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Hello Linea !

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Cubbie, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Apologies for poor quality of snaps as it was clicked using a blackberry mobile.

    With a family function in mind, we travelled to Mysore.

    Me, best half and my elder brother in the car drove down to Nice road and paid the toll to mysore road exit.
    It was a quick 10 mins drive and then on we encountered lot of vehicles and speed breakers on the mysore road, which resulted in a avg speed of 45-50kmph. Reached Mysore just in time for the lunch and rested till evening, next 3 days were spent locally.

    As we relaxed, thought of a plan to visit Nanjangud Srikanteshwara Temple and seek blessings, this was long pending trip and getting the whole family together was a task in itself.

    After dinner, With the trip timings fixed for 7.30am departure and covering some 25kms to the destination, i casually made a suggestion if we can travel a bit further on the same road and go to Himavad Gopalswamy Betta (hills). Note : Google this to find more about the place, a must visit for nature lovers.
    To my surprise, everyone eagerly agreed and the trip was fixed without much fuss.

    Mom the early riser, wokeup at 4.30am and fresh brew of filter coffee was irresistible and everyone apart from 2 kids and dad were sipping steaming hot Kafi(thats how its pronounced locally). The morning chaos as to who should be the 1st to get ready etc started I and my brother were the last and our cars were loaded with water bottles and some nick nacks.

    7.15 am, we started driving to south mysore towards ooty road, hunger pangs made us alter the trip plan and we visited a darshini near chamundipuram.. (Famous GTR is not upto the mark on their Dosas, we had gone there 2 days before the trip and hence ruled it out and Mahesh Prasad is always a problem as they create artificial rush by suspending service on 20-30 percent of their available tables).

    After sumptuous breakfast of all kinds idlies, dosas,upma,pongal etc headed towards Ooty road passed via Nanjangud and reached Gundlupet and then to Gopalswamy betta entrance arch on the right.

    Brother in Astar and me in Linea rest of the 6 members of the family were split between our cars.

    Drive was smooth as roads were good, but between the Arch and the hill top the road condition is not good., but drivable.
    After some 4-5kms from the main road arch, we were greeted at a forest checkpoint, entry fees were paid and we were allowed a 1.30 hours schedule to come back. Note: Outside temp was around 28-29 degrees.
    As we tackled pot holes and the snaky roads to reach the hill top figured out lot of Elephants droppings on the road, this added some thrill to see wild Elephants.

    Accessibility (source wikipedia): It is approximately 220 km from Bangalore and 75 km from Mysore on the Mysore Ooty road -10 km away from Gundlupete, which is 60 km away from Mysore.
    There is a motorable road all the way to the top of the hill. Entry fee is collected at the forest department check post at foot of the hill. Materials used for pooja (prayers) alone such as flowers, fruits, Incense sticks etc. are permitted. Other food items are not permitted to be carried in. All these materials should be carried in non-plastic bags. Entry fee has been revised w.e.f. February 1, 2011. Entry fee is Cars (Rs 50), Buses (Rs 200), Bikes (Rs 10).
    You have to report back at the entrance after 1 hour 30 minutes.
    Visitors are allowed from around 8:30am till 4pm. Overnight stay on top is not allowed.
    There is a forest department guest house at the top of the picturesque hill, which is not available for public, only public servants on official duty are allowed to use it.
    Altitude is about 1450 meters and the highest point in the famous Bandipur national park.
    As we touched the hill top, i gota parking space next the temple compund, and there was not much of a rush apart from some 30 pther people.

    1st thing we noticed was the climate was chilling, the temperature difference between the main road arch and hill top was atleast 8-10degrees variation and everyone were thrilled by the natural air condition climate.
    Spent 1st 10 minutes seeimg the place around and then went to the temple entrance which shows vast hill range surrounding the forest area and we could sight wild elephant herds from long distances.
    Forest gaurds were on the alert not to allow anyone cross the boundary, but few people ventured and went outside the specified boundary and got a good shouting and warning.
    The temple is very beautiful, lord krishna with his flute appears majestic and there is always some amount of fog drops on the lord and which the priest uses to bless, by sprinkling it on the devotees.
    After the ritual, spent 1 hour observing the nature at its best and the far hill tops had plain grass which helped spot the giants.

