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Horrors of Fiat ASS revisited (No FASC in Mumbai)

Discussion in 'Pre service query' started by eyeguy, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. caffeineam

    caffeineam Amatore

    I think Fiat is facing these dealer and service issues due to the limited range they have on offer. Add the sky high real estate prices in Mumbai and I can imagine why businesses will hesitate to commit. In such situations Fiat really needs to take the lead if they want to keep their (and Chrysler) brands alive here. I read elsewhere that the US and Asia are the only profitable geographies for them and are planning on moving headquarters from Turin to US. Maybe all this is causing them to lose focus here, but that really is no excuse for any serious business venture.

    As far as TCRS goes, my last visit was 3 weeks back for routine checkups. They did a good enough job and were not really expensive as such, just some nickel and diming. My Fortune Powai induced underbody rattle and bearing-like noise was resolved as part of the checkup and boy am I glad that is finally gone!!
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  2. Rightly Said Bro, FIAT needs a mass market product to get people to come to their showroom and create a at least 3 month booking then all these reluctant dealers will line up in queue.
  3. eyeguy


    @ rsinfo ... You're quite right about the mechanics. When my car stopped in the middle of the road ( I've written that in another thread) I called up my regular mechanic who services my other cars and he identified the fuel pump problem on the phone itself at first shot.
    The Fiat service center guys came there with all their computers etc. but still had to tow it back and took another day to identify the same problem.
    But going to someone else isn't an option for 2 reasons :-
    1.My extended warranty gets void.
    2. Fiat spare parts aren'tavailable on the open market like Maruti, Hyundai or even Honda.

    Besides if the diagnostics have to be run on the Bosch system in the car only authorized Service centers have the reqd. systems. They have been taken away from the TASS centers
  4. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    Some FIAT parts are beginning to trickle in. But these are limited to wipers, glasses, belts etc. For major problem FIAL remains the only source. Yuck.

    You really can't blame the shopkeepers for this thing. When the sale of Puntos' & Lineas' is in low 100's, who is going to block his precious capital for such low numbers ?
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