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'Harsh's Torqued Chariot; Lucifer"

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Harsh, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. A long time since I was active on this forum, I decided to put forward my ownership review at a historic situation (self-comprised) of 22k Kms. 1 year 2 months and 18 days after I took the delivery of my BNW. Grande Punto 1.3 MJD; my first diesel car! I took the delivery of the car in a rather unusual way; with a broken ankle. My injury occured exactly 1 day before the delivery of my punto and on the same day as i got a call for the delivery. I had to postpone the delivery because i had to get my leg plastered. -_-

    anyways so i did not drive the car for an entire period of 2 months till i had not recovered from my injury but i did enjoy plenty rides in it. The immediate weekend my parents and I decided to go for a small vacation to Lonavala in the new car! The first thing that i was nervous about was that i had bought the car without a test drive only because a year ago i had bought a Tjet+ and was sure about the engine and performance. but then nervous as ever i did tell my mom "i hope we made the right choice". this question was answered immediately at the end of the trip when my punto returned the FE of 25!

    i had not looked into any other car for any other comparisons. I straight of drove my rattled and battled indica to Wasan motors Chembur and booked the Punto Emotion 1.3MJD with an astonishing exchange value for my 5 and half year old indica of 95 thousand!!
    On october 21st, i got the car at 6.93 Lakhs - 95 thousand = 5.93 L. I was also given random accessories like mudflaps and interior foot maps.
    The car was an amazing machine to drive! the day i got a nod from the doctor that i can drive! i rushed home, collected the keys and hit the sea-link for 3 to 4 rounds! man pushed her to 120kms and reduced and followed the same routine the entire evening till my leg hurt all over again :D :D.

    within the few days after recovery i went ahead and put up sunfilms from "garvare" and changed the stock music system to jbl speakers! A little argument and convincing my dad about letting me change the tyres to 15" was not completely won but yes I successfully put MS Alloywheels on my stock tyres! Bombay Tyres was one place where i always went for tyre related issues! Months passed and i was enjoying my car more and more! the TATA tagline of more car per car seemed more apt on the punto MJD. People started gifting me things for my car to hang on the mirrors etc. The Transformer Autobot Logo made the top of the list and has been on the IRVM since then ;)

    I started doing random research about the car since i never did any pre-booking research and came across TFI. i registered my self and was exposed to the whole new scene of modification!! there were many many ideas that i really wanted to try on the punto but din know how it would look! photoshop never gave me much confidence!
    cars like that of kedar bendre and romsi_rk gave me a new level of confidence and i ventured into the whole madness of mods. I decided that i wanted subtle mods where my car would look different but not loud and hard hitting the eyes. The black roof was always on my mind which was well done by using carbonfibre vinly wrap! Then i went a step ahead and got the grill painted by (DIY) and also put the vinyl there! Slowly the greed to make the car a stunner grew and i put HID 6000 K lights!

    By then my car had met with its first "takkarr" i had run over a divider and the engine protection plate had been damaged and used to make noise continuously! @5k the car went in for the servicing and all issues were taken care of! one of the fast services i had in the Deonar workshop.

    i drove (still do) the car very passionately and made sure i don't let anything happen to the car! at drive time of 11K i put the JBL Subwoofer and also added Cadence Components and changed the Head-unit of the Music System. USB was soo missed i eventually changed the HU. All this while i was in search of 1 particular modification!
    'Angel Eyes Headlamps' I did a lot of research but everywhere i got to was 'retrofit' i wanted something like what "romsi_rk' has in his car! but that meant long long waits and mucho peso :p
    i contacted fellow tfi member phew and he did help me out with details but said eventually it is your own headlight that will be used. A nagging feeling inside never let me try it.

    Some months ago (drive time 17k kms) i got hold of second hand headlight bezel dealers and could arrange for punto's pair! Slightly damaged visually but still it fit the bill! paying 3K for the entire pair i went into modifying the penultimate accessory "Angel Eyes". Withing 1 week of acquiring the headlights i got the projectors done! Man! i now felt i had one unique punto!
    This was confirmed during the factory meet where people looked on to the lights and asked me where i got them done and for how much!! What a feeling that was!!
    I was worried about the highway illumination but then again that day it proved descent enough for me!

