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Home run in common man’s Maserati in Ferrari trim –aka PUNTO 90HP ER arrives in style

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by raj29, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    30K KM update

    Hi All,

    Dhanno has been munching miles consistently and has closed in on the 30K KMs mark, its been 14+ months now from the date i brought it home.
    Now standing at 29400+ mark and me in Hyderabad, this will be above the 30K KMs mark by this weekend when i plan to return to Bangalore.

    As always Dhanno has taken good care of me and so did i try to :)
    There aren't any complains with Dhanno and it has been running super slick.
    Have driven on most road conditions and Dhanno takes everything thats thrown up to it with ease and elan.

    FE on Highway rides is most of the time above 19KMPL unless i cross the 130/140 mark frequently.
    FE in city depending on the traffic conditions and ofcourse driving style varies between 13 to 16 KMPL.
    Engine is revv happy at higher speeds and feels very good after crossing the 100KMPH mark and gives a sweet note.

    Now that 30K means the 3rd Free service, am planning to book a slot for this but have a dilemma about which service center should i opt for?

    I want to go either with KHT or Vecto but reading at the experiences so far am not completly in favor of one overthe other as both seem to have similar kind of feedback. I had my first service done at Prerana and 2nd done at KHT and a small running repair done at Vecto. Vecto seems to have long waiting periods and more load of cars.

    KHT service center is just 2-3 KMs from my home and office.
    Vecto is close to 30 KMs from my home and office.
    The distance is not a factor since where ever i give Dhanno for service i will be there in person and take it back after service.

    Would like to get our members feedback on this.

    • Which one KHT or Vecto?
    • Has KHT installed the card swipe machines for payments?
    • What is all the fuss about power cut issues at KHT?

    Issues that i will report (any insights/adivse would be appreciated)
    • In my recent Sabarimala trip when i was trying to park Dhanno on a steep incline and when i put the handbrake, Dhanno wasnt stying at its place. On previous occassions i have parked Dhanno on similar inclines and handbrake worked fine.
    Could that be because of the drive in rains?

    • Some time the front left door doesnt lock properly
    • Minor rattling noise from front 2 doors
    • Noise from front brakes when i hold it in traffic and release it partially (i hear something from inside not sure how it sounds on the ouside of the car)
    • Do i need to change disk pads (pictures attached below), looks good to me for some more K KMs consideing my driving habits and conditions!!
    • I see some rust on one of the wheel hub (in the disc pad pictures circled in red) is it ok or do i have ask them to do something (what)?
    • The eingine noise seems to have suddenly increased in the last thousand odd KMs (am assuming this could be because of the air filer or due to service interval nearing some components need attention)!!

    The Disk pad pictures:




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  2. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Service Centre - Go to the place where people know you. All of them are equally good or equally bad, depending on how you look at it.

    Hand Brakes - When parking, always engage a gear. If car is facing upwards, engage 1st gear and if car is facing downwards, engage reverse gear. Also, remember to turn your wheels away from the road, so that even if the car rolls, it does not roll onto on coming traffic. I would not be very worried about just the handbrakes not stopping the car on an incline.

    Brakepads seem to be in reasonably good shape. When did you change them last? The rust on the disc also appears to be normal.

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  3. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Thank you Rajan for the suggestions.
    I have the same opinion that knowing people is always better at serive center than the reputation of the SC.
    I will keep in mind, your suggestion on the usage of gear duirng parking on incline.

    I havent changed the breakpads till now.
  4. shams

    shams Esperto

    looks like your brake pads are heading for a record performance! they have almost half life left :)
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  5. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Home run in common man’s Maserati in Ferrari trim –aka PUNTO 90HP ER arrives in

    Thats confident inspiring that break pads are good. Thank you shams :)
  6. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Booked for Third free service (30K KMS) @ KHT.
    Appointment date Thursday 18th July'2013.
  7. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    30K KMs / 3rd Free Service

    As per appointment i visited KHT FIAT service center for the 30K KMs/3rd Free service.

    This was my first visit to the new KHT FIAT service center although i observed the huge hording on the main road opposite to prestige shantiniketan i really didn't know what was insde that lane and where exactly the service center itself was located. But it was no big brainer and following the lane led straight to the service center.

    I reached the SC @ 8:40 and there was already another customer before me (Linea), but the SC was still not opened and the staff were waiting for the key to open the SC.
    The security person guided me to park the vehicle and wait for few minutes before they could take the vehicle for service.

    After few minutes the keys arrived and the SC opened, service engineers and other staff started to put some of the vehicles outside from inside the SC. In the mean time Kuldeep, the SA got started with taking the vehicles for service.

