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How I learned driving: Thread to share your initial driving experiences

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by sungoa2010, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. sungoa2010


    It is nice to look back to those days, sitting behind the wheels and learning those initial driving lessons. We all might have done some
    stupid mistakes , irrespective of how expert we are today. Let share those moments here, for some fun and for some knowledge.

    Let me start my experience. I got my driving lessons from Hyderabad. My first lessons were on an Ambassodor with four wheels and a wheel in front of the driver’s seat known as steering. The driving lessons that I had till that day was a linear extrapolation of the knowledge that I got from the scooter(Kinetic Honda). The other idea that I carried with me was that we need to rotate the steering left and write, typical way the old hero’s use to do in 70’s and 80’s. I remember the Malayalam movie ‘Madanolsavam’ in which throughout the entire song the hero was driving a fiat Padmini constantly rotating the steering in a periodic motion. So my first lesson was to realize that you need not to be a body builder to control the steering, but leave the steering and control it whenever it is needed. Soon I got a license to to do nothing. It was the worst of worst training that I got in that class. Since I was a student at that time only thing possible was to practice in dream. So I have driven(in dream) Zen, Uno and whatever available on road those days.

    After Kinetic Honda a Bajaj super came to my life. Then a Bajaj CT100. After Hyderabad my Bhubaneswar days were in CT 100. Mastered speed drive in CT 100. No accidents or any hit. Thank god. CT100 was enough to explore the little planned city Bhubaneswar.

    My actual car driving was learned in a Zen(old model) in cochin traffic whelp of a driver. The zen was without power steering and helped me to master the steering control. My first car I bought when I was in Chennai. A M800 with Madurai registration from TVS Mylapoor. I went with a Mechanic. Brought the car to Madyakilash, did puja and the mechanic dropped me near my house, I sat, first time without a second person in a car. Started the engine. Vinayagha was not happy in my Puja. The car was not starting. First car in my life, not starting. Called the mechanic. I pushed the car with the help of other two persons. Mechanic told that battery problem. Next day taken it to TVS. The problem was with alternator. They changed it (free). Adayar traffic was a test for me. The biggest problem was to understand the roads.I cannot forget crossing traffic signals in Anna Salai. Every time, with my bad luck, I when I will be just crossing the road, green turns to yellow and in confusion, whether to continue or stop , the car will fail to reach the other side before red comes. The police will come with a happy face with two option. “ Do you want bill or want to settle it without bill”. Former option will have other legal complications also. So I used to opt for the latter solution.

    Soon my 800 started emitting white clouds. My choice was a failure. Exchanged the car with a almost new alto in 2005(2004 model)from TVS. This is the car in which I learned all my basic lessons, in chennai traffic, without even a single scratch. I go some scratch once a parked bicycle fell on it. My long drive in that car was the Chennai-Banglore-Mysoor-Chennai with 5 adults and a child. That year was a testing one for the alto. Chennai got frequent heavy rains and I learned all the skills to overcome all kind of difficult situations. Many times the alto was almost half covered in pool of rain and drainage water, between Thiruvanmiyur-Tidel park stretch. I consider Chennai traffic as my real Guru. In 2006 I shifted to Goa. Taken Alto to Goa from Chennai. That was a wonderful trip. Goa with comparatively less traffic was a cake walk and mainly used to polish what I learned from Chennai. Chennai gave me the lesson how to pierce forward through heavy traffic . Without that lessons, that Chennai had taught me, I couldn’t have enjoyed my Punto the way I enjoy now.
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  2. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Sungoa, Absolutely fantastic topic. I am yet to post my driving experience for which i will excuse for now. I need sometime to type the matter which i will tomorrow. For now, couldn't hold to appreciate your thread. You managed a classical touch too with your early driving lessons & so shall we. Not only it will allow us to share how we ended up subscribing at TFI but also how FIAT got stamped on our minds, heart & soul now;).

    & just noticed, you got another breathtaking signature today. Man!! That is some statement.
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  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Great topic Sun!

