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Has become an owner of Linea Emotion Pack 1.4 (Petrol)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by saravana_kumarh, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I am Saravana from Bangalore, bought a Linea 2009-Emotion pack -Petrol in Sep2012, which was driven just 20K.

    I had driven 2400KM after a paid service(12K) with Prerana. I enjoyed the driving in the highway at 120KMH without any feeling of that speed inside:). (Note that I am a Learner too)

    After enjoying a single trip to Kannyakumari, now I face below issues:

    1. Coolant Oil vanished 95% (I observed only after 2400KM, hence not sure when it was vanished. Also I did not have any warning message in the engine temp indicator). When I spoke to Prerana SC, they asked me to bring the car for a repair of leakage. (I did not see any leakage inside the bonnet)

    2. Since my car was not used much by previous owner, Seems battery become week. Many times(3 out of 10), Engine not starting. Need to try few times to start the engine. (had pain in middle of the traffic in the city)

    3. After started the engine, many times, the indicator (A car with Lock is glowing). Asked about this with the SC, and they told it is because of weakened battery and advised to change the battery. (It is Exide battery inside, 3 years old. I also heard that life of a battery would be 5 years)

    Please give me your suggestions so that I could be happy during my journey in end of December.

  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor


    Congratulations on the Linea.

    As for the issues, if it's still the original battery, then i reckon it's time is up. 3-3.5 years is quite routine for batteries to start showing their age. Although exceptions exist.

    As for the coolant, when you say 95% disappeared, do you imply it disappeared from the bottle, or did 95% disappear from the entire system including inside the engine. It should be some leakage and once addressed properly shouldn't bother you again.

    Good luck. Do put up pics of the Linea.
  3. Thanks Gurjinder for your wishes/reply,

    1. Let me change the battery. Any suggestion on Exide or Amaron? (Service person strongly suggested for Amaron, not sure why)
    2. 95% disappeared from the bottle (on which Min/Max levels indicated).

    Also suggest me what is the wheel alignment intervals. Now I observe steering shake above 80KMH.

  4. bluepunter

    bluepunter Amatore

    I personally feel Amaron is good.
  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Amaron gets my vote as well.

    If you're not driving much, just go by the book or when the servicing is done. Otherwise, many shops recommend every 5000km alignment and rotation and not just to earn money from frequent alignments but to keep tires healthy.

    Get the tires aligned+balanced, from a reputed shop. Will resolve the steering wobble issue. Bangalore TFIans will let you know a good shop.

  6. sandy.chegi

    sandy.chegi Novizio

    Hi Saravana,

    First of all hearty congratulations for the acquisition :).

    With respect to the problems, I am sure you might have checked in and out before buying. So was wondering, if you remember the level of coolant when you were buying the car. May be it was near minimum and it might have dropped further when you took her for the journey.

    With respect to battery, may be time for it to be replaced as suggested by our friends. On the side note, I would suggest you to get the battery checked may be every 6 months for topping up the distilled water, recharging. I guess battery will be given back on same day. That should give a prolonged life for the battery. Yes, Amaron should do good. I have that in my GTX (been about 3 years). Not sure about the specs for Linea though.

    Regarding the wheel alignment, get the alignment checked every 5K KMs (commonly suggested interval). For it to be done, I would suggest Madhus or Vijay alignment center (VV Puram). I had good experience with Vijay alignment center and Madhus are pretty famous in B'lore for their professionalism in tyre/ wheel related work.

    May be there are other good centers as well. B'loreans can give their view points.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
  7. sungoa2010


    Have you filled the coolant to Max when you bought the vehicle?
    Keep 5000 kms of alignment and balancing interval irrespective of the kms run. This will ensure that the tires will be in good health. Steering shake may disappear once the balancing is done. :)
  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Amaron is good, as do the rotation of tyre along with the alignment, Top up the coolant and keep an eye on it alternate days....
  9. Guys,

    Thanks for all your responses.

    1. I filled the coolant when I serviced my Linea before start using. During service, they changed all Oil/Lubricants (Engine/Break/Coolant etc..) Coolant was filled until Max level. Now I booked for a repair service to check any leakage or any other major issues.
    2. Bought an Amaron Din 45 today and seems good.

  10. pv_krish

    pv_krish Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Hi Saravanan,

    By any chance did you open the coolant bottle when the engine was still hot from the trip? Also, did you measure when the engine has cooled. The coolant would be circulating in the engine for sometime even after the engine is stopped. It is advisable not to open the coolant bottle when the engine has just stopped.

    In spite of this if the coolant is not present in the bottle, then there is a possibility of a leakage. Let us also know the exact problem and the resolution of the same. It would be useful to other as well.

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