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Headlamp upgrade - Yes or No?

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by Chakra, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. aarenes


    Re: Driver Side Power Window not working

    Amogh - sometime back, I was visiting Pune and all of a sudden the passenger side power window stopped working.
    Exactly like you describe ... hitting the buttons, you could hear the motor working but the window would not come up. I took it to Pandit Auto and it was fixed within the hour.

    Here's what I found
    - All four power window motors are seperate, one in each door
    - The green color fork like unit that holds (and actually lifts the glass) had cracked. Hence the glass would not be raised. I assume this would have occured over a hard bump.
    - Pandit Auto had the unit available, replaced it in an hour. Part covered under warranty so no charge to the customer. If I recall correctly, the cost of the unit was ~1500/-
    - FYI, the entire power window unit was replaced and not just the fork like thingy.
    - They even washed my car in and out (which was dirty from the highway run)
    - I even ended up purchasing the Fiat genuine carpet mats for ~1000 there. While browsing around, I found they had the entire range of Fiat accessories. In Mumbai, I have been trying to get my carpet mats from Wasan or Concorde and did not manage despite repeated follow ups.

    Overall, although initially frustrated with the mis-fortune, was very happy when these guys resolved the issue effortlessly.
  2. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Re: Problem with lights on the dashboard

    did you report the issue at galaxy??
    If they didnt perform the check/repair, they should give you a written note stating the pending work...
    Half day?? this is new to me.. from a TASC.

    Take the car back to the same workshop and tell them its a pending issue (you wont need to take a appointment) call & talk to your advisor before you go..
  3. Re: Problem with lights on the dashboard

    yup....exactly what happened they called me up to ask if i was satisfied with their service...i told them this particular issue had not been resolved. They took an appointment for me on sat....gave them the car on sat they found out that the entire display cluster is faulty and are replacing it free under warranty. they have called for a replacement ...it will take around 3-4 days to arrive. I must admit though...Galaxy is a really professional and good service station..immediately after i said that the issue was pending the Customer relationship manager called me and asked me to meet her directly the next day. Also during my first service they aligned the wheels for free...no questions asked...while Balaji cribbed about it even though the car was delivered to me with a pull to the left. For those of you living around Mulund and beyond..my experience with galaxy has been better than with Balaji cars. Its been more than 3 months now since i bought my car from Balaji cars...they havent yet given me my Registration certificate always citing some reason or the other!
  4. Re: Problem with lights on the dashboard

    I had a very bad sales experience with Balaji when I bought my car last year. With the exception :hit :hit sales experience, I never went to Balaji for servicing even for a minute issue (even though they are the nearest to my house). I have taken my car to Galaxy, Fortune Powai & Bharati. My experience with Galaxy & Fortune has been pleseant. Bharati seems to pretty much like Wasan always crowded and SA least bothered.

    For people in the North Easter Susburb of Mumbai, Galaxy surely is a very good option. I will also recommend them and will also suggest that people should stay away from Balaji for Sales.
  5. Re: Driver Side Power Window not working

    Faced the same problem.Once after rolling down the driver's side window it was not rolling up again.Only I could hear sound of the motor but after hitting the button few times it came up automatically but the speed of rolling up was very less.
    But still I have not taken my car to the TASC due to paucity of time :A
  6. Re: Problem with lights on the dashboard

    i totally agree...even i had a bad experience with them during the purchase of my car..their sales rep would keep lying to me time and again. So much so...that he went to the extent of telling me that the punto emotion (not pk) came with leather steering and gear knob when he realized i was a little inclines towards purchasing the emotion. Even during my service experience with them they took 3 days to find and fix a wire that a rat had bitten when the broken wire was just located under the fuse box...now i assume that's the first place one looks in case of an electric failure...further, after 3 days they lied to me saying that the work was still not done...i told them i had had enough and i want the car back whether or not it is repaired. They tried to stall it further but i still stormed their workshop and took my car...and guess what it was all fixed and the service adviser still lied to me when i reached the workshop. I guess they wanted to use the car over the weekend or something. Never am i going back there again!
  7. gautam84


    New Delhi
    Re: Driver Side Power Window not working

    even my linea's co driver side power window has some problem..
    if i operate it with the button on drivers door, it only goes down..
    but it is working with the button on the respective door.. may b the console on the drivers door has gone bad
  8. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Re: Driver Side Power Window not working

    Any solution on that amogh??
  9. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Driver Side Power Window not working

    Rectified. Replaced the motor under warranty. FOC

    @Chaos : change your location ::V
  10. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare

    Re: Driver Side Power Window not working

    Congrats..!! Could have happened due to the Water seeping in from the Front Wind Screen. I saw some water on the Power Window Switch assembly, when the Car was with me.

    Did you got the Front Wind Screen fixed ?

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