it from there and charge it regularly ..

    I need one application to be installed in the phone so that whenever i make a call to this phone it should automatically start the video calling ..

    I hope, I have conveyed my requirements.. ..

    Suggest me .. whatever I described above is practically possible ? .. and if yes than How this can be done.. I have one 3G camera phone and planning to by another for this project..
  2. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Firstly, Superb title. Caught my attention right away. :D

    If your intention is just to track the car, There are several types of GPS trackers in the market for that but they do not do video. They are supposed to be hidden away in the car and will silently do their job like, sending you GPS coordinating, uploading coordinates to a server or send you Google map links as SMS so that you can open the link in your smart phone and figure out where the phone is.

    How is it realistically possible for your phone to see through your windshield but no one else being able to see it. If someone steals your car, the first thing they'll do is to look for stuff like this. Also, The last thing you would want to happen is for someone to spot your phone through the windshield when it is parked and break the glass to steal the phone.

    May be install it inside the front grille and make it weatherproof somehow :confused:.
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  3. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

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    who will accept the calls.do you think a thief will accept the call,after the car is stolen ?

    Call your friend's mobile number and ask ?

    i Dont think its worth.As vj_v1 mentioned use the GPS tracker.
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  4. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

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    Ashish, if you want to know where all your car goes and is it at the same place where it is supposed to be, the best way is to install a GPS tracker. Very easy, reasonably priced and hidden so safe. You cant have a phone small enough to hide behind the windscreen and moreover as vj already said, it wont survive 2 days at that location where thieves can see it.

    GPS tracker can even be built at home by the way. You need a GPS enabled phone (Chinese android phones), android app having GPS tracking and a power source to keep the mobile charged.
  5. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Rather than dashboard (front view) i would say make use of the front (inside bonnet) area tat way hardly peeps can track the device ;)
  6. Dear Friends..

    Thanks for your suggestions...

    Yes GPS tracker is there for this purpose

    @GANGES ...

    Many phones come with Auto pick up facility... When you enable this feature than u need not to press the "green"button to answer the call.. after 3-4 seconds ( configuarble ) phone automatically starts the call and switch ON the speaker mode and u can speak to the person without touching the phone .. this feature is very useful while driving..

    I am just exploring whether in same way a video call can be initiated or not... this feature must be there in some phones or third party software must be there for this

    Only points is where to install this phone so that it can be protected from theaft , water, etc ...

    Will do some R&D on this .. and if i dont get success than will go for GPS tracker
  7. gkabillan

    gkabillan Timido


    Friend what you are trying to do can be done using the 3g surveillance camera. Dont go for a mobile phone it wont do the job well.see the link below for some ideas.
    3G Surveillance Camera demo - YouTube

    if you want to do with a mobile phone,the try using the software called tasker for android. it can help you but need some basic skills to make it work...
  8. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Buy a Dashcam preferbly with dual cam option. Then you'll know where the car had been and who took it out and what happened inside the car aswell ;)
  9. harishgayatri

    harishgayatri Amatore

    Mulund, Mumbai

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