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HELP !! in Buying a USED Linea Diesel.

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by nombrepseudo, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Boss, simply put, the cars has gone to the dogs (pun intended). If you have already made up your mind based on just the ODO reading, I would recommend you approach TASS or your FNM (Friendly Neighbourhood Mechanic) to get quotes for all the repairs you want done. That would be far more accurate, than any TFIian giving you an estimate without seeing the car in flesh & blood.

    IMHO, FIAT is a car that is made with passionate people in mind and is meant to be loved. It actually loves you back. A 2 year old car with the symptoms you have described, I am sure will be traumatised and will continue to show signs of the trauma for the rest of its life.

    I can see that the present owner is the second owner. Why did the first owner sell? When did the second owner buy? And why is he selling now?

    If I were you, I will even avoid commuting on the street where this car is parked, lest my car also gets traumatized.


    Edit: I just looked at the ADVT. 7L for this car? Well, I paid almost the same for my T-Jet, also 2010, done 148 KMS and I am the first owner :D
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  2. If you are buying the car you have to keep ready 25k cash to get all the jobs done...The deal looks quiet lucrative,but think wisely and then decide...If needed take the help of ASS...
  3. Good to avoid it..
    Never came across linea in such shape as described by you.
  4. punto-er

    punto-er Amatore

    Hey friends, need your help with this car I saw today.
    FoxTrot Azure, 2010 Mar, Linea MJD emo pack, single owner, run 47000kms.
    The car is at Kharghar, owned by decent family and driven from there to Bandra Kurla Complex, hence the odo reading.Asking price is 6lacs.

    I inspected the car and the engine, suspension, clutch don't seen to have any issue. Service history is partial.

    Issues I found was with the hard steering, crack on the rear bumper left bottom corner and the right rear door is repainted because of a dent from a stone that flew from under the truck tyre and a few scratches on the rear left door.
    Now the question I have is what is a good price, they are not desperate neither in a hurry, so not a lot of room for negotiation. And knowing the build quality of the modern Fiats and having owned a Punto in the past, I have doubts on a rogue projectile causing damage. I was not shown the bills for its repairs. There was a No Claims Bonus in the latest insurance though.

    What do you guys think? Shud I ask for more evidence? Does it look like a decent buy for 5.75-6lacs?
  5. if the service is partial what about the extended warranty??it wont be valid...the price is good,but its better you search for a few more cars,its always better to have more options in hand...
  6. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore

    12,900.00 Kms on the ODO is highly suspicious.

    I'd highly recommend you to take the car to Dr.Cars and let the mechanics there evaluate its condition. They will charge you around Rs 550/- or so but they will check each and every corner of the vehicle and will let you know the current market value of this car with all that damages.

    Also take a note of the registration number and check it online to see if there were any cases registered on that vehicle.
  7. punto-er

    punto-er Amatore

    Thanks for replying buddy. By Service history partial I meant that its available but not shown to me as they need to look around for it. I plan to ask for it soon. Good condition Individual Linea's are not easy to find Mate, I look around on the internet almost every 2 hours :)

    Anyway what do you think about the Odo reading, is the 47000kms in 2.5 years (about 18.5k kms/year) is a little too much? Wouldn't I be getting issues with worn out parts (Like clutch, supension, battery etc) soon? I mean it is just 2.5 years after all...

    What you guys think?
  8. What is there to look around,if you are interested in the car please take it to the Service centre(FIAT authorised),and get the service history(All the services were done regularly or not),pay the guys some money they will be happy to help you out...Check there only if the car ever went for accident repair or any breakdowns etc..

    In diesel cars clutch can last 80K kms easily.The battery needs to be replaced very soon,and what about tyres?Are they new or the OE fitted tyres?
    After getting good feedback from the Service centre,try to bargain with the owner stating you need to change the rear bumper,battery,tyres(if not changed)...
    47000 kms in a diesel car is nothing,so if the car is really in good condition go for it..

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  9. Laxman

    Laxman Timido

    Linea 1.3

    I have read good stuff about Fiat Linea over here as well as on Team BHP. So, I am in a verge of getting my first car. I was thinking to get new one but then given a thought on used one as I can hold on to new car before I make comfortable with car ownership best practices and adjust my pocket accordingly.

    So, lets get to the point. I have kept the budget 3.5 to 4L aside for diesel sedan and I really love Linea. In fact there are few which fits best into the budget available in my state Gujarat. I am seeking some experts advise on below and help me make wise choice.

    2009 - Linea emotion 1.4 petrol - Ran for about 47k KM and condition is good, nothing much to complain and its coming very cheap, below 2L BUT its petrol and I don't know what would it take from me to get good satisfaction in future ran.

    2010 - Linea 1.3 MJD (emotion) - Ran about 60K and exterior and interior looks good, speaking with owner it seems the car was handeled and driven carefully and he is quoting 3.5L.

    2013 - Linea 1.3 MJD (This is Dynamic) - This looks to be a very good condition car, Ran about 55K. Inerior/exterior looks to be promising and tyres, battery are in good shape. I think it can ran another 20k km. This seems to be lucrative as owner is quoting 3.5L but its second owner car.

    Another thing, whoever I speak with regarding the car choice, they straight say no to Fiat and they blame that the parts are not available easily and there is too much inconvenience to get your car what it needs in timely manner. I am having this concern as the car is going to be driven in the area where the nearest FSS would be 100KM away (Rajkot, Gujarat).

    Can someone please help or guide me on what would be the best choice if at all I go with Linea, I have VV Vento in my mind but its too noisy plus I have a soft spot for Linea.

    What day to day problem it can give, if at all? My daily usage is minimal to nothing. Car can run about 700-900KM max in a month

    Hope to hear soon, Thank you in advance !

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