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Hell lot confusion : Fiat Punto or Vw Polo (Diesel) (75hp)

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Vidit Gupta, May 18, 2013.

  1. Guys need help... Need suggestions.. Which car is the best.. I have opened a cafe named “Frespresso” in Bhopal and now its tine to bring new baby in our house.
    My father owned Fiat linea and car is just awesome... But now here we go
    I have done hard analysis on cars.. Infact on every car.. Including Tata Vista.. Test driven every vehicle of this segment... And finalized Fiat Grande Punto(75)hp and VW Polo...
    1)Should i buy again a fiat or should go for Vw.
    2) what about service, here new Fiat showroom and service is started.
    3)What about maintenance?
    4)will go for 1st variant i:e Active or Trendline.. (Which is more bang for bucks)
    Punto:6.30. Polo:6.56
    Test driven both and what i felt is different set of engineering
    Polo: First and second gear are powerful but after that very very linear
    Punto: First and second gear linear but that.. Bomb hain yaar...
    Here people are saying ˝Sahab agar itni acchi car h punto to sell kyu nahi hui.˝
    Here in Bhopal there are lots and lots of Polo but for Punto one have to search.
    Vw executive says there will not be any issues regarding services or maintenance
    And same with Fiat executives...
    I am driving Linea and i am damn satisfied but this ll be my first car, so thinking a lot...
    What to do guys... I am damn confused.. Please Help.
  2. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    1)Go for Fiat again..it has a emotional attachment to u..just like a heart thing..
    2)Great..then go for Punto bcoz showroom and service is started..hey bro post pics of fiat's exclusive showroom and service center in bhopal..
    3)zero maintenance..less maintainance than Polo..polo's service and parts r very costly compared to Punto's..
    4)Go for Active..active is more bang for buck coz u get more features for less price with fabulous Multijet engine unlike 3 cylinder TDI engine of Polo which sounds like a tractor's engine..try Punto 90hp also if u can stretch your budget little more..its; faster than 75 hp..punto active price is less than polo trendline..
    Italian engineering,German engineering...
    Polo's first and second gear are powerful but whereas punto's third,fourth and fifth are more powerful than polo's..
    TATA dealers ki after sales service ke wajah se sell nahi hui..au fiat u time aggressive nahi tha..
    polo has no issues regarding service and maintainance but it will burn a big hole in ur pocket for servicing and maintainance..punto also has no issues rgarding service and maintainance coz my dad owns a punto 75 hp emotion pack..it wont burn a big hole like polo..
    Go for Punto..you will be damn satisfied again..and you can have 2 sisters posing at ur doorstep.. :)
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  3. Fayad

    Fayad Amatore

    If you are happy with the Linea, just get the Punto! you wont the disappointed. If you go for a Fiat again its a sign of trustworthiness of Fiat cars, thats the impression people gonna get.

    If you want a comparison, here are my thoughts

    Polo, Pros: Better plastics, better built ie no uneven panel gaps etc, more responsive engine.

    cons: High service cost, accident repair cost, parts cost(boot logo costs some 8k or so) etc. Vibration levels are higher due to 3cylinder engine(Engine noise is there in Punto you own a Linea so you know) Read about breakdown issues like brakes getting jammed, issue with engine head, engine mountings etc. Tranmission tunnel is very high making it difficult for 3rd passenger.

    Punto, Pros: better ride quality through bad roads. Stronger body. Lower maintenance cost. Better space than polo etc.

    I'd say get the Punto Dynamic instead of Active, its more VFM but if you are on a budget then active it is.
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Not all good cars are great sellers. So please when ever anyone asks you this question either ignore it or simply say that there are not many people who know what a brand and what a car is all about.
    Different people have different needs and all are welcome with there suggestions but the more you take them the more them come your way!!

    As for VW vs FIAT.
    I personally feel both are good cars in many aspects.
    Polo is only a tad bit behind when it comes to dynamic against punto.
    Polo has a 3 cylinder engine and punto fires on 4 cylinders so that's a whole new ball game altogether.
    Polo has a low seating position and i've personally felt that its seats are not as comfy as punto's.
    Looks are subjective so i wont comment on that.
    VW service is nothing great if you are thinking otherwise . If not anything I would call it 'HOPELESS'. They dont even have 1 free service and parts are freaking expensive.
    Much much more expensive than Punto parts are.

    FIAT has decided to Make the move in india and its showing its signs slowly so in times to come i'm sure fiat is going to be a bigger brand in india.

    So bottom line is if you want to follow the brandwagon and convince yourself that polo is a better car then please buy it. Or else its a fiat.
  5. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    You already own a Linea and you should know everythin about a FIAT. There is nothing new for us to tell you.
    Only thing I want you to consider is Punto Dynamic:)

    If I were you, I will consider other cars only if Im going for a petrol car

    tasting the Italian delight!
    Last edited: May 18, 2013
  6. simbio

    simbio Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Bro you got more than one reason to go for Punto. And remember ' a punto is crafted for a true fan' and the rest is for the ordinary! So its upto you to decide to be a true fan or be the 'ordinary'
  7. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Try Punto 90 Hp, you might go much more crazy and addicted. Having said that, lemme tell you a lil experience of mine with VW. I wanted to do TD of Polo Diesel. For like 5-6 times i have contacted VW for booking a TD. None showed proper response and care for me to get a TD. There were neither YES or NO on this. For like 3 weeks this went on. Finally gave up on them.
    Also have heard that their ASS is bad too. So if their pre-sales itself is quit bad, then i dont want to imagine on the post-sales support.
  8. That's all agreed ,but what about avg.?
    it had been two year's and not a single part of Linea has to be changed or replaced...so what about the cost of service and other parts like Oil filter an all?
  9. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Sorry what avg.? Dose it mean average? If so, of what?

    And as per what i have read in this forum and else where that the parts cost of VW is very costly than FIAT's. VW does not give you any free service (Correct me if i am wrong) nor warranty of 3 years like FIAT does. Having said that, quality wise of parts/vehicle itself by VW and FIAT are at best.

  10. Average means Mileage... Kitna deti h wala fanda... Polo and punto both..
    Waise 90% i ll finalize Punto.
    Accha one doubt is... Is it worth to wait for New Punto or should i buy this model?

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