    One thing that still kept eating my head unconsciously and consciously when i looked at them were the puny tyres! The hunt was on ! first what size! 16 was what i wanted but every shop i went to that idea was tossed away! finally i decided 15" and started to look at alloys and designs. The Lenso Samurai Series had caught my eye from the very begining!
    tyres being absolutely a new area for me i did take a lot of time to decide. i went through several threads in tfi and finally came to a conclusion of either Yokohama C drive and Yokohama S drive. The latter one is what i currently ride on.

    My punto's longest drive has been to Baroda, Gujurat. and the next being the Factory Visit.

    Now going deeper into the technical aspect i'm now trying to insert the Racedynamics DieselTronic Pro tuning box and an air filter/intake (still researching) to make it a more sensible car to ride apart from the "show-off" aspect as my girlfriend calls it.
    I thank TFI for making my driving experience much much better. :-D
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  2. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice review Harsh.. Few pics will do more justice to your love towards your beloved :up
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  3. The Photo Journey :)



    665838_4381981462245_1513665429_o (1).jpg





    210666_4058010763180_592078024_o (1).jpg

    334227_3979066589625_1897229152_o (1).jpg

    458593_3847472139846_1539654795_o (1).jpg

    338866_3799161012098_1663301265_o (1).jpg

    306974_3744534166461_2034677722_n (1).jpg



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  4. punto-er

    punto-er Amatore

    Nice write-up Harsh. Keep updating this thread regularly. And please post more details of the angel-eyes for the benefit of all before everyone starts to ask for it like at the Meet.

    Drive Safe Brada!
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  5. prakhar_lfc

    prakhar_lfc Superiore

    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Linea T-Jet
    Nice write-up Harsh!

    The wait to drive Lucifer for the first time must have been very frustrating!

    Looking forward to the performance mods! :)
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  6. re: 'Harsh's Torqued Chariot; Lucifer"

    Nice write up buddy along with excellent pics..

    How much did it cost you to add vinyl on your roof?

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  7. Hhhaha sure mate!! 100%

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Absolutely!! The wait was for 2 n half months and the car had already done 2.5k kms by then :-(

    But koi nai! Now at 22k i still feel the car is 2k younger ;)

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Arnab back then it costed me about 3k but halfclutch(fellow tfian) has done it himself in under 1k please get in touch with him for more details!!
  8. re: 'Harsh's Torqued Chariot; Lucifer"

    Man I am scared of DIY stuffs!!!

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  9. aaah! u're more like me!!

    anyways a normal carbonfiber wrap won't cost you more than 2K - 2.5K give it a shot...do some research in different auto accessories shops! make sure you go to a guy who has all equipment and also has previous work to show....
  10. The Projector & Angel Eyes Details

    "On public demand ;) ;) :D :D

    I wanted to get Projectors since a very, very long time!
    but retrofitting in original headlamps always scared me about
    1)water seepage
    2)bodily damage.

    Seeing those wicked swifts i used to get tremendously jealous about direct fitting bezels.
    Romsi_rk's thread then gave me hope but then it was shattered when i got to know how he had proclaimed them!

    i contacted so many stores in Delhi and Bangalore but the response was "retrofit". Simultaneously i was speaking to phew bhai (fellow tfian) gathering knowledge about types of projectors!

    this then took a stand still as my hunt for a second hand headlamp pair was futile. TASS gave me a very very high quotation.

    4 or 5 months after my hunt i randomly called one of the numbers and put forward my request...within 2 days he arranged a pair and within the consecutive 3 days the projectors were being fitted.

    I couldve ordered higher end projectors online but initially wanted the process to be followed the way it was. Amar motors in Shivaji Park, mumbai seemed to be a person who had run his hands on several cars including a linea and punto!
    many many rounds of inquiries finally ended into sealing the deal


    the projectors costed me: 9.5K(with HID + wiring)
    fitting costed 3K

    below are few pictures i took during the 5 hours + wait






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