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Honda recalls 57,853 units of 'City' sedan

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by Cubbie, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi guys.

    I think that Axn has pointed out the larger issue. We have a case of Honda doing a recall, which has essentially been necessitated by poor quality control, and not facing the criticism that the recall deserves. This is because of savvy media management - in all fairness, they have also handled the 'administrative' issues very well. On the other hand we have the Fiat brand being bashed all over, because the top brass do not appear to have understood the impact of the media on its product.

    My reading is that unless the Fiat brass start some serious media management, the Punto and even the Linea is headed the way of the Uno and the Palio. That will be a damn shame, because they are really very fine cars.

    In a lighter vein; in a few years time, all of us who own Puntos & Lineas will probably belong to a very exclusive club - there are going to be so few Puntos & Lineas on the road! I just hope that the Fiat top brass sit up and take notice, and things don't' turn out this way.

  2. Axn

    Axn Regolare

    Johnny, How I wish FIAT ppl are reading this thread.
  3. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    At the time of recalling for CSC replacement,FIAT ought to have recall only those car which are giving problem.

    Because before replacing CSC, I had no any complaint about stcuked clutch paddle & hard gear shift.

    In fact Iam facing clutch & gear problem after getting replacement of CSC. :A

    After replacement I changed whole Clutch Assly & again new CSC.
    Still there is notchy,vague & hard gearshifts. :A

    I think instead of replacing CSC,they ought to have replaced Master cylinder. IMO problem of stucked clutch paddle is due to master cylinder not CSC.
  4. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    For me, the clutch had a rubbery feel towards the bottom and gear knob was hard. I was facing these two issues from the beginning and complained couple of times in the first three months. The technicians at Concorde and KHT then told me that there is nothing wrong. I got kind of used to it. But now, after changing the CSC, I feel a big difference in both clutch travel and gear shift. They have become smoother.

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