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Hose pipe replacement on brand New punto - Thanks TFI members for your support...

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Good to know TFI brothers came to your rescue. The hose pipe getting cut is quite common frankly speaking and is not a major flaw given that this is a rubber part. It can happen in any vehicle. Given your experience, you will clearly be able to identify the next time the pipe is damaged.

    The hose on mine got cut 2 times in the last 2 yrs, The first time i had to get it towed since i got a MID warning to turn off the engine and i was not sure what happened. The next time, i clearly knew the hose pipe blew up and drove slowly straight to the SC.

    Worst case scenario, It is Ok to go to a local mechanic and have them use duct tape to seal the leak and drive to the nearest SC. I do understand that not everyone would be able understand the symptoms the first time this happens and the towing experience can be harrowing.

    After that incident, I actually looked around to try and source High quality silicon hoses but could not.
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  2. shams

    shams Esperto

    this can be a reason for rubber pipe failure because your car was standing idle for around 6 months.
    perhaps an extra check during PDI for those you buy car from old stocks can be to double check all rubber parts!

    i have also faced the hose pipe cut issue few months back but in my case car was pretty much drivable only problem was pickup was less and black smoke was there. in your case it seems the pipe completely went out of place hence your problem was aggravated.

    perhaps the only error by Fiat in tackling your issue is that you had to pay for towing and that worsened the matter here. this should have been free. Its not our problem if they don't have a service center within 200 kms.
    i suggest you to post a link of this thread in Fiat india FB page. They are advertising about support on long drives and all there with pitstops and what not. hope you will get a reply over there as to why you had to pay for towing.
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  3. Palash Sharma

    Palash Sharma Amatore

    Hey there mitesh, as we know, issues are a part of company manufacturing and the dealer is not responsible for them. Bhaskara's support is excellent.
    Issues i faced till now-
    1. On the day of delivery, after getting home i discovered that rear left speaker wasn't working.
    Gave a call to Mr. Rakesh Machhi, he then asked about the issue and assured me that it will be rectified. The very next day, their technician was standing right next to the door! After few minutes of inspection, he figured out that socket was lose or mis placed or something like that, i was in college and dad was at work so couldn't watch him working on it. I knew that the door panel will get a beating but work done was decent, no rattles and perfectly fit. And everything was done at my home.

    2.After 2 weeks of purchase, i.e last saturday(17th Aug) night the central locking failed. The car would constantly display the 'door open' sign. And as expected, the auto door lock won't allow to lock all the doors simultaneously.
    Again a call to Mr. Rakesh at around 930PM, told him about the issue, as the next day was sunday, he asked us to wait till monday. On monday, the same technician was present at our doorsteps, ready to roll! He was so correct making his speculation regarding whiich door's sensor might have failed. It was the rear right door. Unplugged the wiring socket and the central locking started working again. Then, he opened the door panel to reach to the door locking unit. Unplugged that unit, opened each and every part of it and then came to a decision that the lock itself has to replaced, sensor failed. As our dealer is a newbie in town, they didnot had a new lock, but they some how managed to fit in an old lock from some other punto, for this, he took my car from my place(Manjalpur) to bhaskara's workshop near gfsc campus(approx 16KMs). The car was out for it's first workshop visit at around 130PM, the issue was resolved with an old black full of black grease lock plonked into the rear door. Was a bit concerned about the treatment of the car and how much time it would take them to fix it. To my surprise the guy was back with my punto at around 6PM the same day obviously!

    So, the service response is excellent. The car, though not so good in some departments, but then they can be overlooked for the cost of ownership and the amount we pay for these beauties! And yes my total expenditure behind these two issues= Rs. 0!
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  4. ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com

    ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com Amatore

    Vadodara , Nashik
    Vadodara , Nashik
    Linea 1.3
    Surely will post it on FB page , have already mailed them the link on their customer care email ID .. but didnt got any reply still , nor any auto generated mail that our executive will get in touch with u or so... lets hope I get some reply....
  5. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Hi Ashish, Sad to hear that your new punto broke down and all the pain and agony you and your family went through i hope fiat is listening and will come up with some solution for such situations (Mobile workshops). TFI guys good to hear that you were there to help.
  6. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Sad to hear about your towing story,you should have tried local mechanic nearby solapur, as on the highway itself you can find 2 to 3 showrooms,though not FIAT.
  7. kirenh

    kirenh Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    How come there was no error or check engine light. I had a similar problem @ Khandala and the check engine light was on, called fiat helpline she said if the vehicle is moving drive slowly till Pune which I did. Next day again Pandit Auto checked the error code and confirmed it was the Turbo Hose. The SA confirmed they have the spares in stock but later found out that the same was not fitting :). Luckily the correct hose was available @ their other workshop and my car was repaired by 3PM.

    Now the question is Does Dynamic and 90 HP have different ECU/sensors. Because in my case it showed an error and there was no error in Ashishs car. Further this is a very common problem which the SA should have known. If I recollect correctly it was Rahul himself who has repaired my car when he confirmed that this was a common problem.


  8. ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com

    ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com Amatore

    Vadodara , Nashik
    Vadodara , Nashik
    Linea 1.3
    Hi Kiran its true I had been to Bhaskara Fiat Vadodara yesterday and met SA Mr. Bunty , even he said that this problem has occured in many of the cars , I found him very knowledgeable , he also said that the house pipe rubber which is used for inlet pipe and outlet pipe are different, this even I noticed when they were replacing the pipe of my car Pandit Auto Pune, He also said that the difference is because both the pipes are coming from two different vendors ... and hence there is a change in quality , Even if you look at the pipes in your car it will look different...
    I asked what corrective action FIAT has taken then if its repetative problem , He said that the Hose pipe vendor is having monopoly , and he is the only supplier for most of the automotive industries and so there is hardly any improvement in it ... I really feel that there is hardly ne thing in the hose pipe that it cannot be manufactured by any other supplier ... Its very simple in design ... If you ask me any local fabricator can also make that pipe for us.... Lets see if the quality of the rubber gets improved ... because even maruti uses same engine and hardly they have faced such issue...
  9. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Yes . It's common problem like poor performance but no ecu error.Maruti DDiS also doesn't fire ecu error & does not show engine light even if you disconnect turbo hose.
  10. greatmana2000

    greatmana2000 Novizio

    Hose pipe getting cut or burst is not the issue mostly . The hose pipes coming off is the issue . I have seen a lot of Fiat cars with hose pipes coming off . That is something to do with the way they do the crimping of the hoses at the factory . My car also had a power steering hose come off it the very next day I bought my car . Seems like the whole thing is a QC issue .

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