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Headlamp upgrade - Yes or No?

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by Chakra, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Emotion Power Window assembly for Dynamic?

    I doubt if you will get the assembly from outside. You can do one thing. Some Punto Emotion/E pack owner from Bangalore can order the assembly. You can later buy it and get it fitted onto your dynamic.

    Or just visit some different service center, ask them to check your driver side electricals. Show them that the wiring is present and order the part. (looks too easy). ::V
  2. drmanraj


    Re: Automatic Door Locking (Auto Close), Active?

    friends i am comingacross strange problem in my linea diesel.
    after the car has started and suppose its still on and waiting at red signal. Is it possible to open the door s from outside if some ones wishes to sit inside or car ignition needs to switch off for the doors to open.Presently one cant excess the doors from outside with car engine ON .. IS IT NORMAL or not. Please guide.As my swift opens irrespective of car ON OR OFF mode IF one ties to open doors from outside.

    I hope this is normal as i am not so well versed with this feature.
    regards - dr manraj
  3. Re: Automatic Door Locking (Auto Close), Active?

    In Linea the same handle from inside is used for opening the door as well as locking i.e if you push the handle in on closing the door the doors get locked now if you pull it there are two stages first stage the door gets unlocked and you hear a click and if you pull it further the door opens.A locked door cannot be opened from outside in any car.To unlock the door so that it can be opened from outside pull the drivers side unlock handle towards you till you hear click but not too far so that door gets opened.

    Door opening has nothing to do with ignition and you need not stop the car to let someone in.

    I hope i was clear enough in explaining.
  4. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    Re: Automatic Door Locking (Auto Close), Active?

    Manraj ,

    Does you car lock when you turn it on ? If yes then that's how central locking works I guess . If it doesn't am not sure if that's the way its supposed to work . Also if you wish to let someone in , I think opening the drivers side lock should open all the there locks as well. correct me if am wrong !
  5. drmanraj


    Re: Automatic Door Locking (Auto Close), Active?

    @atul sir -- what i fail to understand is if this is way central locking works ,then why so in friends car(innova)if thedriver has switched on the engine,adjacent door can be opened from outside when it fails to do so in my fiat linea.eg == after the car stops eg durin red light , and a person needs to get in - i need to turn off the engine . The door of my friends side fails to open from outside- it opens only when i pull lever(lock) from inside or turn the engine off.
    I am confused. Service centre people says its the normal way central locking works , You cant excess doors from ouside if car engine on. One can excess only in off mode.
    I hope now my query is clear sir?
    Also that how to lock and unlock thing - i am well versed with that.
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Automatic Door Locking (Auto Close), Active?


    Its simple. If the doors are locked, nobody can open it from outside unless the doors are unlocked.

    Ask your friend to lock the doors of his Innova from inside & then you try to open it from outside. It won't open. If you can open it, its not working properly as it kills very objective of door locking safety.

    For you to be able to let someone in at a signal when doors are locked, unlock the doors by pulling the lever from inside while keeping the engine ON. He will be able to open it from outside.
  7. Re: Automatic Door Locking (Auto Close), Active?

    Manraj you must have seen locking mechanism in most cars where there is a small plastic knob on window near the glass, now if you push this knob in the doors don't open from outside right ? FIAT does not have this knob based mechanism but same is implemented using the door opening lever.
    Also in Linea doors autolock after your speed reaches 20km/hr hence even if you've not locked them manually they will be locked when you stop at a signal.

    do you hear unlocking click on stopping the ignition ? Also see if your door is jammed, sometimes due to alignment issue the door needs extra pull to open from outside but it does open.I had this problem with one door which TASS fixed.
  8. Re: Emotion Power Window assembly for Dynamic?

    its very much possible.all wiring etc is present.its a plug n play thing.but i m not sure of availability,getting it ordered etc.for me they gave it off the shelf for 1,155/-.part number is 735485155.

  9. Trip Computer


    Can some one enlighten me what is a Trip Computer on the Linea and how it works? The manual is helpful but think I need to get some basic idea on what it is before I use it.

  10. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Trip Computer

    Trip computer is something that gathers all the info and stores it which you can access and view on your Multi info display (MID).
    You can view various parameters such as:
    [*]Distance to empty
    [*]Trip distance
    [*]Average consumption
    [*]Instantaneous consumption (while driving)
    [*]average speed
    [*]travel time
    Press the trip button to cycle through various options:
    [attachment=0:136c7byv]Trip button.jpg[/attachment:136c7byv]

    There are 2 such trip meters- Trip A and trip B. Trip A is always activated. You can activate or deactivate the trip B by accessing the MyCar settings from the Menu button on the right side of your steering.
    [attachment=1:136c7byv]MID-and Menu button.jpg[/attachment:136c7byv]

    MID-and Menu button.jpg

    Trip button.jpg

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