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'Harsh's Torqued Chariot; Lucifer"

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Harsh, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. The jet is usually with mum or dad but special family outing and when my application to drive it is passed i get to fly it!!
  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    You can share TJet+ Ownership review also here. :)
  3. hehehe!! sure sure... in a day or two :)
  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Harsh this is one of the best review I ever read. Nice photos and your Punto looks stunning with those projectors.
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  5. thank you kedarji!!! means a lot!!! your punto has been a major inspiration i'm sure you mustve seen it and read it too!!
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  6. 23000KM Update.


    Some Days ago... i had gone to 3M at palm beach for a small car detailing treatment. Returning from there after about an hour...my front suspension start making weird noises...
    noises like those doors in horror movies. I called up fellow tfi member and 3M boss and informed him about it... we were of the opinion that it mustve happened due to seepage of water or something like that to wait it out and Karthik also told me if i could come again and get it checked....
    the poor fellow almost blamed himself for it though it wasnt his fault or his facility's fault at all. He took me around to a mechanic that he personally knows and got a diagnosis done on my car...

    the mechanic was of the opinion that the mounting lubrication has been affected or reduced go to TASS and it'll happen in warranty.
    Phew! warranty!! i was so happy something like this existed....then came the punch!

    we all looked at my tyres (205/55 R15) and were like "tada...isse toh warranty void hoga"
    then began the search for stock tyres just to make sure my warranty doesn't boom off....

    in the meanwhile Ratanji confidently told me to go in and just tell the issue without mentioning anything...

    so i did that! since I always went to Wasan motors Deonar, i took an appointment and reached there... the service adviser looked at the issue and said it'll be done in warranty..and then looked at my tyres and admired them :p

    He told me to collect the car the next day.

    The Next Day Evening
    I receive my car and switch the ignition on.
    Check Left Side Light
    Check Right Side Light
    Check Rear Light
    Check Number Plate Light.

    I get out of the car and my parking lights are not working! as a result
    Angel Rings Kapoot!
    I unleashed terror there! and all they could say is extra fitting hai...we cant do anything...
    lot of issues happened and i decided to leave the car there.

    Next day i land up and i'm fighting to get it done and they revert by saying we cannot identify the issue. i got fed-up and decided to take the car...the moment i drive out, the main suspensions issue was still there -_-!
    i went quarreled more with the SA and waited till it got done.

    After all this i went to the place where i got my angel rings done and got the answer
    controlling unit failed, BCM TASS will do it.

    This was the scene till yesterday.
    Tomorrow morning I'm heading again to deonar with renewed spirits...
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  7. TASS is a PAIN!!!!!

    I sat in the Workshop for 5 hours till the technicians could sort out the BCM issue!!
    The moment it was done i took the gate pass and zoomed out! only to return 10 mins later with a Ballast (foglamp left) scraping next to my tyres -_-

    They couldn't fix it! they said that the socket was missing! i'm really surprised how they even dismantled it! Frustrated i left from there! i'm gonna sort out the issue where I got the HIDs done.
  8. Finally got the tfi stickers on my car!!


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  9. The 24000 Kms Update


    Still I have not been able to sort out my issue with the lights!

    my left foglamp is not connected to a HID Ballast because the TASS fellows lost the socket for the same. I found it no sense in running behind them because they would never have those parts!

    currently busy with exams and other commitments shall get into fixing this issue soon, mostly by the end of the weekend.

    A new sign has been coming up "Check glow plug" keeps flashing every now and then and automatically switches off.

    i'm attaching a reference photo from another forum because I still haven't clicked mine.

    And then adding to the entire thing... my left wheel arch well (or whatever technically it is called) is in shreds because it came out of its holding and rubbed against the tyre..
    looking at ways and means to get that replaced too.
    Tfi member aniket has told me to check with TCRS but since balaji has become operational will first check into them.

    Any other solutions for my issues would be of great help.
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  10. I completed 1000Kms in WEEK! no one noticed that! :'(
    i noticed it myself right now!
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