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Hello Linea !

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Cubbie, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. varun pandit

    varun pandit Amatore

    congrats.welcome bro:ugeek:
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  2. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Ok, I'm starting my experiences on owning the Linea BNW 2012 Dynamic MJD !

    With March ending, i always get tempted to acquire something new from the bonus amount.

    this time i went for a car (read it as again), check my signature, you will realize it.

    to keep my self occupied on weekends, me and wife went to Toyota to check Corolla Altis, i like its style and big body, never driven one though. Cost after discount some 12+ lakhs dropped it immediately as i didnt want invest in petrol model.

    kept and eye on used cars, and really liked a Chevy Cruze, 12k kms, and Skoda Laura LnK model 32k kms both for 12.5L, some negotiation possible, put me off as someone told maintenance cost is high! Is it a perception?

    As wife was not too much into used cars due topast experiences, we dropped the used car deals and moved on to showrooms on hosur and marathalli road.

    Cars we wanted in the range of 12 Lakhs on road.
    Choices : Honda City, Verna Fludic, Skoda Rapid, VW Vento, Linea,Duster,Scorpio, Scala and Sunny- all top end variants

    with so many cars to choose from, we thought to take test drives
    Honda City we went to showrom, it was on the launch day of Amaze and people were swarming and were in queue to book the car and take closer look.
    we got to sit in the car as well, but it was cramped fleeling inside Amaze.

    City looked good and practical, its butter smooth transmission and light steering is a blessing in city drive.
    with its arrow head front design, fit and finish was high class, dropped the idea of Honda as i already owned it, feels unsafe on highways.

    Verna Fludic, had owned a 2007 model, i know the drive quality(boat type) and inside its cramped feeling, might be the seat adjustment issue !
    looks a killer, pricey and costly spares, none offered a test drive nor any good cost options apart from lousy corporate discount. Wonder why?

    Skoda Rapid - wow factor on turbo pull and gears are butter smooth, 1.6 ltr engine is amazing.
    Interior plastics was below average, fit and finish was acceptable.
    11.7 L after discounts... After haggliging i got to know they have 2012 model Red in thier yard and will be sold at 10.7 Lakhs and sales man was behind me to get the booking.
    we didnt like the color option, asked if they have any other color, sales man denied having any other car in the yard 2012 make, hence kept it on hold for 24 hours as my mind was throbbing to own this car.

    visited Nissan, Sunny was a big caaaar ! Within budget, Insurance free. Looks was a dampner for me.

    then came Renault Scala and Duster. both looks good, duster was dropped as its cost didnt make sense for the features it offered.
    Scala and Sunny similar engine? Price point not much difference than sunny, but limited service centers put us off.

    VW Vento, some discounts, 11.35 on road, wasnt sure if i should buy VW cars, both Skoda and VW were making counter statements on each other products. I liked the Vento better than Rapid due to plastic quality, no test drive offered!

    Vecto, presented the 2012 Emotion test drive, felt good, clutch was butter smooth, gears notchy, drive comfortable, seats leather andrest of the features explained in detail.

    1st floor showroom had a Shining Sun Beam Beige dynamic staring at me with a question as to how i felt driving other brands? The linea looks amazing (although rest of my family believes its shaped like a rat face ?.ugg, ignore them..)

    Wife was not keen on linea as interiors feel similar to ours Punto..., got an offer of 10.3 on road and further haggling got it to 10, but the day i went with the cheque book, the sales man was not found, his collegue said as i am dealing withnthe other salesman, i should continue my discussion with him... What a looser, was told 1 hour of wait, i didnt mind my wife was red faced as i was going against her wish and she wanted VW Vento or Rapid.

    after 1 hour the sales man didnt arrive, i got out and drove hardly 2 mins got a call from Skoda that they have a champange color for similar price...how come? They had a test drive car, was it being offered to me? I quickly asked that i need to see the car, he said its in the yard, but when i mentioned he didnt tell me initially even after pestering him initially for a different color, i was bit surprised with this sudden appearence of a beige color Rapid... Told that i need sometime to decide and went straight to Aadhya Motors, met up with Girish.
    he gave 9.8 on road and mentioned its the best offer in bangalore, he was right as well.
    this again was a show room piece and BNW...wifewas more red faced as we own BNW Punto., with my hearts throbbing to own a Linea, i said we have Sun Beam for 10 or BNW for 9.8..

    the showroom cars have one issue, the seats become dirty due to,people touching it all the time.. But BNW was clean as it had plastic covers on it.

    The car was H08 kms on the odo, when i took delivery it was H34 kms as it went to get the PDI and washing etc.

    Aadhya provided loan assistance, State bank was preferred due to 7 years payment and loan approved in 24 hours flat !!!! WOW !

