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Have you enrolled for Aadhar (UID)?

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by ramjn, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. As posted above, there was drive at Bank of India during 2011. And we got it during sep 2011 itself, just around 45 min spent for me +wife. and we got mailer with cards and UID number somewhere during 2012.
    But somehow I too feel that it will be a failed project, with so many vested interests opposing it. But to an extend, I believe govt has failed to effectively convince public that it is almost 100% secure with so many unanswered questions, and also difference of opinion about its usage and implementation among govt departments itself.
  2. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    First, I visited Basaveswara Nagar Post Office, where also the enrolment was going on. But, there was huge crowd there; I was told to come one day 1, show the original documents and give photocopies and come on another designated day for photographing and biometric registration. I got fed up. Later, BBMP opened an enrolment centre at their ward office, where the process was simple with less crowd and without carrying the photocopies. In fact, the operator asked me to dictate my bank details as she typed them! Later, she asked me to check the details, which I did. Only after my approval, she uploaded them! :)
  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Why do they have different processes at different enrollment centers? Can't they make this uniform?

    Worst implementation I would say.

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  4. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Each outsourced enrolment agency adopts its own process to deal with the rush! The operators are paid in commensurate with the number of registrations they do. So, they hurry up the things, commit a lot of mistakes while typing. When I pointed out those typos, the operator in my case, asked me to dictate so that she would directly type without looking into the forms!
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  5. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    If you have already enrolled for National Population Register-Home , which is compulsory by law, you don't need to enroll in Adhaar again.

    Please also note that while enrolling in Adhaar may be voluntary for now, but more & more government departments are beginning to demand Adhaar card in addition to other documents. So you might get it done ASAP.
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  6. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Just a few minutes back, I successfully downloaded e-aadhaar cards/letters of me and my wife's in pdf and saved them. I am yet to get those cards in hard copies.
  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I have also applied for Aadhar today, at my office.

    But not sure, new id/number will be of any help.
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I enrolled on May 28th, got the e-Aadhaar on June28th. The hard copy should arrive soon I reckon.

    It's benefits , criticisms - lets start another thread and discuss there. I'll provide some fodder - UIDAI does not have any legal backing as of yet. It is under Planning Commission, which itself does not have any legal backing. PC was established by an executive order of the Parliament.

    Legal backing means being established by a law passed by the Parliament.

    So who is accountable for all the citizens' sensitive data? Let's discuss there.

  9. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    I enrolled and got my Aadhaar card many months back..
  10. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    I had enrolled for Aadhar in the first drive of the country that started from Hyderabad and got the copy after 45 days. Hard copy was delayed for my parents and it reached after 90 days.
    Its been almost an year now i think.

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