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How many people have you influenced to buy a Fiat

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by shams, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. omzworld


    2 from my side. Both Punto.
    2 of my colleagues who booked on same day and getting their delivery this Thursday.
    I am pretty sure if I didnt have brought my Punto, Fiat would have sold 2 cars less this month :D
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  2. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    When I started hunting for a new sedan, I TD Vento first. Hated the drive. Moved on to Fluidic Verna. Was completely shattered by the lack of steering feedback. Then out of nowhere, my GF reminded me that 1 year back, we had seen Linea TJet+ in the showroom but since it was over 10 lacs that time, we decided against it.

    So I arranged for a TD and without doubt, was bowled over by it. Add to that the fabulous discount of 1.2 lacs and I ended up buying the TJet+.

    Seeing this experience, I was able to influence 2 more guys in my office in buying Fiat (1 Punto+1 Linea). These people were considering Vento or Verna.

    Point to note - Honda City was not even in the contender list for all 3 of us!!
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  3. sreedhara_bj

    sreedhara_bj Amatore

    3 from my side. MJD all of them. Total 4 in my family now. :dancing
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  4. AerialsInTheSky


    Influenced 3 of my colleagues to buy the Grande Punto and all the three have booked! one buying the Active, One Dynamic and one Emotion. And guess what?? All Bossa Nova White!!

    Our office now has 6 FIATs out of the 15 cars that will be parked,
    5 puntos
    Red Emotion 2009
    BNW 90HP 2011 - TFI handle - AerialsInTheSky
    BNW Emotion 2012 - TFI handle - bkpabi
    BNW Dynamic 2012
    BNW Active 2012
    and 1 Linea BNW Emotion 2011
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  5. cvanandh


    Chennai / Coimbatore
    A total of 6 is what I can remember.
    Linea MJD - 2, Palio MJD - 2, Palio 1.2 - 1, Linea TJet - 1
  6. soundar


    "Singara" Chennai!
    None so far... :(
  7. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    Kottayam, Cochin
    As of now just one.. but at the time looking for good 2nd hand Punto.. if not then will be booking a Punto Dynamic.
  8. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    I've already written this in different threads.

    I never ever thought of Fiat. It was one of my friend who dragged me to Fiat showroom and the end-result was obvious. Punto bought me. This whole process of avoiding Fiat earlier and then owning punto has changed my outlook towards lots of things. I used to be very practical person. I learned that life is full of irrationals. Now I have a view of my own in everything I purchase and everything I do. And those who initially laugh at my decisions, later on agree with me. e.g. When I was booking punto, my boss booked Figo and he very well explained me how good VFM is Figo and what are the problems with punto. It was not his fault. He was thinking rationally. Now, after 8 months of ownership of Figo, he respects my decision to go for punto and he has started recommending punto to others :p

    Till now my punto has influenced lots of people. But the problem is most of them had already bought their car. They wish they can go back in past and change their decision. Only one person, who was about to book Ritz, looked at my punto and changed his decision. He has booked Punto and awaiting delivery.

    By the way, my friend who dragged me to Fiat showroom has still not bought punto. He already owns i10 and he is sure his next car will be a Fiat.
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  9. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    3 of them i just explained the facts and just forward them our website TFI to read and know about it - 3 punto MJD.
    2 in my office after driving my jet in OMR, but they all bought MJD as fond of diesels - 2 Linea.
    1 my relative Punto because he loved the build driving comfort, quality and strength .
    +1 yesterday my cousin friend same explained about all the dynamics and VFM ,before he itself have drived all and finally in to linea MJD not yet updated he booked or not :)

    For all of them first i suggest them to TD the vehicles and then decide , dont go by any words in papers.
    then i just FWD our TFI url and ask them to read owner ship threads. surely once they drive they will buy fiat. :)
    then come to conclusion
  10. Nimish antony

    Nimish antony Regolare

    Well its like i was in love with the punto by the clean design. I told quite a few but all were reluctant about the Punto. Things changed when i got one. When i reach the parking lot i just get a lot of stares and people come to you with a lot of queries about the italian beauty. My previous cars were Cielo(99-2004) Honda City Type 2 (2004-2008) Lancer 1.8 Invex (2008-2011) and all i had was a lot of jealous folks. The best i owned so far is my 90Hp GP.

    The ownership of the GP changed everything I have now 180 new friends all over India with the same passion. I would say after the All kerala TFI meet we had 3 new Fiat owners just to be in the Fiat club. I would not have met all these like minded people if i owned any other brand.

    In a recent group meeting a friend of mine said "Swift sells like pan cakes, I-20 conquered, Polo sells better- Fiat dosent sell, they dont market, have a bad repute in the market but they have die hard fans, meets, drives, unity and passion which i just cant belive"

    What a world????" I just replied thats the "World of Fiat"

    I have 5 people who have got a Fiat after my purchase
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