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Hello to All from a Would- be Puntoian !!!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by anrad73, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. anrad73

    anrad73 Amatore

    Thane, India

    I am the newest member @ TFI and am glad to be here !!!

    I just booked my PUNTO 1.3MJD 90HP Emotion PK ( in Tuscon Wine ) on 26th Sept. 2010 from Fortune Motors, Thane and am just eagerly waiting to get my hands on this one. I have been promised a Dasshera delivery !!!

    I had heard a lot about the Punto experience from all quarters i.e. team - BHP, Automotive India and yes, of course, TFI and this made my mind to finally go in for the PUNTO. Else it was a toss up between the POLO TDI and the i20 ASTA diesel but the waiting periods for these two were killing, 6 months and 4 months respectively and I did not have the patience to wait for so long !!

    The expectations from the PUNTO, therefore, are pretty high and I hope that I am not let down by my decision.

    I currently drive a Ford IKON 1.3 Flair and to me this Car, probably, has the best driving dynamics in its segment; It never gave me the impression of Big car driving. I hope that I have the same driving experience with the PUNTO ??

    One experience that I wish to share with all of you !

    FIAT has discontinued the BLACK and SILVER ( Minimal Grey ) Colors for the 90HP and this came as a major disappointment to me, frankly.

    Even FORTUNE Motors was not aware of this development and had accepted my booking for Minimal Grey. After a few days, a person by the name Aditya, from FIAT India, called me up to inform me of this mistake by FORTUNE Motors. However, he was kind enough to accomodate my request for TUSCAN WINE color as compensation for this goof - up and the best part was they did not charge me a single Rupee extra for this color , which actually costs ~ INR 4000 extra !!! ::D

    Anyway, more experiences to share with you all once I get my hands on the beauty !!

    Cheers !!!
  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor


    Welcome aboard !!

    I drove Ford Ikon for 5.5 years & am now driving Linea Petrol. If driving dynamics of Ford were the best, driving dynamics of Linea (and so as Punto) are better than the BEST !! Linea/ Punto's Brakes are wayyyyyyyy superior than Ford.
  3. sdp1975

    sdp1975 Amatore

    Welcome aboard ! Looking forward to a detailed review of your 90HP Punto once you get your hands on it.

    Tuscan wine looks stunning amongst the dark colors.
  4. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Welcome anrad. Congrats. :)
    Hope to see lots of pics and happy ownership journey.
  5. Congrats anrad and welcome to TFI .. It's nice to see FIAT compensating for their goof-up by not charging you extra for Tuscan Wine
  6. anrad73

    anrad73 Amatore

    Thane, India
    Just would like to know from my experienced TFI members what to look for during the PDI and what check-list should I carry with me, at the time of the PDI and the final delivery of the vehicle ?
  7. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi. It is very difficult to post the check list in this post again. You can view the PDI checklist in the PDI section. It is also available at CarWale and teamBHP.

    I had my Punto specific check list. I will mail it to you. Do read what I've mentioned at the bottom of this post.

    Basically, make sure to do PDI before the vehicle is registered in your name. Then if you are getting it registered by the dealer, check it again at the time of delivery.
    PDI basics:
    - first you should check the month and year of manufacture- from VIN number and form-22.
    - Then check exteriors- for any scratches, dents, paint anomalies etc.
    - Check alloys, tyres.
    - Check functioning of all doors, boot and bonnet. Do they open/close and lock/unlock properly.
    - Check interiors- Seat fabric should be ok. No tear etc. Check all switches and controls, nothing should be broken. Check if all switches and electricals are working fine. Check various lights- headlight, tail light, turn indicator, flasher, windscreen wiper, washer system, spare tyre.
    - Check that nothing should be missing from the car- most common things that magically disappear are the tool kit, cigar lighter. Rarely, warning triangle, head restraint etc have been found missing(have read this in ownership reviews on teambhp).

    - TAKE A TEST DRIVE OF THIS CAR NOW- Check if there is any pulling to one side. Car should not pull too much to any side. Check tyre pressure before going for the test drive. This is very important. Also, look for any abnormal noise, rattle etc. Make sure all is well.

    - Do not forget the freebies your dealership promised.
    - I will mail you a list of all the things we get with the GP and the contents of the tool kit as well and update the same in PDI thread.

    EDIT- Remember, dents, scratches can always be rectified. But, some major mechanical problem rarely gets rectified at dealership level. Do take a test drive of the car before you buy it. Dealership is always hesitant in doing so but make sure you drive it.
  8. anrad73

    anrad73 Amatore

    Thane, India
    @ Paddle Shifter , thanks for your feedback and advice !!

    I have observed that "Left Side Pulling" is a common issue with most Punto's atleast in the 75HP version. Why is it so? Has this issue been brought to FIAT India's notice by forums such as TFI ?

    I assume that FIAT India might have addressed this problem in the 90HP but still will check for this when I insist for the TD during my PDI.

    Also do you advise changing the speakers in the Car? I understand that the audio system is good for the regular listeners. Although I am one of them, but still need to know whether I can change these and if the Warranty will get void ?

    If I need to change, then what make / rating of speakers do you advise?

  9. mescotc

    mescotc Amatore

    Boisar , Tarapur
    " I have observed that "Left Side Pulling" is a common issue with most Punto's atleast in the 75HP version. Why is it so? "

    Now since I don't know driving , I was unable to point it out , but my friend who was accompaning me , who TD the car told me about the same, but I ignored it bcoz. he has a Swift ( & had urged me to buy swift ),

    I don't feel this is engine related , as both 90 hp & 76 hp shares same transmission & other parts.

    This is something serious and I will have to check car before registration.

  10. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @both of the gentlemen above- First of all, never conclude anything based on a test drive car. It can have pulls, rattles and what not.
    I may be wrong but pulling problem is not commonly seen in Punto. I don't know why this thing has spread on various forums. It could be because of road condition, abnormal tyre pressure, wheel alignment and balancing issues and many other factors. Some people carelessly say that a car has a particular problem which spreads and becomes associated with it.
    In Punto's case there has been major issue regarding pulling problem in two cases(manijeet and pawan phullar or someone). That's why I guess people started saying that Punto has pulling problem.

    Regarding speakers, I was almost certain of changing speakers after delivery but I decided to use stock speakers for a few days. Trust me, it is very easy to adjust to the stock speakers. We have JBL GT5 series speakers in our M800 and I was used to them but it took me 15mins to accept the stock speakers of Punto. All imperfections vanish once you see your beauty in front of you at the dealership.
    I would recommend the same to you. Live with stock speakers for 2 weeks and then decide(Even you won't like to get your new car's doors opened up on the very first day).

    If you find the need to upgrade, I think you should not put too much load on the Head Unit by changing all four speakers.
    Retain the rear ones and change the front speakers with some good component speakers.
    I had shortlisted:
    - JBL GT5 S265C Components(2-way) or
    - JBL GT5 S265 Co-axial speakers.
    Be aware that you can not utilize the components to their full potential with stock HU but the ICE expert suggested that they would still be a better idea than co-axials.

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