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Help me counter a figoian

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by sundar1900, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. sundar1900

    sundar1900 Amatore

    Rate TASS and MASS on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being the worst and 10 being the best. I am willing to go for Punto if it crosses 5 in this scale. I can bear the late deliveries, and not so welcoming service people. I will be concerned only if the service guys are not properly trained and goof up in their job or in worst case create new problems in my car. Spare- If they are available even in a month's time I am OK. My only thing is it should be available though belatedly.

    Today I went to VST mount road, and saw TW 90 HP Punto standing magestically. I asked the sales guy why people go for 90 HP. He said "power". Then it striked me if it is true that some people comment 75 HP is underpowered. I seriously dont have budget to go for 90 HP. I expect 75 HP should counter figos, swifts and i20s on highways.

    Then I asked about why they charge extra for premium colours. He said, those are metallic but BNW and ER are non metallic. Guys, this confused me a lot. Are ER and BNW are less in quality? What is the differences in non metallic and metallic paints? I tried to ask those points to him, but being concious that I liked BNW he did not explain anything further.

    FInally he gave me a very good discounts.
  2. shams

    shams Esperto

    Dude, let alone figos, swifts and i20's, most of the sedans, innovas, scorpios etc can't hold a candle to punto 76 hp on the highways.

    Punto is the undisputed queen there!! while other cars will also touch 160 but they will slow down as soon as they see a curve where as punto will sail along it accelerating all the way. The best part is it all happens without much effort. Such is the confidence it inspires in its driver! Hope you are getting my point.

    If one has a 90 hp, nothing like it!
    The difference between 76 hp and 90 hp is that while the former will run out of breath around 170, latter will go till 190.
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  3. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    This "underpowered" word is very deliberately perpetuated for FIAT. I want these underpowered stating people to have a ride in my 90 HP (without a seat belt) for only 10 mins & you watch them open the door crying out loud & run away. These Internet Enthusiasts pretend like they never get out of their Enzo's & Ascari's.
    Not one single owner you will find "commenting 75 HP or even 1.2 Fire for that matter"powered as under. They are more than enough in Indian conditions & you can keep up with any car. In-fact, since you have a Punto, other cars would struggle to keep up with Punto. Reason is high speed stability. You watch it, people try that whole day & forfeit as it's a usual site for FIAT owners. That's the situation when there is no intention to race but other people feel offended by the high speed that you are maintaining by default.
    People calling FIAT "Underpowered" hardly cross 60 km/hr because they have just got issued driving licenses after paying Rs. 500 & still learning to drive. It has to be like this only & not my frustration because FIAT's are not underpowered at all by any stretch of imagination..!!
    You know who are the people who always run the risk of their lives being in the toughest conditions? One could argue that it's the troops on India-Pakistan LOC. No that's wrong. It's people who rides their Chinese roadsters in India @80 km/hr:mrgreen:.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2012
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  4. sundar1900

    sundar1900 Amatore

    This gives me enough confidence...the car seems to be like an aircraft...I think I will feel like sitting in cockpit in punto...Do you guys felt the same?
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  5. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Today one of my friend came to me for enquiring about Punto as one of his frien was planning to buy a new car.Being known as a Fiat promoter :car at my office, I told him the details without going too much into details as I already have this name of promoting Fiat too much (Which I accept & is true :) ). The next comment he had put forth was there are rumours that Fiat may wind up any day. I simply smiled & told him that this rumour remained from the good old Palio days. I told him one more thing. One of the major Skoda dealer in Kerala has been removed from the dealership list by Skoda & now there are no dealers/service centres of Skoda from Trivandrum to Trichur which is approximately 300 Km. So if you need a test drive, it has to come from Trichur. If you need to do service, you have to travel 300 kms. So what I meant to say is these are all hyped up popularity which is existing for these VW & skodas. We come to know about Fiat issues as we openly discuss it here. Luckily I am having 2 TASS here in Trivandrum & I dont have any such worries like they will wind up & go one day. I used to own a 2nd hand maruti Wagon R & despite having 4 different dealers /service centres for Maruti I never had a good experiance with them. They give priority to new customers & customers that own higher variants of Maruti like Dzire, SX4 etc. If you ask a Maruti 800 owner he would have never got a good experiance as a SX4 owner. There are even worse service cases from Ford like charging 20k for service without actually replacing any of the belts which was meant to be replaced during the service & the car got broken down in a weeks time due to a broken belt which was as per the Bill replaced. Service aspect, I would personally rate Toyota as best. TASS, HASS, MASS all are at par. I would rate a service centre by their overall workmanship & not by the time I spent there.
  6. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Yes! It is a goddamn rocket.
  7. sundar1900

    sundar1900 Amatore

    Hope it includes 76 HP engine also
  8. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    GP 90 is absolute rocket on the highway if you love to cruise at speeds in excess of 180+KMPH. With 76HP, you can easily do 150-160 KMPH.
  9. S A SHAH

    S A SHAH Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    No Figo, No Swift can deliver the driving pleasure of even Palio.
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  10. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    My punto was bought in '09 only a few months after it was launched in India. If you take the looks part out of the equation there is really nothing that many knew about this.
    Yet I bought it. Not because I had spare cash (which i didnt) but because I love it so much.
    I remember very well that one of my uncles even told me to buy a maruthi or hyundai because he believed they make "Far better engines than fiat can ever imagine"
    By now I'm sure you're aware of how true this appalling statement is. :mad:

    The reason why i quoted this is because you are also hearing nonsense about FIAT from people who are just as educated about cars and brands as a 2 year old kid is w.r.t Quantum mechanics.

    Unfortunately these are the kind of people who really have a strong hold in our community and the fact that Indians still are emotional buyers makes companies like Maruthi and Hyundai sell "more cars" even though they use someone else's hard work.

    "Did you know that Maruthi tried it's hands at a diesel engine for their earliest swifts and burnt their hands so badly that they just bought it from FIAT" ??

    Finally there is nothing called a "cheap car". And there is no such thing as "cheap spare parts".
    Go ask maruthi guys how much they charge for a link rod replacement.

    If you ask me Maruthi is looting people big time and we are still happy about it.
    When nearly 60-70% of all its parts are made in india what is the meaning of charging 7-8L for a hatchback(Also considering the fact that they simply buy engines from FIAT)? Think about it and you will know

    To put my case to rest, I'm saying this. My 2 year old punto looks like she rolled out of the showroom today.
    and after 2 yrs the passion of sitting with her on a drive has all but increased.
    That's her now.

    And I'm not alone there are so many such people who talk about their vehicles with passion ever day here.
    Just check out the latest posts for today and count how many people have posted emotional starts with their brand new cars.
    They are not doing it just because its a new car but they like it so much.

    It doesn't matter if this is you're first car or you dont know how to drive. Its about the love you cannot live without
    So if you feel and think you have it, then buy it.
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