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Hell lot confusion : Fiat Punto or Vw Polo (Diesel) (75hp)

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Vidit Gupta, May 18, 2013.

  1. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Get the Punto Vikit, Polo is pricey and service cost will be much-much more than Punto.
    Only similarity I see in both Polo and Punto is looks, apart from that Punto trumps Polo in all parameters.
  2. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Mileage wise its all matter how you drive the car. A couple of our TFIans here have proved the mileage of close to 30+ with the screenshots. Check it out.

    New Punto is going to be in 2014 only. Not sure about the exact dates though at the moment nor about the changes. But the current Post April makes are refreshed ones (minor changes) => Check my TD thread about my experience on refreshd 90 Hp http://www.teamfiat.co.in/pre-sales...arl-white-2013-punto-90-hp-td-experience.html

    Again please take another TD of both the cars and see what your heart and gut says. Put the GP and Polo to test viz cornering, pit holes, GC test, gear shit ratios, etc. like experts here have mentioned.
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  3. TheDriver

    TheDriver Timido

    Before i reply- a quick introduction- I Own a March 2013 Linea Emotion Multijet.
    A year back if you had asked the question Punto Vs Polo, i would have suggested "Polo". Things have changed in a Year, the only issue i felt with FIAT was to visit Tata's Service. Now your city hosts FIAT exclusive Service, so the last issue has been resolved.
    Here is what i feel:
    Both cars are looker
    Fit and Finish - Polo
    Making you feel Safe- Punto
    Seats- Punto
    Audio Quality- Polo
    Storage Space- Polo
    Handling- Punto (Polo is not bad but Punto wins easily)
    Ride Quality- Punto
    Steering Feel- Punto
    Both are good but Punto makes you feel safer atleast when you are in Cabin, and that's where you gonna be :)
    Fuel Economy
    Both are decent with respect to fuel economy Polo may have an advantage because of 3-Pot engine.
    Service and Spare Cost
    any gusses - No prize to guess right answer- Its Punto
    Parts Availability
    A Year back both were bad but now- Punto has the advantage
    Price of Car
    Its Punto ofcourse
    Space for Passengers and Luggage
    Both are absolutely same

    Now you may rank your priorities and pick the one you need.

    Another point is, i think FAIT would be more caring because of its Expansion Plans.

    Wish you make the decision that you always cherish.

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  4. Go for punto, if possible go for dynamic which should be a couple of thousand more than polo trendline.But is worth every penny.
    For mileage reports you can check out thread of mileage, and let me assure you the mileage you will be getting from this beast will never dissapoint you.

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  5. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    My 2 cents, go for Punto.

    Also, to help you on such query/ confusion state, opt for a voting. I say this bcos you already own a Fiat car and would know its performance and cost factors.

    Test driving and owning are very different experiences, i recently changed my car and test drove every car available in the segment, but in my head it was Linea all the time as i was sure on its performance and realibility. Good luck !
  6. Guys today i booked testdrive of polo and punto... The best part is i booked test drive at same time so more it will be face off..
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  7. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    any update. how did the TD go?
  8. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Yesterday there was display of VW cars in our campus at EC along with the Mahindra's side by side out of curiosity i opened the pots of vento followed by polo at first things looked good but the engine is quite small and believe me lot of space (open areas) may be VW thought you can fit in additional luggage next to engine.., Sat inside Oops the dash touches my knees height is less not that comfortable though doors are thin, steering feels light gears are quite ok, interiors quality is good but not that spacious compared to our FIAT Horse. Out of curiosity i asked how about the parts and service here in India he told except engine everything is manufactured at chakan plant pune, at further inquiry i got to know that parts are sourced from Germany which takes ages to reach india (may be its shipped), a typical Vento/polo first service will cost anywhere between 10-15k. Both Punto and polo being European cars VW is meant for heavy pockets who are ready to spend their time and money at large.
  9. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    @Surya I have heard people owning VW cars have had hole or rather too many holes in their wallet !!! :p
    That's exactly why I did not choose Polo.

    Well there are rumors that VW is going to launch Polo GT TDI with Vento's 1.6 TDI engine doing the duty in it. If that was an option during my purchase, I would have definitely considered it over Punto 90HP disregarding the maintenance cost. (Again, read it somewhere on internet, not sure about authenticity)

    Since Punto 90HP was and is the undisputed king of hot hatches till date, I just bought one ;)

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  10. @Vidit,

    Spoiler Alert :- I would go for Polo if I have Linea at my garage.

    This confusion is not uncommon. Every buyer will land up in such situation. But your choices being Punto or Polo, I would like to give you my thoughts on this.

    The week I bought Punto, my cousin's friend bought Polo. Before that, we both went to book Punto and Polo on the same day. After booking my Punto, we went to VW showroom to book Polo for my friend. That time, I had a slight second thought running through my mind. I thought whether my choice of going for Punto is worth or my friend's choice of Polo is worth. But that second thought was crushed in seconds when I thought about Polo's cramped space, 3 cylinder engine, expensive ASS, and not so proven diesel engine like Fiat's diesel engine.

    So obviously Punto would be my choice. But considering the situation that you already have Linea, I would suggest you go for Polo. If I had a Linea standing inside my gates, I would definitely not go for a similar feel and interior look car. Although Punto is an amazing car, Polo is also a great car. I would definitely go for Polo.

    I guess I did not add fuel to your confusion :p

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