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Hello every one

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Abishek Tripathi, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Hello All

    Its a pleasure to be on this forum

    To introduce myself my name is Abhishek i am from Bangalore , i don't know how many of them are here from PUG ,have been a member of PUG for over 7 years now no complaints about the forum but some how i felt it has lost its shine from what it used to be earlier , but hat's off to Mahesh Natrajan for still keep it going and going strong .

    Fiat and me go a long way i bought from first Fiat in 2005 coincidentally it was my first car as well , it was palio 1.2 sport loved the built of it ,but when it came to power it was slow !! used it for close to 2 years learn t how to drive ,did several Managalore and masinagudi trips ,then one fine day i realized that its under powered sold it off !! was without a car for a month and i knew what i wanted and it was a S10 .. was on the look out for one and i found one used one ,car had run 9000kms was used by someone from DRDO bugged him for 2 days finally he agreed to sell it got it for a steal actually .Got a KN on it and a friend of myn is into remapping got it remapped those days there was no dyno so could not check the bhp but i did not care much for it i wanted speed and i had it . But my dream was short lived my travel increased and i was not able to bear my petrol expenses so finally decided to sell it i has the S10 for over a year . Miss the car someday i shall own a 1.6 again its a collectors piece .

    Now again i was on the look out for diesel car and i knew what i wanted a Palio D , started looking out got a used one once again brilliantly maintained silver elx with 40k on the odo , well it was more like fill shut and it forget it , i got some amazing mileage figures with my D , drove up to up native place Varanasi in my D , had several goa trips and countless trips to managlore (if you are wondering why mangalore i was born and brought up there ) i had the D from June 2008 to Oct 2011 when i sold my D it had run 1,00,000 kms , the first and only clutch change i had to do on the vehicle was when it has run around 72km i had no problems what so ever with my D .

    So then i sold my D and i did not know what car to buy !! i had a promised my self no Fiat , and i wanted a new car this time because of various financial reasons .I test drove almost all the cars except Fiat because i knew if i did drive a punto i would buy it !! so stayed away from it , brain decided on Figo drove the car multiple times i could not understand how can a new car rattle so much !! drove mutiple figo every car had the same problem ,drove the polo trust me over hyped over priced car , i just laughed looking the music system in the car , no steering controls nothing , i mean what do these guys think we dont need all of it or what ....

    27th November 2011 , i booked my punto 90 i did what i had promised my brain which i will not do !! i mean why does fiat makes cars which are so dam attractive got my car delivered on the 5th Oct wondering how i got it fast well some one cancelled the booking i took advantage of it !! Since then well its been a dream that i am living on . Have done some DYI's installed the Linea armrest and today i got myself nightbreakers for head lamps and fogs installed ..hoping to have my Punto remapped once i am done with 6k on the odo...

    Apology for not writing my intro earlier Was out of town for good 2 months ...
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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Welcome aboard Abhishek.

    Great to hear about the Palios. We also have a Palio D with us since new from 2005, done around 1,25,xxx km's.

    And, congratulations for the Mighty 90. Post up some pictures of the 90.

  3. Huh Abhi, you never told me you sold your D and purchased the 90. Too much ... Good to see you here. Let's do a goa again this time in the 90's

    Guys since I know Abhi personally I took the liberty of posting colloliqually.

    Best Regards
    Shiva Hyd 1.9 D / 90 H
  4. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    A warm welcome to TFI Abishek . The saying goes true in your case too "Once you own a FIAT car, it will be very difficult to set your mind on a different car " . Enjoy your Mighty 90 . Awaiting pics of your beauty.
    Drive safe !!:up
  5. Nice to hear from a hardcore FIAT FAN, Welcome to the club :)
  6. Thank you all for the kind words .

    Shiva i am sorry buddy for not informing you ...

    Having problems uploading the pics will try again the evening ...

  7. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Welcome Abhishek to the Great Family of FIAT,
    We the enthusiastic bash more on the issue than the other, this shows our love towards Fiat.
    There is a saying (Once you ride a Bullet bike you will not compromise with other bikes, and for cars its FIAT. its very very hard to change it....._
    Awaiting for the pictures of 90HP
  8. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Hi Abhi, It's funny actually how you seem to convince yourself that you are not going for a FIAT until you bought it. Italian cars are like Italian foods, they are very good to look at, smells just awesome, tastes best & make you addict before you know.
    Just be yourself & you would never think of anything else than FIAT (as far as hatchbacks in India are concerned there is nothing worth thinking of actually).
    You made the right choice!!:clapping
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  9. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Welcome aboard Abhi. Wishing you and your 90 HP a happy moments.

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