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Happy ending...with d beginning of t-jet

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by gkabillan, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. gkabillan

    gkabillan Timido

    Hi all, really happy to say that i am a proud owner of FIAT T-Jet Dynamic(v.white).
    I dono where to start and how to start. All this happy ending story began one year ago.
    In 2012 my brother and my father(tie up) purchased verna fluidic and they didn’t allow me to join in their team as i like bikes than the cars (also, i got married).After the purchase we loved the car very much. After a short period with the car i moved to Kuwait as my work was there. Then at every visit to India i need a car definitely, as my wife and child is in one place and my Parents are in another place which is some 400kms apart and can’t take Verna as it is required to them. At that point it started.
    So searching... searching and searching for the car.....
    Finally finalized with the following cars...
    1.Fiat Linea and Honda city(Tie).(petrol)
    2.Chevy Sail.(Diesel)
    3.Honda Amaze(Diesel)
    4.TATA Manza.(Diesel)
    5.All new fiesta.(petrol)
    6.VW Vento and Rapid.
    Was trying to choose a car for my budget (so petrol or diesel).also the monthly running will be less than 1500 or 1000 km monthly average in a year.

    1. Fiat Linea and Honda city (Tie)
    Let us talk about these two Beasts finally.
    2. Chevy Sail. (Diesel)
    Test Drove the car. The acceleration and handling is above average. The thing which is required during driving is all fine. As i am 6 ft tall and average body ,when i get ito the car i felt something is missing. The steering is so thin to hold,the plastic quality is not up to mark after driving F.Verna, also Maruti 800 Have good plastic quality i think(had one Maruti 800 1999 model). All says the cabin is Airy with the colour tone, ya, but it is too airy. Dull and boring. Moreover my wife didn’t like the Car Design. At the beginning Confirmed the car from what i have seen in the internet and paper, but that was totally missing when u see it in live.
    3. Honda Amaze (Diesel)
    Personally i didn’t like the design but my wife loved the car in white which we saw in the show room. So we booked for the test drive and we waited for one day(Not wasted that day also-Test Drove the T-Jet.)For my surprise the next day they brought both the petrol and Diesel Varient. First started with petrol and then diesel, the ride was gud but the power was little bit missing in petrol, At higher speed it is not much stable in bumpy roads,chevy sail have a steady ride and control, hate the dashboard, the front seats are too thin for a car to look from outside. Front view of the car is not a catchy (for me) looking,too thin. Diesel engine is Really amazing to drive but the vibration and engine noise inside the cabin is noticeably high , and this is not acceptable for my wife. Ha,a gud chance for me to make Amaze to disappear from my wife’s mind and succeeded in that.
    4. TATA Manza.(Diesel)
    Liked the car, but not the exterior styling, Liked the interiors and moreover the price and performance level are gud.went to the Show room... no one is there, only the watchman sitting and smoking. Asked him where is everyone...he replied ‘’sales persons mother died in car accident so everybody went’’. After that not a single word passed my lips, came back home.
    5. All new fiesta. (petrol)
    My Friend has one but, it is diesel. The inside quality is gud,handling is nice,everything was fine but the diesel variant is out of my budget so planned for petrol. Called the showroom to get some details. The sales person told me,
    Sir why r u goin for new fiesta? Classic is much better than that. The price of petrol variant of new fiesta is equal to top end classic variant diesel. The rear leg room is soo bad for a car with that much price so please change your mind and purchase this.
    Also after some research got some details that the FE of pertol varient is as low as about 7,8kmpl.
    So totally changed my mind.

    6. VW Vento and Rapid.
    Really liked the drive and power of the car,the suspension is gud gear shift is fantastic. The euipment level is very bad for a car in this segment also the service cost and long-term ownership is a worrying part. Drove VW Vento.

