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Hi everyone planning to buy linea emotion 1.3mjd

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by Arunkumar, May 13, 2012.

  1. Arunkumar


    Any one can help me to know the details of 2012 LINEA EMOTION 1.3 MJD.
    Stability of the car when going more than 120kmph? (Becoz of the increased GC)
    Suspension on the ghati roads?
    City B2B Condiltions?
    AVG Trafffic conditions?

    confused of colors, personally i like Bossi nova white and Minimal Grey.?
  2. Hi Arun,

    Welcome aboard and congratulations on your decision :)

    MAX SPEED - I am not speed bug, - leaving it to speed folks to explain,
    Suspension - I felt it to be stiff and can be better.
    Mileage - City B2B - 15.5 kms - current odo reads around 3576 kms, i am expecting it to improve further after 1st service.
    Highway - 22 kms

    I have Minimal Grey - Liked it, but have a lot of paint defects, Loss of paint, bubbles and pain rusted in wheel arches. Please do a thorough PDI for paint defects before choosing it as its not a fast moving color with respect to Linea.

    good luck and happy motoring :)
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  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Arun, Welcome to TFI,
    if you are planning to get the Beauty then don't plan just grasp her, She will surely give more smiles per miles.
    I own the Punto and it has the best suspension in the class, and on ghat section it handles the curves as if you cut the butter with a hot knife.
  4. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    My views too are exactly the same of Prabhu's
    Suspension,certainly stiff,especially the low speed ride,the suspension could have been better.
    Mileage,yes,around 22 km/l on highways.
    Paint quality leaves a lot to be desired,but Linea in white,looks like an angel.
    Max speed,I don't know,I got scary past 140k and never tried anything higher,though the car is stable at any speed.
  5. asif


    Go ahead with your decision.Linea has the best suspension setup in its segment.It just glidesover potholes.I didn't find anything to complain about handling with the increased ground clearence.Ma odo reads 3065 and registered a top speed of 130kmph and ma beauty handled superbly.Brakes need a special appreciation Fiat have done a great job here.And finally the most important thing...MILEAGE..15-16 in city and 22 in highways,
  6. asif


    A pic taken after a very relaxed highway drive

  7. asif


    Linea looks good in white and black in ma view & white is easy to maintain.
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  8. Arunkumar


    really thanks for the reply guys. :cool:
    I think white is the best color to choose...thnq asif for the color advice.

  9. Hello Friend,
    Welcome Aboard

    Dont think twice just go ahead with the decision Linea 2012 is Superb car and I can say that because I am one of the proud owner of Beauty.

    Now to answer few Of your question..
    1. MAX SPEED : I drove in to 165 without any trouble that also under 1200 km Odo reading. It still has power left but not enough road. This was a speed race between A idiot Swift VDi rider and me I hjust want to show him his place.
    2. Stability : At the speed of 140 I made many sharp corners and car is as stable as Rock. There may be little bit body roll but not bother anyone. Mind you one thing this car has best mid-range and superb stability. So at high end you can copete with even Vento TDi and Verna Transform. they cant even touch. Just because of superb stability of this machine.
    3. Not tested
    4. Average: In city B2B it give 16-17 easily at stable speed. On highway speed between 70-75 it shows 24, at 80-85 it shows 22, around 90-95 it shows 20 at 100-115 shows 17.5, So thats good one.

    5. Color Bossa Nove White is good. Though I have Twine and It is beautiful but only problem is that it is hard to maintain.

    All the best I hope these answer will help you.
  10. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    Hi Arun,

    Good get you on board.

    Max speed i tried is 160kmph and i think it handles superbly.. the steering is well balanced even at high speeds. Be assured you will feel safe though i will not recommend high speeds.
    Stability: I have a 2011 linea and i haven't upgraded to GC kit. But with the current set up its very stable.
    Suspension: its pretty much soaks up all the potholes with ease. only thing to take care was the underbody scrapping and with new 2012 linea setup i think it is pretty well taken care of.. So you can fly past most of them without much of a worry.
    City: currently getting an avg 14-16kmpl under AVG Trafffic conditions
    Highways:Unfortunately I got only around 17kmpl for 500km run but most of the time I was above 110km. My Linea just got her 15k Service and I am going for another 500km run next week. Will update the figs i could manage.
    Only once i was able to get up a mileage of 21kmpl for short run of around 150km @ speeds varying between 65-80kmph
    Colors: as per my choice Fiat Linea looks best in Tuscan wine (though it is pretty difficult to maintain as it gets dirty very fast) BNW is a good choice and looks elegant on the linea..

    All the best and safe driving

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