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Headlight bulb upgrade /rubber grommet Mods

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by greatmana2000, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. greatmana2000

    greatmana2000 Novizio

    Hi all ,

    I had to upgrade my headlights for my new punto and I went with the HELLA 100/90 bulbs with Hella Relay kit .The Philips are bad .. they dont last that much . Osram , Hella and the lesser known Bosch bulbs last well and out of all I prefer the MICO Bosch bulbs because the High beam from the Bosch focuses the farthest on to the road ,it is not so white and that helps in the early mornings and late evening visibility but Bosch was unavailable . The Hella relay kit wiring and the relays looked much better quality than the philips or roots one . I generally do the bulbs upgrade myself , but this time the guy at the store offered to help and I let him do it . To get the wires from the relay kit to the Head light reflectors he cut a square on the rubber boot and inserted the holders , by the time I could check out the WIP . I was left with IMG_7419.jpg IMG_7420.jpg

    I was paranoid about the dust and moisture entering the head lights , since the grommets were made of rubber , I thought of getting used car tube patches and stick them with the rubber solution available at puncture shops .
    But the solution did not stick well enough and then I decided to use quick fix . You can see for your selves the result . IMG_7421.jpg IMG_7423.jpg IMG_7424.jpg

    After that just insert the bulb holders through the rubber boot and tighten the entry hole with a cable tie . Simple and easy DIY .

    I have already posted the same details in the Headlight bulb upgrade thread , but then i realized that this should be in the DIY thread .

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