    Everyone were sad to get into the car as the hill top and the surroundings were awesome and the experience will last for ever in our memories.
    Next we drove to Nanjangud, visited the historical Shiva temple and sought blessings and temperature outside was around 34-36 degrees and humid., returned back with lot of cool memories !
    I was highly impressed with the beauty of the forest and its been a while since i made any trip to forest and my mind was racing to Bandipur or Kabini reserve, as we were discussing my brother mentioned about BR Hills (biligiri rangana betta or BR Hills).

    Used the opportunity to quickly find a home stay and found one c,alled Champaka home stay on google, called up the number and got 1950/- per head deal inclusive of all meals and tea+snacks. In the evening but exclusive of safari charges.
    The plan was shared with rest and as my brother was leaving back to his work place in Maharashtra, and parents were not upto the game due to tiredness and hence i quickly made out my journey map, Mysore to BR hills and then to Bangalore directly via kanakapura.

    The biggest mistake i made in this trip was not carrying my SLR and was repenting it as i lost 2 good opportunities to capture the nature.

    Next day, left Mysore at 11.00am, the distance to BR Hills is around 90 odd kms., took T.Narsipura-Santemarnahalli-Yellandur,BR Hills.
    Road condition was good except for small stretches.
    Mysore to TNPura, road is single lane, then on the road stretches bit wider and once we reach Yellandur the road again contracts to single lane.

    After few kms from Yellandur, forest check post greets us, we need to register our details and car number, 20 rupees was asked ;) by the guard for tea, happily gave it.
    Salary for forest guards as we know is not upto the decent levels, and they do good work of protecting the nature. Not many will opt for such a job i believe.
    The mile stone indicated 18 kms drive to BR hills from check post. Called up the home stay fellow, he asked me to drive down to Giri Darshini hotel.

    The drive was pleasant, roads were good and nit much to complain about, greenery every where, after some 16 odd kms reached a place where people settlement appeared, the local tribe called Soligas and Jenu Kurubas are being rehabilitated by one Dr.Sudarshan (google it).
    Along with it Swami Vivekananda foundation is working tirelessly hand in hand to develop schools and hospital for the localities.

    Met up with the partner of the home stay, Mr.Satish, he lives in Bangalore and does travel to home stay where there are 8 rooms and 2 cottages in the 6 acres plantation.
    The plantation consists mainly coffee, pepper and few fruit bearing trees.
    The rooms were clean and toilet was a delight, accommodation in the room are basic with a fan and led tv along with tata sky and western toilet with a 5 ltr geyser :(
    South Indian Lunch was sumptuous with chapatis, veg side /palya, sambar,rasam, curd , kheer/ payasa and pickle +papad.

    Spoke to the estate manager Seena, he is a localite and has been brought up in BR Hills and has BSc in forestry and aiming to complete the 5 year course as a naturalist, he is equipped with english, tamil and kannada with some hindi to meet and greet various visitors to his forest and Home stay.
    Seena arranged for evening safari, took us to the K-Gudi reserve, 18kms from home stay.
    The drive to KGudi is memorable, the roads are drivable and not bad at all. On the way he explained various brids and other species found in the jungle. Spotted 3 Indian Gaurs and few spotted deers and barking deers.
    450/- per person safari charges was collected and we were on the 2 batch as we just missed the 1st batch of the safari. Spent the next 1.5hrs roaming around the kgudi forest department area and also Jungle lodges and resorts have thier accommodation in that place. Spotted 2 tamed Elephants, which ipare now part of the world famous Mysore Dasara Jumbo Savari -> (elephant procession, carrying goddess chamundi on golden howdha).

    As the mating season is on the cards, one of the elephant was behaving bit odd and were cautioned not to approach it.
    Inside the jungle on the safari, we had no sightings of big cats nor elephants, returned back to hotel with lot of talks on how lucky were some people to have spotted tigers and leopards on the roads and escape Elephants fury etc and some stories of mishaps as well.

    Dinner was good, met up fellow travelers and exchanged some information. I was told that Kabini is a sure shot better in sightings of big cats... (Next trip destination would be Kabini !!)