    Initial driving experiences -

    Two Wheeler - Vespa 2 stroke. As usual, i would leave the clutch too fast and it would shut off. Once i even managed a un-intended wheelie and fell on the road. After a lot of practice, got around to driving it like a total stuntman. I would lean the scooter at such an angle that the engine/kick would touch the road. After a crash where my bottom got scratched real bad :oops:, i resolved i'll drive much saner. I still have this 17 year old Vespa and love driving it.

    Four Wheeler - Maruti 800
    Same old story. Dreading the first gear and what to do when i'll have to brake. I would forget to push the clutch in when braking and as a result stall the car. Slowly got the hang of it.

    First car mishap - Banged the Palio D in a cycle which appeared out of nowhere. Thankfully cycle guy wasn't hurt, neither the Palio.
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  4. sungoa2010


    @Gurjinder: Thanks for compliments and shifting the thread smoothly to first gear. It was nice to read those incidents. :)
    @Enki: Thanks. Waiting for your share of story.
  5. In 2005, joined driving lesions in M800 just for learning something new. Only completed 50% course ( I was confident that I would finish off remaining if have my own car).

    In 2009, it was a time to purchase a car. Booked the punto w/o TD (as I didn’t know driving).
    Didn’t have confidence to drive new car on the pervious course and hence rejoined driving school for M800 (it was the cheapest to learn). Completed the course just to utilize the payment ( I recalled everything within 25% course) and to get the license.

    Drove punto 1.2 first time on the delivery day and was much better than 800 (performance wise) but very difficult to handle corners, parking, reverse etc. and hence got few scratches during initial days. Now a very confident highway driver (450KM at stretch feels like a cake).
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  6. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Two wheeler,
    learnt on my cousins Chetak, He used to take my class on the open ground going round n round, and i still remember just for a chance i raised the accelerator twice or thrice when he said come on enough for today and just left the clutch so that i can take another round, but forget the round both of us on the ground with our pant torn ed..

    Four Wheeler..
    Learnt on my Dads Padmini, It was a great car car from where i became a fan of FIAT, would love to hear the exhaust sound on the 1st gear, But the priblem was took me very long time to en gaze the reverse gear...
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  7. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I learnt fiddling with gears/clutch & accelerator with an 800 obviously during late schooling (10th -12th) & not what we call driving. Happened to drive uncle's newly bought ZEN (carburetor) in 1997 which felt like out of this world with it's control & stability supremacy over 800s.
    I was having Yamaha RX135 during college days & Zen as a 4 wheel occasional drive as was residing at my uncle's house during college days in Rohtak.We had bought one too in 2002 (MPFI). Clearly Zen dominated for my likeness till From 1997 to late 2004. It was the best value for money. Used to rip off my MPFI & was able to cross 140 km/hr at times. It's engine was made so revv. free that it literally used to dust other ZENs like it's a car with some bigger engine. I was astounded by this car till the day i had it alongside a SKODA vrs in 2005. The guy was driving decently & it was me actually enticing him. I was@120km/hr & like KING of the WORLD:mrgreen:. He had a cheap smile, winked at me & literally disappeared in a minute:confused:. That was not fair:confused!! I was badly hurt by this humiliation & somewhat back on ground. VRs had inherited hate for me henceforth.
    Still Zen remained my favorite till the day i was in a Palio Nv in 2005. I was feeling much easier@140 than @80 in my ZEN.
    I got FIAT written all over my mind & soul when it was driven on highway. I always wished that VRs guy to be around when i was in that Palio. The passion & search started for true automotive nirvana & drove almost all B/C++ segs vehicle (thanks to friends) keeping one thing in mind, how this car would perform if that VRs guy is around. I wasn't never sure enough as much as with a Palio. Though it was just 1.2 ltr. Still i was sure that i won't let that guy go away with this machine.

    Till the day i found an absolute cracker to drive, Linea MJD 2009. Palio immediately shifted to 2nd position & took it on expressway with 4 guys in it. It went@180 with 5 guys till the TATA motors executive asked me to slow it down. It was test drive car:mrgreen:. In-fact the executive himself encouraged me at beginning so that we can all believe the might of this 1248 MJD. He told that he has touched 185 with this engine & we all looked at him like he is some alien just landed on this planet.

