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Hi all Fiat enthusiasts

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by tiaf, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. tiaf

    tiaf Novizio

    I called up Ramkay FIAT Chennai and asked for quote for diesel models. Seems they are giving cash discounts upto 25K and free insurance.

    Emotion - approx 7.7 on road
    90 HP - approx 8.2 on road

    I kept trying to call up RDC many a times, but no one picked up. I took the number from their website and a mobile number mentioned there was out of service.
    Fiat India dealer list says phone number: 'applied' for RDC Annanagar.
    If there is no JustDial, then there is no way to find out your phone number! Very sweet !!
    I shall try to get a quote from RDC as well (if they pick the phone up).

    Requested Ramkay guys for a test drive. I had to followup a couple of times and finally got them bring a emotion model for test drive.
    I am still learning to drive and they were quite helpful and I drove some 12 kms.

    -> Loved the feel of steering and the build quality.
    -> Drive was very smooth and suspension was excellent !
    -> Kind of liked the long clutch travel too and braking was excellent.
    -> The indicator knob/whatever you call it on left side was a bit odd, should be easy to get used.
    -> Felt some sluggishness quite a few times in 4th gear at around 30-45 km speed or so, may be I should have shifted to 3rd.
    -> Rear view was quite limited, probably because of the size of rear pane.
    -> As pointed out by many people, first 2 gears were very short. Guys how is the drive-ability in city bumper to bumper traffic ?
    -> Gear shifts were not very smooth - at least first 3 gears, I have just driven alto when learning to drive so I can just compare with it.

    Liked the car very much and Ramkay Fiat dealer experience was so far quite good.

    I can stretch my budget to up to 7.8 Max and if I can get the 90HP, I will definitely go for it.
    Is the 90HP hard to drive in city traffic?

    Based on what Redpoint says, I have a feeling that there is a possibility for a better bargain.
    Guys, will there a better discount around Diwali time?

    The sales person kept asking if anyone else in my family owns a car (any brand) as there was a chance of some discount based on that.
    I said no, as this will be our first car.
    Did not get what kind of discount that would be. Will clarify with him on this.

    Mine is not a listed company as per their list and he says he cant do the corporate discount of 5k.
    I would like to know if I can quote the price offered for any members in near past as reference and negotiate.
    What would be the best price for Emotion or 90HP?

    One big problem is the suggestions from so called friends and relatives who insist on buying swift top end model.
    I don't like the design, build quality and look of Swift either.
    I had been longing to buy a Fiat car right from college days when Palio was selling, and am very much convinced on going for Punto.
    Most of the times I don't care about what they say, and I don't mind being the odd man out going for Punto.
    I guess many of you would have faced similar situations. Quite few times they do have a valid point. Generally how do you handle this?
  2. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Yes, in comparison to the Punto 75HP.

    Just ignore them with a smile. They would go ga-ga whenever you take them for a ride.

    If you could list out few valid points they bring in, we would help you out. :)
  3. tiaf

    tiaf Novizio

    Then the Emotion should be good enough for me.

    Mostly they state
    -> waiting time for spare parts, which I see is true to an extent
    -> low resale price, I look forward to keep the car for another 10 years, so this does not matter to me. As per logic, a car with good build quality and features should have a better resale price which is not the reality.
    -> In case of a break down on a highway, one would have a tough time getting it repaired.
  4. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Yes, if the car is going to see more of the city than the highway.

    Improving vastly with Fiat exclusive network. Ramkay is very good with regards to turnaround time.

    You have answered it yourself. When you compare it with the cars like the Swift which has a blind fan following amongst the masses and hence insane resale, yes. Otherwise the Punto commands a decent resale for the diesels atleast.
    You have not heard about Fiat RSA I guess. Please search this forum on that. On this front they are better than any other brand.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2013

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