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History/meaning behind car logos/brands/model names

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by sungoa2010, Jun 29, 2012.

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    just bumped across the following Info!! (PART - 2)



    car-logos-history-and-origins-thumb-19461_36.jpg car-logos-history-and-origins-thumb-19461_34.jpg car-logos-history-and-origins-thumb-19461_35.jpg
    Saab's logo between 1969-1974 Saab's logo between 1949-1962 Saab's logo between 1963-1969

    SAAB, the Swedish carmaker now owned by the Dutch company Spyker, uses as a logo the coat of arms of the Count von Skane which also served as symbol for Skane, the Swedish province where Saab was initially based in. As you can see for yourselves, the badge shows a some kind of mythological bird that has the body of a lion but the head and wings of an eagle. It was actually based on Vadis-Scania's logo, the truck manufacturer that joined forces with Saab's parent manufacturer involved in the airplane manufacturing business.


    Toyota logo on Prius

    Although some of you would expect it, Toyota's logo has absolutely no connection to the stuck accelerator pedals affecting the Japanese company's models (no pun intended). The company's badge is actually made of three different ovals, two of which are said to stand for Toyota's relation with its customers. Furthermore, these two are also creating a symbolic "T" letter that comes from the brand's name.


    Volvo logo on XC60

    A symbol for safety and passenger protection, Volvo's name is inspired from the Latin word "volvere" which translates into "to roll". The badge however is the old symbol of iron but, according to some people, it also tries to transmit Volvo's "attraction" for safety technologies, which are often described to be as durable as iron.


    Logo on Volkswagen Golf VI

    Volkswagen, one of the top players in Germany and in the whole world, has probably one of the most popular logos out there, seen on millions of cars sold in almost every corner of the Globe. There are multiple theories related to the the origins of Volkswagen's logo: one of them claims that it was designed by one of Hitler's friends during World War II while another suggests that it was the result of a design competition won by Franz Xavier Reimspiess, an employee of Porsche.

    SOURCE : Car Logos, History and Origins - autoevolution
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