    I almost shouted for that VRs guy the moment i saw that 180, whoosh, where are you:cool?
    Kept Zen till 2011 & drove it for 240000 KMs. Last 2 yrs were a bit difficult to adjust after driving Linea. But that's the time required for the budget to arrange. I preferred Punto at the last moment after watching it's WRC maneuvers & one of my friend suggesting. His argument was like "Since Rear should always be in pursuit to the front, Hatchbacks manage best maneuvers than Sedans. I second him on this & indeed opted for 90HP. This is no secret that i am completed with this car. This is exactly what the search was for!! It haven't embarrassed me anywhere. Still remember an Audi A6 boot sticking with just 1 mtr gap between it's bonnet & A6' boot. We did 160 km/hr near Akshardham during peak noon, floating traffic that gap remained same despite the A6 tried it's heart out while swaying like a snake. It was exactly looking like a single boogie train@160 km/hr with A6 as the engine & Punto as the Boogie. At last, The guy gave me a thumb up & steered left towards Greater Noida. I departed on my way towards Rajeev Gandhi Udhyan.

    I managed "Not a single scratch during all my consolidated driving hrs & cars in motion (things have struck me when my cars were not moving:A)".
    The search for that VRs guy is still on!!!
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  8. I learnt driving my fathers bajaj Chetak in late 80's, learnt driving my friends Splendor I used enjoy driving it much.
    I graduated to own a Fiero in year 2000 sol it in 2002 after 36k kms ,brought a I generation pulsar in 2002, I got lemon pulsar sold it with in 11 months of ownership with odo reading 11k.
    Brought a HH karizma had it until 2010 only ran for 11K kms,i gifted it to my co brother.

    2003 brought 1998 model M800,learnt the driving after buying the car!! my father got a Zen and 2006 had Wangon R.
    2010 decided no more Maruti's or Japanese cars ,so brought a Punto.
    As Gurji put it , I would fear to leave the clutch full in M 800 to prevent stalling, i was told to do clutch driving by my teacher driver so i used do it religiously , clutch plates lasted just 6 k kms!!

    I don't have any accident committed by me but two major ones in Punto both were rear endings

    ---------- Post added at 03:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:00 PM ----------

    I learnt driving my fathers bajaj Chetak in late 80's, learnt driving my friends Splendor I used enjoy driving it much.
    I graduated to own a Fiero in year 2000 sol it in 2002 after 36k kms ,brought a I generation pulsar in 2002, I got lemon pulsar sold it with in 11 months of ownership with odo reading 11k.
    Brought a HH karizma had it until 2010 only ran for 11K kms,i gifted it to my co brother.

    2003 brought 1998 model M800,learnt the driving after buying the car!! my father got a Zen and 2006 had Wangon R.
    2010 decided no more Maruti's or Japanese cars ,so brought a Punto.
    As Gurji put it , I would fear to leave the clutch full in M 800 to prevent stalling, i was told to do clutch driving by my teacher driver so i used do it religiously , clutch plates lasted just 6 k kms!!

    I don't have any accident committed by me but two major ones in Punto both were rear endings
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  9. Cycle was the one of that driving thing that took almost 3 years for me to learn. We lived in the Nilgiris for 4 years (4th class to 7th class). In hill stations cycle is very rare. During that time when ever I go to my cousin's house in coimbatore for vacation, everyday early morning I will take her cycle to learn but never succeeded (almost 3 years). Only in my 8th standard, my Dad got me a BSA SLR cycle even though I dont know driving cycle. It was in that cycle after a lot of hardwork I somehow managed to get that "balance".

    Then, my grandpa brought his TVS scooty to our home. Within 1 or 2 months after learning to drive cycle, I had chance to put my hands on the scooty. It was just matter of minutes to learn driving the scooty. The only problem I had was to learn twisting the accelerator. After getting the right position in few minutes, I convinced my grandpa to leave the scooty in our house itself for me without any negotiations, meaning he was so moved by the way I loved driving that he said you have it with you. Till then he would never allow anybody to touch that scooty, even his sons.

