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Help needed forFiat Palio Sports 1.2 PS, LPG conversion in Hyderabad

Discussion in 'Classic and Retro FIAT's' started by joshuakeys, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. joshuakeys

    joshuakeys Timido

    Hello Guys

    I am new to this forum, Off late i have upgraded from accent to Tata Safari, I also have Fiat Palio, I hardly use it, Reacently got it serviced & its back in shape now.

    The other day i was talking to my Dad & he is LPG car Lover, He used Maruthi Esteem with LPG for a while & is happy with LPG, Now he asked me to convert palio to LPG, & he promised me that he will use the car regularly, Sounded good deal for me as i love this car a lot & i do not wish to sell it..

    Now I need Suggestions, advised about the prices of the LPG kits & also good brands, their prices,
    Where in hyderabad I can get it installed..

    Thanks in advance

  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Hi Josh,

    My frank opinion is - If you love the car and do not wish to sell it - do not give it the slow poison, i.e. LPG. Keep it on petrol and enjoy it. Even your father will find it appealing and less of a hassle than using the LPG - which i've seen do more harm than good.

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  3. joshuakeys

    joshuakeys Timido

    Thanks for quick response & Advise Gurujinder, But the problem is, if its in Petrol, Nobody will use it, I don't want it lying dead. by the way the kits these days are doing really good i guess because few cars are coming up with the Brand new cars i.e company fitted.
  4. dhans4all

    dhans4all Amatore

    I too agree the same, but if you wish to go ahead please make sure that you install the sequential kit installed. I heard the Palio with sequential kit having less troubles.

    my friend had a palio earlier with LPG and he had lot of niggles. one fine day he just removed the LPG eventhough its economical compared to petrol, the reason is to have a hassle free ownership.

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