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How to register a new car on your own in Bangalore and get a fancy no at free of cost

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by venka, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. venka

    venka BANNED

    Hello TFI’ns

    After reading a thread in T-BHP, I got inspired to register my GP on my Own. I read that thread more than ten times before taking this decision.

    Why taking the risk of self registration::confused:

    1 Temp reg charge is 300Rs only. Prerana motors charged 1000Rs for temp registration here they cheated me. In fact everyone who buys the car will cheated by car dealers.:evil:
    2 As Prerana motors were charging me 5k for registration. Which was supposed to happen in 400 rs ( As smart card fee ):eek:

    Check points:

    1. If you’re buying the car by paying upfront full cash then car dealer will not object for registration by us.
    2. If we are buying car with loan then we can have temp registration on the day of delivery but while registration we need some more documents from bank side. i.e. hypothecation letter. Here you might face some resistance from Dealer but you should know how to justify it.

    Documents needed from our end:

    1 Address Proof: Ration Card, Passport, LIC Policy, Voter id , House agreement or BSNL bill ( No Vodafone , airtel etc..) I didn’t have house agreement in my name (it was in wife’s name) so made it one on this occasion 
    2 Pan Card.
    3 Form 14: It’s available in RTO office premises.
    4 Take DD for Road Tax, DD should be in favor of RTO BANGALORE.
    5 Take the pencil impression of chassis no which is under right seat in the form 20.

    Documents needed from Dealer end:

    1 Form 19 (Temp registration document )
    2 Form 20 ( Fill the details of the vehicle same comes in Smart card )
    3 Form 21 ( Sale certificate )
    4 Form 22 ( Road Worthiness Certificate)
    5 Tax Invoice
    6 Temp Registration no
    7 Three photos

    All the Documentation part is completed. Before going to the specified counter make sure you have filled all the documents and signature. They are very simple and can be done easily.

    I did my registration from Rajajinagar RTO (KA-02), In this RTO office Go to counter no 7 give all the documents to the person who is sitting over there, he will verify it and makes a signature for paying the DD in the counter no 9. Here you need to pay 400Rs towards Smartcard along with DD.

    Until counter no 7 guy verifies it and sign the documents you will not be able to pay the DD and take the receipt.

    Once you paid DD and took the receipt, your car needs to verified by the RTO Inspector. It will happen between 11 to 2PM at the parking lot. Ask in counter 7 where the vehicle inspection happens, he will guide you where you need to go.

    There submit all the documents you have, which are mentioned earlier along with the receipt tagged. He will ask you to take the impression of the chassis no in the Form 20.

    I had taken this in home only as it will be difficult to take this in from 20 paper by bending over there. I pasted this on the Form-20; I showed the same to Inspector. Inspector was kind enough to agree for that, he signed all the documents and had chat with me about the mileage, why this car only, how much it’s on road price. Basically a formal talk.

    Now come back to counter 7 give all the files. This fellow will ask to come after two to three days. So know you have copy of tax paid receipt ,after three days you can go and take your car no.

    The whole process takes less than one hour if everything is in place or max two hours.

    At the end result was so fruitful for me that I got no as KA02 ** 4040 :)without paying a single paisa bribe. At last gave a dairy milk chocolate for the counter 7 guy:). As he was very helpful and guiding. :)

    How to save money if you’re buying the car on loan:

    • For paying the Road tax 30 days time will be there from the date of Temp Registration. Think 1 lakh (my road tax was 97k) interest can be saved for a month.

    • If you have gold and there will be no function in the next two months, pledge the gold take the money from it , as Gold loan interest is very low for 1 lakh 1 k is interest per month. We can clear it in installment as well.

    Observation in RTO Office:

    • People don’t ask for Bribe, if you offer then they will take.

    • Always be polite and say thanks.

    • Be in formal dress, you will get a different respect.

    • Take all the required Documents, everybody will fall in your line.

    How to get a fancy no for free: :cool:

    • Keep eye on current running series. Submit your application on that time.

    • If you’re very specific directly ask in counter and pay the required fee.

    Do let me know if you have any Questions :)
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  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Nice write up.. Thanks for the info...
    As if owning a punto/linea is not a treat a fancy number attached to it is just icing on the cake...

    I was also fortunate to get a fancy number without any extra fee...
    But i got it registered from the showroom only..
  3. venka

    venka BANNED

    Black ,

    I Posted this just to inform how easy to do registration and how one can save couple of thousands with out falling into dealer prey.

    I agree everybody is not lucky as you to get a fancy no with out paying extra fee to dealer.
  4. Aviator

    Aviator Amatore

    Delhi / Hyderabad
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Thanks for sharing the info. My friend is taking delivery of his Punto Sport within next 4 days but the dealer is charging Rs.6000 more than the actual registration fee. We told our sales guy that just give us a temporary no. and we will get the car registered by our self but the sales guy said that you have to get it registered through us because it is a financed car. He says its the bank rule..... What should we do???
  5. venka

    venka BANNED


    Directly approach the bank ppl, ask them i want to register the car my self ; you can give the reason dealer charging hefty amount for registration .

    They will surely agree , provided they should not have any mutual agreement.
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  6. kvharesh

    kvharesh Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    My Car is due for registration in few days, my dealer is charging Rs. 3000, and SA said if I get it done myself, they will charge me Rs. 1000 to 1500. He did not tell anything about the bank rule. Am waiting for the papers from bank. Expecting on Friday.

    Will update you once I get the papers.
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