    Seena suggested we start early so that we might get lucky to spot some wild animals on the road leading to Kgudi, idea was accepted, requested to wake us up in the morning, had few drinks and we slept.
    5:15 we were woken up and got ready in 15minutes, we were driving towards Kgudi by 5.40am when we hit the road block!! Forest remains closed between 6pm to 6am. However, our naturalist was ready for the task and got the guard to open the chains for us, we were in 3 cars. Paid Rs 50 each car as a thank you gesture!

    Malabar squirrel and few birds greeted us, no elephants or big cats.
    Safari trip didn't yield much as well and we had to be content on what we saw in the early morning drive.
    Had breakfast upon return and got ready to leave to Bangalore.

    Trip to bangalore was uneventful, roads are damn good via Kollegala, kanakapura, bangalore and less traffic too.

    We cherished the BR Hills for its beauty and will plan a trip with friends soon !!









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  2. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Its now nearing a month that i have been enjoying new ride and few comparison between my GP and this car: ideally i shouldnt compare as nothing is common as GP was petrol and this one diesel.
    Road view is good in Linea with a commanding view as against GP.
    the rear view mirror obstructs the left side view and GP scored well on that front
    the A pillar on driver side looks prominent and block some angles and whilst turning its a hinderance, GP too had this but in Linea i am observing it more.
    backing or reversing view, not much change, however my Linea comes with parking sensors thus helping me drive the car with a big boot.
    Linea has better shoulder space, than GP
    no big bottle holders, and arm rest in Linea eats away one space which we used to have one bottle space on GP

    However The big delight is Linea's clutch is butter smooth and steering is bit lighter than my earlier GP.
    this point was echoed in 2012 Linea review i think on TFI and my car is March 2012 model bought last month.

    i smile when i pay for fuel and the milage i get. Till date covered some 2500 kms with about 1700kms of highway and rest city driving avg 15.8 kmpl with 100% ac

    Blr-Hubli highway returned milage of 20+
    Blr to Mysore 18.5kmpl
    City avg approx 14kmpl

    Engine is still in the run in period, hence not adding much stress nothing beyond 2.5-3k rpm, 80-90 kmph on highways

    Next weekend planning a trip to Waynad via mysore with friends., this will complete my 3000kms and time to book my 1st service.

    More will follow !
  3. Please go a for engine oil and oil filter change even if the SA says it is not required, it does help to remove any metal might be there as a result of run-in.
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  4. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Thanks Sat-chit-anand, will go with your recommendation.

    I am all excited as tomorrow we are heading to forest resort @ Masinagudi...

    First things first, Camera charged, zoom lens checked and plastic cover put on just incase it rains, car engine oil and coolant at normal levels, trip B to be reset, 4 adults and 1 child with luggage for 2 night stay.

    plan - leave Bangalore at 5pm, reach Mysore at 8 pm ish, have beer and dinner and retire.
    few more families driving from Blr, will reach Mysore in the morning, hence have to wait for them before heading toward Masinagudi.

    Will share details next week. Happy Weekend !
  5. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Got on to many road trips and no issues thus far and the recent one was to Hubli and back, which helped to complete the 5k kms run and 1st service.

    5705kms, 1st free service at Aadhya Motors. Booking done over phone for Saturday 10th Aug.
    was asked to report by 9:15am, and was prompt to reach at 8:50am to find that Service station opens at 9:00am and my car was attended T 9:30am by Raghu SA.

    oil replacement was requested, but was cautioned that it will mean issues with warranty claim. - complete non sense, but had to bend down as i don't want any issues with warranty in future.

    evening 3:30 got a call to pick my car - good 30minutes ashamed of promised time..Car was waxed for free as compliment

    gate pass : now started the horror story.
    my car is owned by some Joseph Augustine since 2012Aug - vin is matching, engine number last digit not matching my car engine number..

    SA blamed PDI, each department blamed each other with no immediateresolution....to add to this story, i was told that if SA tries to change it then it will be regarded as second ownership and again warranty claim issues ! I am horrified with the way these dealers handle the ownership details.

    Monday, I'm promised that this would be set right, else i will take this up with Aadhya GM.

    Overall service 9 out of 10
    washing 7 out of 10 - could see dirt still on alloys and other places like bumpers and fog lamp aarea
    Issue rectification 10/10, minor issue of hand rest squeaking was rectified fully,and glove box lid was adjusted -without me telling them (pro active)
    cleanliness post service 9/10, as some areas had some finger prints
    other observation :driver seat adjustment was disturbed and its a real pain to get it back to my liking

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  6. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Oil change volunteered at 5k by customer and A.S.S says warranty issues? What the heck? You should have fought back.