    Kuldeep enquired about the details of the vehicle and told about the previous history of my ride from thier database.
    He took in all the complaints that i had and prepared the job card. Then he informed senior service technician/engineer Mr Hari to take the vehicle for service, which was done promptly and the car was inside the SC by 9:30 ready to start the job.

    Complaints that i reported:
    1. Front right wiper twists sometimes while wiping the windshield
    2. Front left door need more force sometimes to close properly
    3. Both Front doors have sometime little rattling noise
    4. Noise from brakes when releasing partially in traffic or parking conditions
    5. Engine noise little on the higer side recently
    6. Water under the front passenger seat and under the spare wheel in the boot

    Apart from the above while inspecting the car Hari and team found some issue/noise from the front right suspension.
    They initially thought of replacing it under warranty, but after inspecting and greasing it they were satisfied that it was only due to the dust accumulated.
    I had reported this noise from front suspension on previous occasions at a different service center but it wasnt detected and hence no action taken.
    I was glad that it was detected without me complaining about it and rectified, need to check and confirm about this after few more KMs of ride. As of now all seems super silent again.
    I spoke to Hari about it and he informed me what was being done. Hari is a very helpful person and listens to the complaints and answers any queries that i put across nicely.

    Just before delivey Hari took me for a spin (test drive) and enquired about the complaints that i have reported and informed what they have done.
    After the ride he got the fron passenger legroom vaccumed for the water and advised to leave it without mats for 2 days so that any wetness would dry.

    Finally @ 2:30 after billing etc i was handed over the car.
    Looks like the payment and other relevant system are still completely not setup yet as they were using normal A4 sheets to print data from excel. I was informed that the database went down hence they have used excel to do the billing.

    The only -ve i would say is some small stains that were left on the seats because of not using any cover/protection for the seats/steering. This would be the improvement point along with the billing part for KHT service from my side.

    Overall am very satisfied with all the job done, interaction and delivery of my ride.
    Big clap to KHT/Hari/Kuldeep for all the support extended :clap hope they keep this up and improve further.

    The other point i observed is that KHT seems to have lesser load of service vehicles or is it that it was one off day where there were lesser vehicles. Because i saw very few cars given for service that day, probably 3-4 only.

    Total cost of service = 6323.

    Time for some pics of the SC















    Found this beast at the SC








    The latest offers on our rides



    Shams Punto engine bay condition hope it recovers soon

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  8. shams

    shams Esperto

    ^^ thanks Raj for taking my car's pic. I have also found Hari to be quite good.

    When my car had got towed to the SC, initial check was going on to find out whats wrong. they put another car's battery to see if my battery had gone. Hari was busy with some other car and came after 10 minutes or so. till then 4-5 people were trying to guage what was wrong. Hari just put his head down near the engine and asked someone to crank. in one shot only he confidently said timing chain is cut.
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  9. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Yes, shams very right Hari seems very knowledgable and approachable at the same time.
  10. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Madhus & 3M HSR

    Was planning to go for a car wash today as the car was not washed after the last week HYD to BGLR trip and the 30K KMs service.
    But when i got up in the morning today the weather was overcast and drizling, which made me skeptical if i would even step out of the house.
    I also had planned to meet fellow TFIan nkrishnap and other auto/FIAT entusiasts at 3M HSR. So sent an SMS to Krishan to find out about his plans and he was going to Madhus for wheel balancing and allignment. I had a plan to go there on the weekday as weekend sometimes is very busy there.
    So I decided to go to Madhus and then to 3M HSR for a car wash.

    There was so much traffic on the old ariport road that it took 70 mins to reach Madhus from Whitefield.

    Got the WB and WA done along with Krishna and then headed to 3M HSR for car wash but it started to rain cats and dogs.
    Then after some time the rain stopped and it was sunny all of a sudden :(

    Any ways reached 3M and it was almost like 3M FIAT (lol) with 3 Punto and 3 Lineas lined up there

    Apart from the regular meetup members got to meet fellow TFIan naveen0808 and it was nice interacting with you Naveen :)

    As usual Siddhu is excellent for all the support he extends, he wanted us not to get the cars washed looking at the weather but all of us ended up getting our rides washed and waxed too :evilsmile

    Got a chance to experience sheer power of a peted 250HP Laura VRS (remapped), changed exhaust system etc .... Just imagine. Didn't drive but had a ride, did not have the courage to try out the power :)
    With 5 of us on board the Laura just rocketed ahead and pushed all of us back tight to our seats.
    After this i was for instant in a mind to go and get the remaps done, but let me tell you what has been done on the Laura VRS is a costly affair. :ugeek:

    Also, 2 of my colleagues have decided to buy Punto so got some quotes for them and probably bookings will be done next week.
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