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Heavy discount offered on 2014 Linea Dynamic

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by ravi_linea, May 17, 2015.

  1. ravi_linea

    ravi_linea Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Hi guys,

    I am from Delhi and live with my wife and 5-year-old son.

    I own a 2003 Zen and I want to upgrade to a sedan. My requirements are:

    a. Great build quality
    b. Good driveability
    c. Good after sales service
    e. Decent fuel economy

    Monthly running won't be more than 1000 km in any case.

    I have TD'ed the 2014 New Linea T-jet and I must say I feel smitten. It's like I have met a supermodel who wants to have a secret affair with me ... but its gonna make me feel miserable at the end of the day what with high maintenance and other often heard issues such as niggles, after sales experience etc.

    A dealership in Delhi told me that they have in stock in their Chennai manufacturing plant a 2014 Linea T-Jet model which will cost me 8.90 Lakhs on road instead of 10.30 lakhs - that's a nice discount.

    Should I buy the 2014 Linea T-Jet Dynamic on offer? If yes, how can I ensure that the car being sold to me was not a test drive mule and is not gonna prove to be a lemon swiftly?

    Has anyone here bought an older model before?

    Please guide me. I am ready to let go of the Linea dream if it isn't a prudent choice for me.

    P.S.: I have TD'ed Honda City and Ciaz. Both cars have zippy 0-80 km/h engines, comfortable interiors, and beer can build. But the fuel economy on Ciaz is mindblowing.

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  2. Saket Sidana

    Saket Sidana Regolare

    Delhi NCR
    Linea T-Jet
    @ravi_linea, your profile name also suggests that you are sold on Linea! Don't worry, it's a fabulous car. I am owning a TJet since end of September 2014 and it's been a charm. Do a proper PDI, check list is available on TFI home page. If that goes well, go for the TJet. It's so, so much better than a sloppily built City and un-inspiring, old-fashioned [to me] Ciaz.

    However, if you are looking for a fuel efficient car, TJet might not be it. Your monthly running is less than 1000 kms [same as mine], so it won't hurt. In summers, you can expect anywhere between 9.5 and 11 kmpl with AC in traffic conditions in city. On highways in summers with AC, I have easily managed to get 14+ kmpl with good speeds. A winter highway drive got me good 16 kmpl, again with good speeds. A little slower, and it would have given 1 kmpl more easily. But, it's not the car you would be able to drive with a light foot. It's THE car to drive, superb handling, suspension, safety, braking, features and what not. Just open and close the boot of Ciaz, City and Linea with one hand. Good luck in doing that for a Linea. Build quality at the rear also, unmatched safety. Period!

    There are lots of satisfied owners of TJet on this forum. Tagging them here. @prabhjot, @Biraj, @Parantap Chatterjee and @pabhishek. Feel free to read my ownership review from the link mentioned in my signature. If you want a chat, PM me your details and we can talk. My interest is to see/meet another TJet owner from NCR. ;) All the Best!
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  3. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
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  4. ravi_linea

    ravi_linea Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Thanks @Saket Sidana

    Yes you're right, I have my sights set on the Linea T-Jet :) Except, she may be a high maintenance girl ... and I am married!

    Just to clarify, the dealership says the T-Jet Dynamic on which they are so kind as to offer me a nice discount was manufactured in 2014. And I am concerned if this may actually be a bad thing or an experience similar to buying a used car.

    Thanks for pointing out the PDI checklist. I found it useful and it does touch upon some ways to ensure your car wasn't a test drive mule.
  5. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Hi there. Great to have you here.

    You're perfectly right to have zero-ed-in on the Linea, and esp the t-jet, since it is the ONLY proper all-round, 'world class' (from build and safety to comfort and driving pleasure) spacious sedan in India, south of 15-16 lakhs. The others are all third-world-specials, i.e., very compromised, although fiendishly so: because not to a casual careless automotive eye. And they are overpriced, while the Linea is rather underpriced.

    All this you, likely, know well.

    I would therefore ask you to consider going for a new 2015 Linea t-jet. It will still offer lakhs of rupees of value-s (of the best sorts) better than the compeition. If it's not a stretch, which from the sound of it it won't be for you, too much. Although, a late 2014 Linea would be fine, provided you do a total solid pdi and don't pay up (in toto) till you're satisfied, i'd say. There are a few other examples here on Tfi of 2014 linea buyers in early 2015, i believe, and their reports are fine, so...

