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Hose pipe replacement on brand New punto - Thanks TFI members for your support...

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com

    ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com Amatore

    Vadodara , Nashik
    Vadodara , Nashik
    Linea 1.3
    Hi TFI friends , (Its very long ... But please do read .... and be alert on the problem that may occur on your car too..)

    would like to share one of recent experience with my brand new punto which has clocked just 5000 kms ......
    I had planned my holidays with my family from 15th Aug'13 till 20th Aug'13 , which included the visit to
    Tuljapur (Maharashtra ) , Akkalkoth (Maharashtra ) , Gaangapur (Karnataka) and back to vadodara ,
    The total journey was about 2000 kms , I got my car's first free service at 4800 Km on 14th Aug'13 and
    started my journey....

    We all were enjoying my trip along with my punto driving superbly through out the way ... But all of a sudden
    when in was at the speed of around 130 to 140km/hr my car speed started reducing even tough I was pressing
    the accelerator for getting the pace , even the engine RPM was dropping rapidly from 3000 and came down at
    1000 ... I was absolutely clue less what happend to my car ,I stopped my car and was looking for any error
    message dispalyed on the screen , but there was not even a single error on display , no engine light display
    and even the temperature meter needle was at centre .... Then what was wrong was getting a big suspense..
    Time : 12.30 pm

    Obviously a panic situation was arising because my car was starting normally and the RPM meter would be at
    1000 mark at ideal condition , but when I use to press the accelerator the engine RPM meter refused to move above
    1000 mark ....I was with my wife ,and my parents and all were surprised how a new car can behave like this...

    Then I checked with the FIAT helpline No. and gave a call to the FIAT representative... where in I started getting the
    experience of FIAT poor service... Our discussion ....
    Me : Hi, my car is under breakdown and I am on the Solapur-Pune Highway...
    FIAT rep. : Sir, may I know the exact location of yours and what is the problem for breakdown ....
    Me : There is one board on highway which specifies Pune - 250 Kms and my car is not getting accelerated...
    FIAT : May the problem is with accelerator cable .... we need to tow your car and get it Pune workshop..
    Me: cant your represntative from solapur can come here and fix up the issue hereitself as solapur is just 60 km from my location
    FIAT : Sir, we dont have workshop at solapur , and so it needs to be taken at Pune only..
    Me: OK , how long will it take for the Tow vehicle to reach my place ...
    FIAT : We will arrange the tow vehicle from Solapur so that it will reach faster at your location ....
    Me: Great then please send my car color is Tuscan wine and I am standing on the side of the Highway , it will be easy to find me
    for the Tow vehicle driver
    FIAT : But need to tell u some TERMS and CONDITIONS of our FIAT break down service...
    Me : What is that
    FIAT : Sir , FIAT offers free breakdown for first 200kms only from where the Tow vehicle will starts
    Me: Means
    FIAT : Sir ,the Tow vehicle will charge you the rest of the Kms other that 200 Kms
    Me: How can it be
    FIAT : siR. Total Kms will be around 525 Kms
    Me: How can it be 525 when I am saying I am 250 Kms away from Pune
    FIAT : No, Sir the tow vehicle charges for To and Fro - that ist Solar-Pune and his return Journey to solapur...
    Me : What are the per Km charges
    FIAT : Rs 28 per km
    Me: Whhhhaaatt
    FIAT : It will charge you around Rs 9200 /-
    Me: Have I taken your product for all this issues
    FIAT : No sir , I cant do any thing as this is company Policy
    Me: (Full of anger) Just shut and put your cell off....
    FIAT : what happen sir
    Me: Just give me 10 Minutes and I want u to call me back in 10 Minutes what i have decided
    FIAT : Ok sir , will call you back in 10 Mins

    After this conversation I was almost on the verge to shout loudly... Soon myDac came to me asked
    what happen .... I said we will be charged Rs9000/- for taking this vehilce to pune....Wait let me
    give a call to one of my friend who also has Punto....

    It was Neel Shah from Ahemdabad who became my friend just because of TFI.....Thanks TFI
    Me: Hi Neel how are u ,...
    Neel : Fine yaar how r u ....
    Me: I need help ... and explained him all the status....
    Neel : Do one thing I will send you contact Nos . of Few TFI members who are in Pune
    see if you get any help from them
    Me: Ya , sure.

    He gave me the contacts of Amit Nikam and Kedar Bendre...

    I soon gave a call to Kedar , I suppose both Kedar and Amit were together when i called, I explained all the above
    story and asked for solution ... They both suggested that Rs 9000/- is too costly and if possible drive the vehicle
    slowly if possible or take some local help for towing if any...
    Even they felt sorry for the way FIAT asked for towing charges...

    Meanwhile I got a call from FIAT representative and he was asking me what is your decision Sir,,,I said
    leave it on me I will handle .. but I want you to keep calling me every half an hour to get the updates on my
    situation... he politely accepted....

    I gave a hand to one of the mahindra pick-up and asked for help wether he can tow my vehilce upto Pune...
    Looking at me and parnets who were totaly exhausted , he said that I can drop you upto Idrapur , I asked
    how long is Pune from there , He said its about 150 kms I think , I said ok and I towed my vehilce till Indapur ....
    Time : 6:00 pm
    Meanwhile I was constantly getting calls From Neel , Amit and Kedar...... Thanks , thanks and thanks a ton for your

    Then finally my dad said , Its ok call FIAT and ask for the tow vehicle we will pay the balance amount for the
    towing charges... I called FIAT now he said we will arrange tow vehicle from pune , It will reach you location
    in next 3 to 4 hours , I said ok I am at Dhaba (hotel) will be there till your vehilce arrives....

