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How can i Better the music system ??

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by Saumya Daan, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Saumya Daan

    Saumya Daan

    I own a Linea MJD Emotion 2011.

    The music is all right but definitely not the best to offer.

    My Question here is :

    1. Which of the below options should i go in for improve the sound quality ?
    a. The TASS adviced me to go for a component that would cost me roughly around 8-9k.
    b. He says to install an AMPLIFIER with the current set-up to improve sound.

    2. How do I get a dam AUX into the system. It's a Delphi HU installed with a AUX setup given in layout.Now where do I get the cable ?? Im trying to reach blaupunkt as well. Hope i get some assistance there.

    3. If I do a ICE fitting from outside then does that have any chances to ruin my warranty as they say ?? Even though nothing really happens im sure.. but then just consulting.

    - Advice / Ideas Please :)
  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    How can i Better the system ??

    This will definitely improve your sound quality no doubts in that. But if you buy it from TASS its expensive try buying it elsewhere.

    AMP would not help you anyway if you stick to stock HU, you need to change the HU for that as well...

    on your HU press the "CD" button twice if you see the display change to "AUX" then you can get the AUX cable fitted or else your out of luck

    Warranty will be void : If your installer cuts any OEM wires and does any sort of patching work to them
    Warranty wont be affected : If no wires are cut.

    PS :: There are tons of similar posts doing rounds in this forum please take a look at it and it will answer all your queries in full detail.
    Please search the forum before posting.
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  3. Saumya Daan

    Saumya Daan

    So bro to sum it all .. u think if i retain the Stock Blaupunkt HU ...
    and simply change the front speakers with components / Co-Axial 3-way & place a regular pair in the rear would it make a difference??
    (p.s - I was thinking of using JBL)

    Front Component : JBL GTO-609C - OR -
    Front Co-Axial 3-way Speakers : JBL GTO-949

    Rear Basic Speakers : JBL GT6-S266
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  4. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    Yes, it should improve the sound quality quite a lot. I have a similar set up in my car( I have Polk DB components in front and coxials at the back) and the sound quality has improved.

    If your an audiophile then I would suggest that you go for a new ICE set up otherwise just changing the speakers should be enough.
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  5. Akshay4384

    Akshay4384 Superiore

    How can i Better the system ??

    That is incorrect,but you need to add good front components as well.
    I am using rainbow titan components along kenwood 8404 amplifier and stock blaupunkt headunit with Audison Speaker out to RCA out converter.
    And sound quality is excellent.
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  6. Saumya Daan

    Saumya Daan

    Thanks FLYWHEEL for helping me become confident...as i m operating on buidget i was really confused... n yea i think ill go in with the Components in front and basic speakers in the rear (or may b coaxials) ... as all i want is improved sound... and not the THUD.... n may be later change the HU..... as this Stock HU really doesnt have anythng in it... no remote, no AUX , no USB and it doesnt even play CD-RW... so yea leme see

    Thanks Akshay4384 - Bro this is also a very helpful piece of advice..besides ... i cant find any POLK dealer here in mumbai... hence im unaware about the budget. anywys.. thanks again.. cheers
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  7. mvb4u

    mvb4u Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
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  8. Saumya Daan

    Saumya Daan

    Thanks Pal.. i went thru ur post ... but like i said.. im operating on a budget and i m only looking for good quality sound and not the BOOOM BOOM hehe.. and lookin at your post.. it sure looks like my budets gonna kaboom .. hence i am looking for the cheapest n the best i.e. to replace the stock speakers... and may b slowly steadily ill replace the HU and add in the amps... step by step u c ;)
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  9. apraveen25

    apraveen25 Novizio

    JBL GTO609c

    I have changed my Punto front speekers with JBL GTO609c (spent Rs. 4800) 360W component speekers yesterday. Untouched the rear door speekers. Now I can feel a lot of difference in sound quality and bass.

    Very sad about the built in speekers, which are just 20W (they are made in Poland :evilsmile).
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  10. Saumya Daan

    Saumya Daan

    - I was thinking about the same ... just replace the front with component... n with the money now saved..i can look in for a better HU with AUX,USB etc... any suggestions for it ??

    - TASS guy has been saying the same thing since the start... but i thought it was a selling strategy that he was using to sell me the speaker... but now.. i feel he was genuine.. hehehe
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