    All the above happened in my 8th standard. I went to school on cycle only for 2 or 3 months and after that I went on scooty. I was the first guy in our school to bring an automobile. I was the center of attraction that time and everybody would be so nice to me so that they will get to drive a round on that scooty EOD.

    9th standard. My Dad bought his first car, a second hand maruthi 800. During my 10th class half yearly holidays, I, my dad and mom went to our factory in our car. We have a large ground in our factory to dry the coir. That particular day the ground was empty, so my dad parked the car there and went into the office. My mom was sitting in the passenger seat and I was in the rear. After my dad left, I came to the driver seat and held the steering wheel and started driving using my mouth (u guys knew how we actually drove everything in our child hood with our mouth Brrrrrrr Bruuuuuurrrrrr.. :p). My Mom got fed up and asked me ''are you not ashamed of yourself ? You are a guy and doing 10th standard and still driving like those kids with your mouth. At your age you should know real driving. If you have the guts start driving it real, I will teach you" My mom knew car driving though she never drives. I took the challenge. She said " Put the car in neutral, Start the car, Depress the clutch and slot the first gear." I did. Then she said " Leave the clutch slowly and at the same time press the accelerator". I did. WOW WOW WOW, the car moved. I was rotating and revolving the ground without changing the gear for some 10 - 20 minutes. While I was enjoying my first drive, my dad came to the ground and was very happy and proud to see me driving. Immediately he got into the passenger seat and you drive it to home. I couldn't believe what he said. Again this time I got thro the clutch and accelerator combo without any issues and till our home I had no issues. WOW. Felt like won the F1 not only me but my dad and mom too. She was full of praising me to the neighbours, her sisters.....

    Feb 2006, I joined my first company. Still I dont know driving a bike. My dad said I can get a 2 wheeler for me to commute to the office. Initially i thought of going for Activa, but again took it as a challenge and bought a TVS Star City. From the showroom my best friend ashok drove the bike to the temple. After the formalities in the temple, he said you drive the bike. My plan was to buy a bike and then learn driving, because I usually dont drive other's bike or car unless it is necessary. So obviously I wouldn't use others vehicle to learn. But he insisted me to drive the bike from temple to home. Just like driving the car, the Clutch and Acc combo didnt have any issues but the steering control was pathetic for some distance. Then got it right and went home. He again praised me so much that I didnt sound like a first timer.

    These are the short stories of my first learning to drive. Hope I didnt bore the readers. I actually got excited when I read the topic. Immediately I started writing down. A Superb topic. Kudos SunGoa.
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  10. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I started my intro in TFi with driving learning session got again another opportunity to write whole thing about learning.

    i was always interested about motoring since childhood means from 7th std of my schooling, i drove LUNA TFR+ first time,then after that dad sold it and brought Bajaj super in 9th std and used to drive frequently. Atfer completing my schooling when i joined my engg i asked my dad to buy me a bike,so finally in final year i got Yamaha libero as a gift and this was the launch model and i believe it was unique one with its kind off headlight shape.

    To buy a car was never in my mind though money problem, and later due to dad medical probs need for a 4 wheeler came through and finally after myselves returning from saudi got the punto(unique) i dont know driving till this time...So before one week of purchase, my bro gave me a chance to learn on TATA Safari(one of vehicle from his office),been to empty stretch of 10 Kms and bro handed over me the safari and asked me to drive, as i drive the bikes, knowing only difference about the operation of clutch and accelerator with legs.

    So i sat on the driver seat and took the god name(Shree anjaneeyam) and after giving the ignition slowly, clutch press, then push to accelerator pedal,,boy engine roared very hard, bro got afraid ::D and asked me to apply pedal softly and slowly and then i felt the safari was moving ahead :) and removed the leg from the pedal and drove on 1st and 2nd gear for few kms,then wanted to know power steering, steered the steering wheel like a mad guy here and there :D to know how the steering works when it comes to the mind about power steering.
    then for 2 days i learnt on safari, after purchase of punto,everything i leant myselves without my brother help.also got nice tips from the team fiat members about the driving techniques.

    Its always embarassing moment when crossing over the roads with punto(MY), which was once driven on the same roads by bike or cycle!!!
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