    The tow vehilce reached at 10:00 pm , my car got loaded on truck by 10.30 , And now this was again one of the
    lifetime experience for my family ,, my car was on truck , and we all were sitting in the car , and car was just
    bouncing up and down because of bad roads ....thank you Government....

    we reached Pandit Auto Pune by around midnight at 1.30 am .. my car was unloaded in the parking area of workshop...
    I requested the watchmen to let my luggage be kept in the car itslef...I was charged Rs2900/- for towing facility
    Started looking for Hotel/Lodge nearby .. My wallet was again emptied by Rs 2800/- for the accomodation charges....

    Next morning i went to Pundit Auto to check whether my car is taken for repairs or no... meanwhile on the way I again
    called the FIAT toll free No. and asked them to tell the Pundit Auto service advisors to take my car on priority as my
    family was exhausted and in any condition I have to get back to Nasik and then Baroda.... Friends Pune was not in my
    trip.. but my Punto wanted to be at Pune its seems....

    Me and my dad reached Pundit auto ...I told here about my breakdown vehicle ... On that she asked me one irritating question
    Sir: have you taken an appointment for todays service...
    I said .... In louder voice is there any sales advisor I need to talk with him....

    Suddenly Mr. Rahul Jadhav came in and asked me what happen... I said my vehicle is under breakdown , my family is with me ,,
    from last night I am struggling ... He suddenly stopped me and said,,,, Sir are you Ashish Shinde ,,, I said Yes
    come sir , I got a call from Amit Nikam yesterday itslef and I amd fully aware of wht all you have gone through ... I will help you out..

    He asked his colleague to make a Job card... and reply was the system is down sir.. job card cannot be made.... But Rahul said
    its ok I am taking this vehilce without job card on my risk... In 15 minutes my vehicle was in workshop and believe me he engaged
    himslef with 4 other mechanics on my vehilce to ensure that the car is free before 12:00 pm and I can leave for Nashik...

    But some how the problem couldnot be detected till 3:00pm as all the sensors including the ECU unit was checked ... still the problem was
    not diagnosed... It was getting delayed but efforts of Rahul made me kept calm and support him furthur... After some time he said that
    I think there is a problem with Turbo... if turbo is not working then you will have to keep vehicle for 2 to 3 days... I was blank... but still
    kept calm becasue of Rahul only....

    When the fornt bumper was taken down... one of the mechanic called Rahul and showed him that the inlet pipe of intercooler was not proper..
    which was not allowing the air to flow throught the intercooler and back to the engine due to which the turbo power was lagging and hence
    the acceleration .....He said that this is the first case of hose pipe faulty... and will be sending it back to company for furthur analysis...

    He replaced the hose pipe under warranty , suddenly the engine roared the way it was .... He took a long test run... and said Your vehicle
    is OK now sir you can take a gatepass from reception ... I thanked Rahul and appretiated his effors take for me ... FIAT really needs person
    like him to boost up the confidence of customers in FIAT....


    Attaching the pictures of the hose pipe... EVeryone on this link and having FIAT cars .. please check this part before you leave for long distances.. my cars manufacturing year is Nov'12 and purchased in June'13....

    Once again big thanks to TFI .......

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    IMG-20130819-01117.jpg IMG-20130819-01118.jpg
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  2. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    sorry for the harrowing experience.
    nice to know that tfi came to rescue..
    thanks for hose pipe heads up..
    you were that guy to face the factory faulty hose pipe..
  3. Palash Sharma

    Palash Sharma Amatore

    Hey Ashish, felt very bad for that. Even i faced two issues in just 2 weeks of purchase. Did you inform Bhaskara fiat about this incident?
  4. Hi Ashish,

    I can understand your plight in the middle of the road.If i were you i would have taken help of some local workshop to get the car back on road.
    Paying Rs 9000 was out of question.But i even with M$uzuki they charge you for towing if the car can't be repaired but that may not be 250 kms.
  5. ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com

    ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com Amatore

    Vadodara , Nashik
    Vadodara , Nashik
    Linea 1.3
    Hi Anand , Its difficult to rectify the error on the vehicles that are loaded with ECU ... as all the car runs on the signals given by sensors...
    to ECU , its not possible for local mechanics to solve the problem.. They need a tool like laptop which is connected to car to get to the
    error displayed on it...
  6. miteshpunjani

    miteshpunjani Amatore

    Hi Ashish,
    Felt ver bad to hear your issue and at the same time felt great that TFI helped you in your time of need.
    Did you talk to anyone from Bhaskara Fiat here in Vadodara.

    Hi Palash,
    What were the issues you faced? and how was Bhaskara's response to the same.

    Guys i am getting the delivery of my GP in next week and I am reading a lot of negativity. What should be done about this??? Any serious suggestions.
  7. ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com

    ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com Amatore

    Vadodara , Nashik
    Vadodara , Nashik
    Linea 1.3

    Hi Mitesh ,

    Punto is really a great car , go for it ... these are just minor issues which can happen to any car , not only fiat ... Fiat is already working on the
    extention of their network ... so don't worry ... Only difference is if it would have been maruti and this problem would have arrived i would have got
    the service station near by itself... but other that any other manufacturer you would have faced same problem... Buy punto and enjoy driving..
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  8. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    I am really sorry that you had to go through this paint. Did you know how and what reasons could lead your hose pipe to pop open? The poor rubber quality or some thing? Also how kms have you run?
  9. miteshpunjani

    miteshpunjani Amatore

    Thanks Ashish,
    For the prompt reply. Would like to meet you some time after i get my car. By any chance do you stay near Ajwa Chowkdi. I had seen one new TW GP some time back coming out of one of the societies.
  10. ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com

    ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com Amatore

    Vadodara , Nashik
    Vadodara , Nashik
    Linea 1.3
    No i stay at sama-savali road... sure we will get in touch...

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