    Got the delivery at 9.30pm and filled her up in Shell beside the showroom
    was given 3 liters voucher of a different pump on Airport road, ganesha idol, chocloates, document pouch + bag, tissue box, and a pen for test driving.

    more information will get added sortly, keep reading.

    Now, car is due for regn this Thu, Pensee is stiching the seat covers.

  3. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    By the way, got 24x7 number how kool is it?
    Some how it Corresponds to the work I do, where there is a ask for 24x7 coverage ;)


    Leathers on from Pensee, the deal : Rs 19k
    front seats, door pads, centre arm rest, gear boot, hand break in pure leather + back seats with automobile grade leather (art leather)

    The snaps are not doing justice to the work done, the original seat covers are removed.

    Got her pampered with 3M spa, foam wash, waxing, all door edges now with 3m's transparent sticker to prevent scratches and door also under the door opening handles Rs 2.12k

    some low quality pics for your likes.

    Ownership review continued :

    last 2 days the car suddenly flashed a message on mid -no abs available !! And the yellow ABS warning lamp started to glow - Welcome to FIAT experience ! Odo was hardly 350 odd kms
    car stopped and started to check if it pops up the error, nope no errors.

    i remembered that i plugged my blackberry onto the blue n me usb port to check if it charges and then on this issue started., even read a post by some other Tfian that he too had encountered this issue on the minor issue segment of the forum.

    this morning called Girish from Aadhya, he said drive down to service center and it will be attended on priority.

    suspecting the battery to be the culprit, requested to check the battery status, they have a fancy gadget, it throws up series on scenarios on its lcd screen, like start the engine, load it with ac blower, rev the engine, idle the engine head lamps on off etc etc, each time it measures the charging and discharge of battery and finally provides a print out.. 10 minutes diagnosis. And what a relief the battery is fine, it need a charge, mechanic told it will be charged as i run the car not necessary to put it on charge, however observed that specific gravity is low, mechanic said when I come for 1st service he will again check it, asked me to remind the SA this task.

    but, what about ABS haan? Totally forgotten? No no, technician hooked the laptop to read the error, it pointed to left rear wheel abs sensor issue, it was loose connection, i was told that the abs wire or connector was reseated and it solved the issue. (The above happened outside my view so, keeping my fingers crossed)

    drove her to 3M, 30 kms drive, no errors.

    present reading around 470kms,
    avg. kmpl started from 6kmpl @h34 kms shell diesel full tank 42ltrs
    Topped the half empty tank again with shell, currently 11.2kmpls
    the fuel meter is 3/4 full now

    This week have plans to visit hubli and then mysore. So would cover some 1500kms in next 3-5 days time

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Quick info needed, as i am driving on long route for 1st time in this car, what care or know how i should have for MJD?
    In my Punto it was fill it shut it and fill it cycle ;)

    Also, to hubli, i will take NH4, anything to avoid for?

    Any quick help or info will be appreciated as i am planning to drive down 5.30am in the morning to reach early andmparty with friends. Cheers









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  4. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Hey Cubbie..Your car is looking beautiful after 3M work..and alos seats are looking premium just like branded cars which cost 30 lacs upward..Get those reverse parking sensors painted in BNW colour..If u r coming to Hubli do visit Fiat exclusive showroom if you have time which is stil under construction..In Aadya's fb page ur car's delivery photo is not there..why??
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  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Driving Hubli is pretty simple and no need to prepare anything. NH4 is the way to go.
    It should take 5.5 to 6 hrs max to reach hubli.
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Hey Cubbie,

    Hearty Congratulations. Beauty looks more beautiful in White !!!

    Reading about 3M, my suggestion is to avoid any external treatment for the 1st year. Afterwards, you'll anyways want to do it due to swirls etc. Fortunately you've white so should not be much of an issue. External polishing peels of microns of paint or coat, hence avoid frequently doing it. If time and energy permits, you can do DIY waxing every 2 months for 1st year or two before resorting to 3M or any other polisher.
  7. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    @ Nadeem, where in hubli is Fiat exclusive showroom coming? And where is the current service center?

    @ Ravi, thanks for the info.

    @VP, 3M was used for wash and waxing, no polish as i know the negative part of polishing... 3m was behind me to get the mats done to interior shape, they are charging some 4k for the same and paint sealer cost is approx 3.5 to 4 k it seems.
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  8. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    It's opposite to PC Jabins College,Vidyanagar beside to Renault showroom..And current service center is beside to Hans Hotel,opposite to BVB Engineering College...
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  9. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Congrats Prashant!! First you disappear for a long time and then back with a bang!!

    Wish you many happy miles on the Linea!!
  10. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    I think 3M does not use pure Carnauba wax. Their wax contains polishing agents

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