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Hello from a fiat enthusiast

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jijodejames, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Hello Friends,

    Let me introduce myself. I am working in Kochi, a city in Kerala and my native place is Changanacherry ( Near Kottayam). It is been a year since I became a Fiat enthusiast. One of my friend bought a Punto and i fell in love with the driveability of the car. It is a superb experience, if we compare it with other brands in the same segment. One day i was informed that there was an offer on Palio and i booked the car instantly as it suited my budget.

    Long story begins now, i had to wait for quite a long time but there was no news from the dealer about the delivery. At last i had to cancel the booking. But i cherish the dream of owning a fiat car in the near future ( read it as, in a week or two :-D ). I had booked the new Swift by July 2011 and was waiting for the delivery. When i test drove the car my dreams were fully tarnished. I was not satisfied with the steering feedback and the sitting position. I am 5'11" in height and driving in a punto was very much comfortable for me. Obviously you would have a question about booking Swift instead of Punto. Honestly, i was horrified by the After sales service experience of my friend.

    I am planning to buy Punto 1.3 Emotion in silver shade. Seems like i have to wait for a week or two. When i searched for the reviews of Punto i came across teamfiat site and was very much Happy. Good job team. It is a great thing that we have a platform specific to fiat, to share the experiences and learnings.

    Mods - Thanks a lot for accepting my membership request.

  2. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Welcome to TeamFiat!

    Nice to know you are a FIAT fan since a year. I am 27yrs old and a FIAT fan since 20 yrs! :p

    Go for the FIAT. You will surely have some memorable time driving her.

    Kochi is by far the city with most number of FIATs!

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    FIAT Palio was available in limited numbers last year under the offer - Dhamaka Offer. Some of we Bangalore guys were lucky to own them after waiting for 4 months. On road price here was 4.6L for Palio MJD sdx.

    Have a look at this thread, scripted by me!:cool:

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  3. Thanks Arun1100. Nice write up about the Palio SDX. I am an auto enthusiast with the same age, but now a fiat fan too. :) . I envy you, dude. Even i had waited for 4 months ( till October 2010 ), but was in vain. Now everytime i see a Palio Stile i have this long lost buddy feel. :( . Hope my Punto will help me with that. :D

    But there is yet another news to share. I had been to the fiat plant in Ranjangaon last month for factory visit. ( Will share my experience in detail ). What i saw there really shocked me. They had a Palio 1.6 waiting for the final stage in the production line. :shocked . I even saw a body shell of Red Palio, which was kept aside from the production line. Then i discussed my "palio story" with the Supervisor and he said that they are manufacturing Palio's even now. I have no clue.
  4. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    If you keep track of the monthly sales figures of FIAT India, they still sell around 20 Palios' every month. Some lucky few still get it. BTW, that red Palio is my brother's car.
  5. oh great. Good news. Are the dealers still accepting the orders? Or is fiat making the Palio against the bookings which were done at dhamaka offer? Any idea?
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