    As for niggles: like @Saket have faced none whatsoever on my 2014 launch edition new Linea t-jet (Sunbeam Gold, Emotion.)

    As for the dealers: listen, they're small in the scale of operations, and given what 'human resource' standards prevail here in the North and esp in Delhi in the service sector, some of their sales processes are a bit less than perfectly robotic, well-oiled or choreographed. But they're fine if you look past that, and are diligent, polite yet firm with your sales-process dealings. A bit of due diligence, which is what TFi's resources are for, with a dab of PDI vigilance and a garnish of savvy dealing, you like the rest of us will be fine.

    Now, as for the ASS thing. The internet reports are more voluminous than Maruti-s and Hyundai-s etc, but that is just the 'adverse selection' of information, since Fiat owners are mostly vigilant, vocal, highly educated automotively speaking, and often are both paranoid and fans at the same time (the newbies) since they're going against the grain of the wider marketplace herd/peer pressure and brand-status. So don't put any credence in the volume of comment by owners and non-owners alike on the net, that's just the nature of the brand, which is simultaneously loved and subject to great skepticism, given its failures in the distant Uno/Palio days in terms of dealer, spares and ASS support.

    Things were from my family and my own experience (we've owned 5 Fiats over 6 years) already 6.5/10 during the Tata days and are perhaps 7.5 to 8.5/10 now, depending on the ass centre, speaking impressionistic averages here.

    Warranty support is excellent and spares avilability is good enough, waiting times for 'rare' items not bad. Also, Delhi ncr has several ASS options, including the very consistently good DRS Motors in Faridabad and Gurgaon. Now, can there be ASS bumps and frictions and dissatisfactions? Surely. Is the 'risk' large and therefore worth stopping you from buying a Linea t-jet? Nope (from several experiences here recently).

    Fiat's dealers and ASS centres are much improved, but still require a degree of kowing enagagement, not out of any special incompetence and dishonesty or any such but only because (a) that's part of the 'fun' of owning a Fiat: to be enagaged! and (b) just to be double sure. Otherwise, I for one, like Saket, have had no real reason to feel any regret dealing with them over the 5 Fiats we've owned over recent years. Of course, it really helps to 'build relations' with personnel, and is an advantage with fiat since the scale of opereations of each FASS is not vast. And there are several choices in the delhi ncr region. So no, i wouldn't sweat too much at all on the matter. But yeah, would be prepared to be engaged as car owner, rather than be just in a 'fill it and forget it' mode.

    Final word: if you're feeling economical with the budget, you might want to consider waiting for the upcoming Avventura/Evo t-jet coming up near Diwali, apparently.

    cheers, enjoy the Keep us updated, and....enjoy the ambiguities and ambivalences of the decision-making!
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  6. Tornado

    Tornado Superiore

    Sahyadri ranges.
    Western Maharashtra
    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    Which month of 2014, the car is manufactured?

    Bargain hard once PDI is done , before signing on dotted lines. The discount amount should be enough to justify the losses likely to be incurred upon

    The problems associated with a car manufactured >6 months back are:

    1) battery quality deteriorates due to disuse & not charging in time , please find out manufacturing date. better to replace it at the time of delivery.
    2) rubber and plastic life and quality deteriorates and becomes unpredictable, The most important is rubbers are tyres.
    door , boot , window , bonnet , plastic and rubber beadings get hardened ,may lead to water leakages in monsoon, do not rely upon post carwash scenario. Also important are engine rubber foundations.
    3) All kind of oils and filters needs to be replaced.

    Also resale value will suffer by 10 percent as manufacturing date is mentioned on RC by law.

    You will have to cleaverly find out wheather the car was used as a TD car,

    please , take into consideration, the above mentioned points , while calculating the discount., IMO, in your case the discount is enough.

    Please, decode the tyre manufacturing date , it's on the tyre side wall. It's must be more than 1 year.
    Rubber of the tyres manufactured >6 months back especially if the car was parked unused under sun, for 1 year, is bound to harden alot, leading to
    1) bumpy ride, especially on the undulated repaired pot holes . This reducd ride comfort is due to reduced flexibility of rubber.
    2) cuts on sidewall
    Both problems demand tyre change (20 to 25 k/set)

    Why the dealer would sell the TD car,?
    If new /upgraded model of same car is launched recently , then he has to discontinue previous TD car and provide new upgraded car for the TD, hence old TD car comes for sale.

