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How to get rid of RAT MENACE (from damaging the car)

Discussion in 'Technical' started by VahanPujari, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Bala the ASS would have left open some gaps in firewall when your car met accident earlier. Remove the sound deadning carpet from firewall in engine bay and see for any hole there. There should be gromets on every pipe/wire that goes in and out with no space visible.
    Only place that I know through which rats can enter inside cabin is through fresh air opening in boot, install wiremesh there.
    Rat's cant enter through fresh air intake opening for AC as there is AC filter below that and to enter cabin the rat would have to chew AC filter first even than he would get stuck in blower and most probably die when you start AC blower.
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  2. krishnasinh7229

    krishnasinh7229 Timido

    Avoid eating any thing in car as the food particle left over can attract rats. Once when i brought some sweets. for friends on my Punto 90 delivery day. I kept it in glove box for an hour long drive to home. Next morning i found some rat dropping in glove box.(sweets were removed from car on reaching home) but the left over scent attracted rats. The rats even cut thru a plastic sheet under bonnet. Next thing i did was bought a vaccum cleaner and cleaned each accesable inch of cabin after my familys' holiday trip.

    Ratscan prove a meniac for all e-controls systems like that of fiat
  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    In my Linea rats used to enter Glove box leaving droppings. They even entered cabin few times and chewed seat covers at some spots. Wiremesh is agood idea which our member nehamit has installed at Ahmedabad. But when I asked to do it in Mumbai, TASS said they don't do it.

    Check the rat menace thread. It has quite afew details mentioned by members.
  4. punto11

    punto11 Amatore

    have a cat in the family and get your car inspected by the cat once in a while. Rats will go away once they get smell of a cat in the car. We have two cars in the family and my sisters cat is more interested in the punto as i have to force her to get out of the car
  5. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Vijay Khasa,you are spot on with your reasoning.
    After seeing your post only did I realize that rats are entering the car only post accident repair job,so you reasoning of a gap in the firewall should be true.So,let me find if gromets are available at the TASS to plug the gaps.
    You have a better and a wider knowledge about cars than those in the business.
  6. dharmesh


    I also had problem with rats under engine bay, though they have not done any damage, but SE showed me the leg prints of rats and then got Rat repelant installed. It costs Rs.500 when get it done from TASS. You can also get the same from medical store or from some store where they sell agro based products (it will just cost 50 odd). Make some holes in the plastic bottle , put the rat repelant material in it and using plastic tapes you can tie those bottles unde the bonnet. It worked for me and also for one colleague of mine who did DIY. We both are now happy with our rat free car.
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  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
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  8. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

  9. Deepak R

    Deepak R Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Getting rid of rats

    Hello everyone,

    I don't know where to post this question. Today while cleaning the car interiors, i found some dirt caused by a rat. I don't know from where it has entered in. Luckily it has not bit anything. Please help me out.

    Thanks you.
  10. sungoa2010


    Always use the recirculation mode while parking the car. Once the little creature has done pretty harm to my alto but with puto he is sympathetic with me.
    I found these days a white cat that sleeps under my punto may be that is also not a bad idea.

    One thing that I religiously follow is not to eat or drink any thing inside the car. This order is applicable to any one entering my car. These food items are act like magnets for rat.

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