    The guy at KHT said something similar to me during the 1st service of our 75HP and I gave him an earful after which it was promptly changed under my supervision. Escalate and get it done. You are doing your car and the manufacturer a favour by taking good care of your car.
  7. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Now it's slightly more than 6 months of owning the Linea and have driven close to 9.6 thousand kms with 3 trips towards North Karnataka and the recent long journey was with Tfians Patchboy and Sat Chit Anand to Hospet, Hampi and Badami.

    Overall there are no major complaints apart from the initial glitches (read them on earlier pages)
    the car is running as expected and I am getting avg of 16kmpl in city and 18-24kmpl on highways depending on the speed i drive.

    Suspension are on the smoother side, thus a relaxing drive and steering is perfect for city and highways.

    Higher ground clearance is good and not hit any road bumps yet !!

    Headlights are adequate, but would love more brightness and longer throw for highway drives.

    Blue n Me working as expected and my blackberry pairs without fuss

    Engine oil is not consumed !! Whilst in my 1.4 GP I was shocked to learn that my engine was critically low during 1st service.

    the Wiper doesn't clean as it should, leaves some trails will gets this checked next time i visit service station.

    seats are comfortable, however the lumbar support is not upto the mark, after long journeys, once I get out of the car I feel pain on lower back.

    A Pillar blocks the view and scary at times and the inner rear view mirror also adds to some blind spot.

    Beige interior is proving a challenge to maintain.

    steering mounted controls are bit tricky at time have to press multiple times before it switches the radio stations only happens in radio mode, wonder why ? Specially 91.1 station it takes 3-4 presses to change to next fm station.

    Stock speaker sound quality is acceptable however I have plans for upgrading them in April'14 (pending bonus payout and wife nod !!)

    Till date satisfaction rating 8.5/10. 1.5 deducted for some slight noises which can be heard now and then plus the initial glitches.

    what hasn't worked well is that the engine number on the engine and the RTO document has a mismatch !!
    Have written to Mangesh last week as Aadhya mentioned that's how the papers have been received by them and FIAT needs to be blamed.. This is being sorted out for last 4-5 months now !!

    So that's it for now, more to come when I get my 2nd service done or reach 15k kms
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  8. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    10000 covered !!

    Last week my car covered :p image.jpg
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  9. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Linea MJD 2nd Free Service ay Vecto Motors Bangalore.
    Appointment was done via web last week Wednesday, got a call from the receptionist in 2 hours of registering the service request and service schedule got confirmed for today.
    Was received by John promptly, he noted down the feedback, took stock of the car condition and advised to come back at 5 PM to take delivery.

    Got a call at 3:45 that car was ready, got there by 5 ish and inspected the car for these :
    Door chrome handles was dull due to the stickers which was stuck in Factory to avoid scratches...and as the car was parked under sun for nearly 6-8 months i the dealer yard before I purchased it...all handles replaced under warranty.

    The mud flaps were refitted as it had come out its position
    Engine Oil replaced and filters (oil, air and fuel) replaced.

    Took a small test drive along with John and settled the bill amt of Rs 5940 and drover back on NICE road, engine is smoother than before.

    Car is now ready for another 15k kms drive. :)

    Have noticed an error on the CRM system, be caused Aadhya Motors have specified wrong date of sale or purchase, and i was warned to get it corrected.
    Even Mangesh failed me here, had escalated about this 6 months back and was told by dealer that it was corrected...very unfortunate that such things keep happening.

    Service ratings:

    Overall 8/10, due not returning the car clean and tidy, plus my seating position was changed and took sometime to get it to my desired setting...still not perfect

    Service Promptness 10/10

    Cleaning 7/10, interior were marked with grease hands, dirt was highly visible on the beige plastics !!

    Attention to issues : 8/10, LHS front door not closing properly, got an explanation that because the vacuum created inside the cabin the door might not be shutting properly and the rubber beading is hard and it has to soften, get the car under sun so that rubber can be soft.. I don't buy this justification !! But couldn't argue due to short on time..

    And no mention if battery was topped up with distiller water or not...

    What could have been better : interior cleaning of the car definitely

    Will I recommend Vecto : Yes


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