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Hi Friends Arup from Kolkata with the Best Hatch PUNTO E PK 1.3 MJD

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by atrup, May 6, 2013.

  1. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    Hi Friends,

    After a long time found some time for a write up about myself. I would like to make it through bullets :steering

    Habit of Touring comes from my dad, a doctor for last 40+ years with whom we all (family) visited so many places, treks on Himalaya's for 8 long years and since continuing in all modes 2 wheels, 4 wheels and all other modes of communication throughout the year :p

    1. Passed Engg in 2007 and started job with GENPACT Software, Gurgaon and still with the same company
    2. Purchased CBZ Extreme 1st Model in 2008 and came back to Kolkata in 2008 after couple of months
    3. Started long trip / tour on 2 wheels in 2009 and become a travelog writer and blogger. You can find my blog at weekendgetawayskolkata.blogspot.in with some of the trips that i manage to write
    4. Got associated with Rolling Wheels Biker's Club / Forum.
    5. Since then made so many trips, rally on 2 wheels, as i believe 4 wheels move your body but 2 wheels move your soul. Though i love driving both of my vehicle a lot as they are my 2nd and 3rd life partner :p best part is that 3 of my life partner's love each other a lot (lucky i am)
    6. Planned to purchased a pre owned 4 wheeler in 2011 and found this Italian beauty standing on a lonly park in a very pathetic condition
    7. Took a test ride and fall in love with the Vrrrrrrroooooooooommmmmmmmm ..... from the 1.3 MJD :D
    8. Purchased the same without wasting any time, found the clutch plate needs to change, drove for sometime approx 3 k kms and got my vehicle sericed with Lexus Motor's (TATA - FIAT showroom) at 40k on ODO
    9. It was butter smooth since then :car
    10. The ODO is now 46k + and getting a mileage of 20 km / lt with A.C On on highway. Calculation is 20 lts of Normal Diesel and 430 kms round trip with a mixed road condition (sometime drove at 120 km/hr and sometimes at 30 kms / hr)
    11. Drove other hatchback and still now not found any other with this kind of solid build quality, strong road gripping, superb mileage, fantastic stability and many more

    Have plan to drive to some of the roads where no one reached so far till date on 4 wheels, with my beloved punto :redcar
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  2. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    @atrup, firstly welcome to TFI.
    Good to read about yourselves and the ride.

    Post some pics of your ride and also some travellogues of your trips :)

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