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Hello FIAT-ians

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RMZ, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Fiat1100

    Fiat1100 Amatore

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Congrats and welcome to TFI. Njoy driving.
  2. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Hi RMZ, Firstly welcome to TFI.

    I guess this is one of its kind intro to this very FIAT forum looking like not so liking fiat ride :evilsmile

    Its nice to see such unbiased views looking forward to read more about your views after few K Kms of ownership. I presume that these are the initial views !!

    Punto is a good buy for sure and you might be right with the 1.2 petrol engine but i dont think fit and finish of the ride is that bad!!

    And regarding the inclined parking, i have parked my punto on inclines (steep and not so steep) on various occasions and have not faced the issue that you have mentioned. My car stands still at the incline (in both directions) with just the hand brake on. Good to get this checked.
  3. RMZ


    Thankyou Fiat1100.

    Hello Raj. Its not that I don't like her, but I was concerned about those things that I mentioned. I really love her suspension. Huge difference compared to my prev car, Alto. Regarding fit n finish, how do you feel when sliding the a/c vents left n right, or the markings on fuel lid, bonnet opening and boot opening levers? In Alto, these were definitely better. The power window switches, dashboard etc feel solid enough.

    In my car, the glovebox locking mechanism was faulty when I did the PDI. There were 3 other Puntos at the showroom and two of them had the same issue with glovebox. SA has however rectified my issue and it works fine now. Will detail these in my ownership thread.

    I'm planning to visit the service centre this saturday and will get the handbrake checked. Happy to see so many TFI-ans helping me out with suggestions.

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