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Hello from a fiat Fan

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pvgeorge, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Congrats buddy. ..take the car on a long drive, you will get to know your car better...nothing will get damaged..this engine is meant to be run always

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  2. pvgeorge

    pvgeorge Novizio

    took it to the accessories shop nearby
    got her an art leather seat cover, reverse sensor, autocop central lock and some bubber mats. damage to pocket 13.2K.. loss of time 11 Hrs. waiting
  3. mayurshah

    mayurshah Amatore

    Congrats. .. y it took 11 hours for fitting ?

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  4. pvgeorge

    pvgeorge Novizio

    Seat cover: - Took around 5 Hrs for seat cover stiching. All this while they didn't do anything else. I also wasnt pushing as I get to witness a cool audio system install with Amp and Sub woofer on an Innova. Installation of seat cover another 45 min
    Central locking: Mine is an active variant. They had to figure out the exact wire to link the connections to + tried installing Crosswheels model first. (Getting the required wires from door to the alarm and ignition was another nightmare). At the end, had to revert to Autocop as Crosswheels didnt work (the installer also mentioned that he had similar issue with new Fiesta central lock also). Installer spent near to 3 hrs to get it cleared
    reverse sensor: Took the wire through the wrong side of the reverse light. Hence had to rewire again. took anohher Hr +/

    In between got to see this cool Innova audio system installation with JBL Amp and 4 channel Sub woofer + a nice Dvd and Sat Nav(Cool nice way to spent near to 70K in car). So no complains.
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  5. pvgeorge

    pvgeorge Novizio

    Today took my car for the first service. 5000 Kms in 3.5 months. damage to the pocket --> 0 Rs

    Overall satisfied with the vehicle.
    Small niggles mentioned are
    - Audio system: CD doesnt eject soemtimes properly --> checked and I m told that no issues
    - Antenna turbed to the one side --> advised SA not to work on it he mentioned that he will have to bring down the head liner for fixing
    - Fiat logo in front vibrating --> advised not to work on it as it means bumper need to come out
    - Fixed a chrome exhaust tip --> they messed it up initially. had to get the car to the bay, put it on jack and explained how to fix it.

    Additions done till this date on the vehicle
    - Seat covers
    - central lock
    - mat
    - reverse sensors
    - B piller blackening
    - exchaust tip

    Took the car straight from the service centre to fix the race chip. Got it fixed from the nearby Bosch service centre for couple of 100 bucks. (was too afraid to get it done alone).
    Racechip setting ar default one from the company. Post that ran the car only for around 10 Kms and felt that the heaviness vanishes in 1st and 2nd gear. Car reaches the turbo area pretty fast and hence the lag is less noticable. car has turned more fun to drive

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