    Also, if the dealer has decided to shut down the showroom forever, obviously he would like to sell the TD cars .

    How to identify TD car.?

    1) manufacturing date of the car and launch date of the that pirticular model coincides.
    2) plastic used to wrap the seats is absent.
    3} careful observation reveals nail marks on the door handle area.
    4) TD cars are stored at dealers stock yard and not at factory stock yard.

    Also, PDI link provided above, can give a hint about how much the car is run till date.
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  7. rvlkiran

    rvlkiran Novizio

    Linea T-Jet
    @ravi_linea , I bought a Sept'2014 manufactured Linea T-Jet in Feb'2015 (5 months later). I approached 2 dealers (Vecto and KHT Bangalore). Vecto was not ready to give me the VIN number before booking. KHT agreed & confirmed the VIN number while I placed the booking. I was made to understand by the dealer that once booked, the vehicle will be invoiced to the dealer & shipped from the Factory in Pune, and there is no going back except in rare circumstances like extensive transit damage. Based on the VIN number confirmation, I placed the order & had to pay 50% of the ex-showroom price before PRI (Pre-registration Inspection). I was satisfied with the condition of the car (and ODO reading of 13 km, with H symbol). I then proceeded for registration, then PDI & delivery. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with the build quality, suspension/ride quality & cornering. I average 9.5 kmpl on city drives (30% bumper-to-bumper, 100% AC), and about 13-14 kmpl on the highway. I've had virtually no niggles in 3 months/3000 km.
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  8. sudipz

    sudipz Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    hey @ravi_linea - great choice with the TJet!

    I have once since '10 at Mum, and the 44k odd kms I've done just doesn't seem enough still :) .. for sure, i too vote the TJet higher than Ciaz/City/etc when you're looking at power, acceleration, safety, comfort, stability, et al. I hope to do many more miles with mine, call her the black beauty, and there are times when my wife feels J with her around ;) lol.

    however, I'd recommend you buy the current one - the gizmos are super. I think you'd be happier unless the budget is a BIG concern.

    slight caution with my limited experience: old car necessarily may not be used, but oils, levers, rubbers, bushes tend to get a tad bit old/hard when unused over long periods; PDI has to be spot on, there are folks who're keen to help you with that.

    Looking fwd to see you with the TJet. Cheers!
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  9. puntophile

    puntophile Amatore

    Indirapuram NCR
    In NCR, you might like to go for the latest batch. Chennai manufacturing plant...seriously? If the dealer has told you that, he has lots to hide probably. Hard rubber, old oil, weak batteries, are issues well pointed out by other friends.

    The other concern is, you can never make out unless you are an expert, if it has been a test drive car, an accident vehicle or the exact reason why it has been lying in the stockyard for so long. TD vehicles are the most abused, and if it was a showroom sample, you should be able to get it for even less. TD cars are notorious for prematurely worn clutch, too!

    A random test would be checking the brake pads in front....don't ask them beforehand....just randomly ask to check and show it to you, in front of you. If it is thinner than usual, the car has been used a lot!

    T Jet is a lovely car, go for it: 1000kms a month, and the car will thank you for letting her be your mistress !
    If the car is not abused, maintenance costs are OKish...not less, at par with major brands, sometimes a wee bit cheaper.
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  10. ravi_linea

    ravi_linea Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Thanks @prabhjot @Tornado @rvlkiran @sudipz @puntophile for your detailed responses. Well, here's an update: the 2014 manufactured Linea Dynamic is sold out. In fact, I made a few calls to other dealerships and enquired about old cars in their inventory and/or the factory inventory and they all said the 2014 batch is gone. No cars from 2014 in their Ranjangaon stockyard in Pune.

    I do feel a bit relieved if you ask me. The responsibility of running an extensive PDI was proving to be a headache already. Now, I have two choices: Buying a new Linea Active or buying a Linea Dynamic. I am not big on features anyway, am just concerned about the look and feel and AC vents in the rear for my fam. Parking sensors and a camera won't hurt either. Is it worth going for the Dynamic?
    --- Double Post Merged, May 18, 2015 ---
    By the way @Saket Sidana, I have probably read all your ownership posts. Detailed reviews like these are quite helpful so thanks for doing that. You'd probably post your first summer FE numbers soon :)
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