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Hello! A rather late Intro.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rahul24jam, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Hello Fellow TFIans,

    I know it's pretty late for a person who joined a few months back to introduce self now. Sorry about that.

    I'm Rahul Narayanan, from Thiruvalla, Kerala, working as a Professor in an arts and science college here. A satisfied owner of a Maruti Zen LXi 2002, I've been wanting to buy a new car since 2009, but didn't find any car to my liking. Punto was always there in front of my eyes, but yes, being born in an average Indian family, Maruti WAS and IS the car for most of us. I remember the day I saw a Linea in early 2009, and I was shocked positively that such beauty could be there in cars. Since late 2010, began thinking seriously about a new car, and started in the lines of Hatch/Sedan. Thought on the lines of Mahindra Verito, but after my dad-in-law purchased one, was disappointed with the too poor interiors, yes but great space indeed. With a lot of discussions, finalised that it's a hatch all the way. the contenders were i20, figo (still wonder why i considered it even), and Punto. Punto came into the options rather late. It was a late entry because, oops, don't hit me for this - wife wasn't interested in the name 'Punto'. Stupid thought, i accept. But i was too obsessed with my girl to convince her. well, once i had the test drive of Figo, within 2 minutes of the drive ruled it out completely. I didnt even like the way my knees were restrained by the central console. Was really interested in the i20 for the looks and space inside. the way the pedals were arranged really gave me the idea that it should be an i20. the price was a bother, and i thought i'll have to settle for one with the base model or medium variant. still, the arrogance of the hyundai dealers was irritating, they were not ready to give me even a brochure, let alone a test drive. the only saving grace for a dealer was that a security person took me to see the vehicles, and mind you, he was into his late 60s by any chance, gave me a good talk on the i20. surprised, and i felt proud for him. anyway, the i20 wasn't happening due to price factors either. had taken a TD of punto then, liked evrything except the way the pedals were arranged pretty close together, and the clutch footrest which was a pain to use, as my feet would touch the clutch always enroute to resting it on the footrest.

    By 2010 December, I told my wife to take a look at the Punto on the road, and she seemed to get over her initial impression about the vehicle. slowly she started talking about the punto as well, and linea too. she was working in thrissur then, and I in thiruvalla, separated by like 180 kilometers. we were weekend husband and wife... hehe. over the phone, she would remark about a linea she spotted on way to work etc. when we went for trips in our Zen, we went to kodaikanal etc, and by train to Goa and Poovar, we ravished our eyes on the Puntos on the road. I was obsessed with white, and wife, with the red. well, these likings change later. i was almost sure that it was a Fiat anyway. anyway, we waited till we were together in my place, and we started living together here in thiruvalla by 2011 July.

    I started seriously thinking about the new car, invariably a Grande Punto. My dad in law kept me in a bit of confusion by pushing the verito option to me, saying the utility value must be considered above anything else. but such doubts were only for a few min as i would again think about a Punto - the view from the back, the sides, the front, the grille, the steering wheel, and the shape. even the punto logo was a cause of obsession. I had a few chatting sessions with clevermax in this forum (i wasn't a member of TFI then, but knew this guy from my childhood days at my native - anything on Fiat, it was this guy and his brother Anil that i would turn to). and fixed on a punto, and planned to get it by December when dealers would be giving good discounts. the festive discounts already started by October, still i waited. news about a facelift was going the rounds, and the pics that circulated were good as well. so by november, i thought why not wait a bit for the 2012 version, though i'll need to forego the hefty discounts on the 2011 GP, and pay more for the 2012.

    Anyway, to skip, after a visit to many dealers and test drives, fixed on the 2012 model. Talked to RF and Concorde, and booked with Concorde, who were steady in their offers. RF did not keep their word on discounts they offered thru the phone. Could atleast talk to the concorde, and they would listen, but the RF guy would only talk, without trying to listen to my point that he himself had offered me a better deal the last day over phone. The confusion was between Oceanic Blue and Tuscan Wine, my fav Exotica Red had to be forgotten due to pressures from family. well, had never seen an oceanic blue Punto ever, though a lot of Linea in Blue. Fixed on Tuscan Wine, once i saw a sparkling TWine near my house. of course, had seen quite a number of wine fiats here.

    well, it's a Tuscan Wine Grande Punto Emotion 1.3 MJD, in the end. Booked a few days back. Waiting for the VIN to be sent to me, and the car.

    That serves as my long introduction. had intended to give only my details, but started typing, and couldn't stop. maybe the Grande Punto is one of the most significant details about me. Thank you for being with me till now.
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  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    That was a very detailed introduction lecture from you Rahul Sir :).

    Warm welcome to TFI. And Congrats on booking for a Punto.
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  3. Congrats on your booking :)
  4. abhinav

    abhinav Novizio

    Congratulations Professor for the right choice or rather steering away from "other" ones :) Happy driving!
  5. Thank you ramjn, abhinav and ScintillaSpire... ahh, scintilla, took a while to read ur name.
  6. Happens :)
  7. S A SHAH

    S A SHAH Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Dear Rahul,
    Your write up made me to remember the "Swami and Friends" by RK Narayan, our graduate course English Paper. Hello and best wishes for happy long life with your new Italian-beauty, I'm affraid if your wife feels jealous that you are spending your quality time with new friend ready to go with you irrespective of time. Be loyal man..!
    My little question, Why did you not settle for Linea-MJD, any way ?
    Enjoy Life, it is wonderful.

    SHAH,S A
  8. hey, S A Shah, Linea? Answer is pure simple.

    1. Budget constraints.
    2. A sedan is not practical to me with city driving, bigger turning radius, parking in small spaces etc.

    Least important point:
    3. Frankly - this could be controversial - Punto looks damn better than Linea.
  9. S A SHAH

    S A SHAH Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Come on, Man..... You said that you need to travel 180Km to reach to you family, so you would like the Linea ride and more over having ample boot space for your Goa-trips. And, your wife liked the Linea as her "Suatan"(if you've two wives,they are SUATAN to each other), you should've gone her way though strained little bit by stretching the budget. "Punto looks damn better than Linea" because you own it. Yes, it is better than any other car, other than Linea...!
    Drive Safe.
    SHAH,S A
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