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How to get rid of RAT MENACE (from damaging the car)

Discussion in 'Technical' started by VahanPujari, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. eldrid

    eldrid Amatore

    London, United Kingdom
    London, United Kingdom
    Grande Punto 1.4
    hey guys i had rats attack my new punto here are some tips i shall share..which may or may not work in your case.
    1) I have tried tobacco pouches...though some sware by it...it didnt at all work for me...infact one day i found the tobacco pouch all torn up by the rat.
    2) Never try to kill the rat using mortien rat kill or other such vitamin K inhibitors...they take time to work (3-4 days) and the rats can cause quite some damage by then. Also, since rats assume that its food...they spread the word and u will only have to deal with more rats!
    3) I had the same problem with traps...i caught 16 mice in a row.....one day after the other....it was like an endless supply of rats...id set the trap at night and by morning id be greeted by a rat...(no not the same rat....i used to leave them very far away....which by the way again is troublesome)
    4) If u can find some one who can rat proof your car then great...its the best way! i couldnt!
    5)Finally some one suggested i go to a plant nursery and ask for a phorate 10% C.G based insectiside. it was cheap cost me around 60 bucks a packet or something.....now heres the tricky part....this shit smells crazy...its like a 1000 eggs rotting...uve got to fill around a handfull of these pellets into a cloth and tie the cloth inside ur engine bay. Always use gloves when handling poisons. wash hands thoroughly after handling. If u dont want ur house to smell like a shit hole...i suggest u open and transfer some of the contents into the cloth ur going to use...outside the house...store the remaining insecticide in multiple layers of polythene bags. Ive never had rats ever since...but now i have to take the trouble of removing these cloth balls every time i want to take the car our...and i have to put them back every night so that the rats dont come...i store the balls in two layers of plastic inside the boot...but it worked for me...and now no more damaged wires.
  2. sudhish

    sudhish Timido

    Re: Rat problem in my Punto Emotion Pack

    One fine morning i found tiny black foam-rubber shreds around both front tyres. Smelt a rat there, opened the bonnet and found several evidence of a rat attack. Large portions of the foam-rubber blocks found near both fenders at the suspension end were shredded. There were urine and feces over everywhere including the air-filter. Feathers and small sticks were placed on the ABS system (i guess it is the ABS) which is located behind-left-a-little downwards of the battery. Near to ABS, a wire insulation pipe was bitten but fortunately only the outer black pipe was damaged. A pair of yellow wires was just exposed. Looked like a lady was making a nest there for her delivery.

    Showed the car to service centre (KHT) and they said, need not change the rubber-foams now. Did not find any significant noise level difference in the cabin. Insulated the exposed wires with insulation tape.

    The hunt: Frantically searched internet, contacted a couple of car owners in our area and tried the following things.
    1. Tobaco: Did not work. When it rains the rat will visit and more rubber shreds found beneath the car.

    2. Camphor: Looked like it worked for a couple of days, but the lady came back with a vengence. Also camphor and naphtha balls are highly inflammable and not recommended inside engine compartment. We must clear them before starting the engine.

    3. Lights on all night: She didn't care and once i started the car around noon, i saw her leaping out of the bonnet and ran towards the backside of my house.

    4. I read about a brush technique from team-bhp website. It is about tying bottle cleaning brushes with long plastic bristles at strategic places where the rat could possible travel and nest inside the car. I did not want to keep brushes inside the engine compartment so brushed aside the brush idea. But please note that it worked for the inventor of that technique though.

    5. Reluctantly i resorted to poison: I used Mortien, not able to get Robon as recommended by some others. 3 - 4 cakes disappeared and looked like she enjoyed it after her dinner. She took the cake under the bonnet and then engine compartment had urine, feces and lots of poison crumbs strewn everywhere! or, the fact could be that my car is voted as the best maternity ward by a group of mousies.

    Finally, wiped all the excreta and did whatever i can do to remove the smell inside the engine compartment. Found her burrow behind my house. I blocked the passages with a large piece of tin sheet and kept the lights on inside the porch. After that, it is one month past and yet to see her.

    The website http://mrpackrat.net/Packrats.htm was also helpful.
  3. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Rat problem in my Punto Emotion Pack

    add tobacco packets inside the bonnet
  4. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    @eldrid, man this strange!!so many rats!!take care of your car bro!!some times these tiny rats costs us a lot than we think!!one of my friend have to spend 40k on his car due to rat attack!!
  5. Hey I have used red chill sauce and rats never touch them until it's cleaned.
  6. Puntoist


    Guys, need advice on how to tackle the rat issue.Just got a new Grande Punto Emotion 1.3 BNW 3 weeks ago and have been mostly driving it weekends (so far).Rest of the time is parked in my compound.Got an ABS error in the dash indicator on start and had it checked after a week at the service center.

    Seems that it is rodent damage and have just now been given an estimate of the following

    Fresh wiring : 2.5K
    New battery (because of rodent damage) : 6.5K
    Misc charges : 650 bucks

    Any comments on the charges? What do I do to keep the rats from gnawing away more of my hard earned money?

    Have resolved to take it to work everyday so at least the critters do not make themselves comfortable.

    Is there a mesh required at vents? Please advise

  7. teky

    teky Esperto

    Had my rear washer pipe damaged by the rodents. This is what I did and I was successful. Use the rat cake and place it just below the front cowl ( the place where the bonnet meets the firewall). Keep it on either side, also cut few tomatoes and onions, apply rat poison on them. Place them on nook and corners around the car garage. We did his for one day and we caught him dead.

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  8. Puntoist


    Thanks Teky for your quick reply.Will try it.Park in an open area in my buiding, so there might be more than one rat at work here.

    Guys, have been to TASS in the afternoon and while they have confirmed that the entire cabling does not need to be replaced, they will need to fit a new battery (revised estimate around 8000/- bucks).

    Any feedback on the price estimate? Would it be advisable to get the battery specs and get it replaced independently from an outside dealer? I believe the manual says that as long as specs are the same, should not affect operations/warranty.

    Also a bit confused about the battery Ah for the GP 1.3 Emotion (Diesel) as the car is currently is with the service center - is it 40/50/60 Ah?
  9. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Rat eating out battery...this on really seeks some hi energy drinks :D
    Can you post the pics?
  10. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    @Puntoist,teky, no need to keep food applying with poison buy tobacco pouch & give it few cuts & then tie it into a waste cloth or a lil net bag & keep this near ur headlamps.Open ur hood & search lil bit u'll fid couple of places at corner/below headlamps put those tobacco pouch their or u can put 2/3 Naphthalene balls in same net bag this works!! ::T

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