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Have you heard of Sunfilms from Autographix??

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by vvk007, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. vvk007

    vvk007 Amatore

    I have recently purchased Linea Emotion pk MJD. I stay in Shimoga city, (300 kms from bangalore). I should say shimoga is not at all a good place for any after market works.
    The basic criteria after buying a car is putting sunfilms. After searching everywhere in the forum, I found out that 3M is the best, followed by Garware, Llumar etc..(correct me if i am wrong).
    Today morning when I went to CAR CARE shop (best shop available) here, they told me that they don't know anything about 3M, infact the shop owner was pronouncing it as 3MM. He says he doesn't know about 3M nor 3MM :D. Then i narrowed down to Garware, but he repeatedly asked me not to use Garware because it's not a good company and their products are not reliable. IF I want Garware only, he has to get it from Bangalore it seems and is asking a week time for me.
    He is having the sunfilms only from a company called AUTOGRAPHIX. I have never heard of it. He says he will give me 2 years guarantee for it and he claims it as the best sunfilm producing company.

    So, Can I go ahead with Autographix ?? Is it a good one ?? Pls suggest me. :confused:
  2. Dilip_dmk

    Dilip_dmk Superiore

    Delhi, India
    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.2
  3. vvk007

    vvk007 Amatore

    thank you for the link. he has quoted 2.2k for 4 windows. front windshield excluded.
  4. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Autographix was one brand which I was offered free while purchasing my punto . I am not sure if it comes under a popular brand. But 2.2K , isn't it a bit costly for a local brand ? Garware is one of the best Indian brand. But if he is quoting 2.2 k for Autographix, he is gonna charge you 5k for Garware. Also keep one thing in mind, Garware comes with 2-3 yrs warranty & if there is any issue, they will re fix it. Don't fall for the shop keeper's verbal warranty .
  5. I have huperoptic ceramic series it costed me 13K for all the doors and two windshields.This is much better than 3M and inbettwn Vkool and and 3M.

    P.S: I have used 3M crystalline and ceramic in the past.
  6. Sunfilms play a very important role especially during night drives. I would strongly recommend you to go for a branded product. I have seen Garware films, they are the best Indian manufactured sunfilms, so i would recommend you to wait for week and go for Garware films. I use 3M on my beauty. It costed me 5K for 5windows and the rear wind shield.

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