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Has Autocar Show Team Gone Crazy???????

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by prakhar287, Feb 16, 2011.



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  1. eldrid

    eldrid Amatore

    London, United Kingdom
    London, United Kingdom
    Grande Punto 1.4
    i totally blame fiat's PR for this...they aren't paying the media well enough like other car companies. Even though they make one of the best economy cars they dont sell much because they dont create enough publicity. they should focus on their key strengths....suspension, handling and build quality.....create their messaging around safety and stuff like that. These days im sure safety also emerges as a main concern among people besides fuel economy. And not like fiats give crappy mileage...i get around 14.5 - 15.5 in my punto with average use of ac...not so much difference if u compare it to a ritz/swift which im sure gives not more than 16-17
  2. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Even though FIAT spend money on ads, they are not effective to catch attention of the consumer. Take example of TJet ad, it is so boring, It is such a powerful vehicle the ad should have been more than just admiration guaranteed (I still remember the Cruze Diesel Rocket ad)
  3. nmp

    nmp Amatore

    Thane, Mumbai
    May be they are biased but I'm surprised how come everyone on the TV are against Fiat. Most of the Fiat owners - at least i know or on the forum - say that Fiat cars are the best and none of the Indian car comes closer, how come Media ignores such thing. Definitely Fiat's PR has to take blame for this. We have discussed this umpteen times but Fiat has never paid any attention. :hit
  4. tjetdriver

    tjetdriver Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    Bloody Media.... the recent scams are proofs enough that Vitamin M is the only thing they care for.
    You take an age old padmini and tell them this is the specs of the linea, i will not be surprised if they accept it and show it too.

    the less said about Fiat and its PR the better !
  5. eldrid

    eldrid Amatore

    London, United Kingdom
    London, United Kingdom
    Grande Punto 1.4
    i think Fiat should also have people actively participate and monitor forums like these. I believe these are the only true grounds where the company can gauge how satisfied or dissatisfied consumers are with their products. Else i feel surveys and statistical information are all balls! they dont really tell you where the problem lies or what needs to be corrected.
  6. Why can't we start Video review cars under Team Fiat? and we can also have them uploaded to Youtube or other sites.
    I am ready to join hands with any one in bagalore to get this done.

  7. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Fiat does not bribe them, where as other competitors pamper the anchor well in advance with lots of gifts, As far as Fiat is concerned they just give them car and watch the show.
  8. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Wheelocity,Mad About cars,ACI all r crap utter crap.Even in one of the diesel shooutouts they didnt feature the Punto at all while all the other cars were almost running on the national engine.I was really pissed to watch that show.And they said the polo/figo is the pick of the day with loadsa goodies n a TDi engine is too die for.What non-sense is going around with these programmes?? I prefer CnB show in which Siddharth gives proper reviews and is not biased towards any brand.
  9. prakhar287


    UPDATE- Saw the 10 second advertisement of the linea t-jet again today after a long time. And makes me wonder "Why would anybody at fiat wanna continue with that ad?" I think we have to blame tata because they are the in charge of marketing and promotion for Fiat India. Why the f*** do they not advertise features like Blue&me, Turbo-charged petrol engine, etc. which its competitors don't have and which makes it the best car in the segment. I would be a lot happy when I would not have to explain why i would go for a linea and not Honda city. Bad Brand perception and top of that crappy ads are the reason that a car buyer does not even consider fiat cars in their list.
  10. guru



    I voted yes.but then i dont really think it's crazy because unlike Honda Fiat doesn't spend much money on ads and and probably not much on the sweeteners. This is India after all. i read Ford is introducing Fiesta sedan soon with the lack Fiat marketing and crowded Sedan space. I'll be surprised if they even have Linea in a future comparison.
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