    Fiat Linea and Honda city.(petrol)
    Fiat Linea my all time favorite car from the time i saw it on roads. I have heard about “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” but i never experienced such type of feel till i saw a Fiat Linea at a speed of 90-100 kmph crossing me in East coast road(ECR),i chased her with my Two wheeled cheetah yamaha R15 and followed her for about half an hour and admired by its look. At that time I was thinking Linea? from Fiat? Ok. From that point whenever i come across a linea i will definitely look at the car with a romantic look and pause all my ongoing work.
    Honda City is a nice car to have for its brand name and tech. I was impressed by the car because of my friend. He loves the car very much.when he notice a honda city,he will start to talk about the car for at least 15 to 20 min. By that way i was impressed about the car. ANHC is a smart looking car too .so by this i started to explore about ANHC and got impressed.

    So because of this or what?..i dono i have rejected all the competitors in my list even if the cars have some advantages.
    Now ANHC 3rd gen OR FIAT LINEA
    Was in a very confusing stage still the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] gen CITY release. After that i personally didnt like the city because my neighbour have a city with the modulo kit fitted, which looks same as the new one. And the side profile looks same like the verna and nothing they have changed apart from the 50 mm wheel base. The 4[SUP]th[/SUP] gen honda city is still lighter than the present model,this made me to think a lot. Mileage not only decides a car best or worst. All the factors should be taken account like,
    1. Safety (main and important now a days).
    2. Build quality (also comes under safety. Doesn’t only mean fit and finish, the healthy and strong build or sturdy build)
    3. Handling.(Bonding between the car and the driver and also the car and the road.)
    4. Service.
    5. Maintenance.
    6. Spares.
    7. Companies reputation.

    Both the cars are equipped with good safety equipments. But the fiat linea is a step ahead in its sturdy build. The thud sound during the door close and the front bonnet weight,the tank like build,Dual stage air bag,the 195/60 tyre,vehicle weight,etc., feels it as a more strong build than the ANHC .
    The fit and finish in T-jet Variant is fantastic when compared to the old linea's.i didnt notice any panel gaps in any area in my car except the glove box. The plastic quality also feels premium. Also can’t complain anything about the fit and finish in ANHC. The plastic quality is equal in both cars.
    ANHC is not a big deal to get a test drive. After driving my friend’s car several times i like the honda city to drive inside the Chennai traffic, but at ECR Road connecting Pondicherry and Chennai, the drive is bouncy at some places. The confidence is down when we drive the ANHC above 130kmph. The skinny tyre does it job up to its maximum limit but that is not sufficient to a car like city. The worst part is the ground clearance, hate it. The engine response and acceleration is fantastic and the dash is looking soo good to my eyes.
    Fiat Linea’s Handling and driving is one of the best experience. Went to the show room in F.Verna with my wife and Mom. The sales person and the showroom people are good and polite. Inside the showroom Multijet Dynamic,Minimal grey was standing, Was checking the car and really happy and explaining the features to my wife and mom. The T-jet Arrives in 10 min and we went for the ride.
    When i sit inside the car i felt so comfortable,as the sales person is of my height the seats are exactly positioned for me to drive. Took the car for a long drive and the acceleration and pickup is fantastic. My mom and wife are soo comfortable in the back seat and they gave 10/10 Marks. The ACC cools the car in no time. My mom and wife surprised at a place where the car takes the bumpy road like a breeze, but the verna jumps and shakes them a lot while we are coming to the show room at the same road 30 min ago. Felt that the steering is little heavy when compared to verna,but now after completing 500kms i didnt like to hold any other steering in the above list. You can’t hear the engine noise inside the car. The tyre noise with the stock tyre is little worrying part (good year-duraplus). “Blue and me” is one of my favorite part . The equipment level is more than enough for a car in this budget. The music system is enough for me, the speakers are average and can’t complain. My little girl loves to play inside the boot with her own accessories. The gear shift would have been better. The Dash instruments (MID,Media player,Blue and me) are not properly sync’ed with each other, everything has its own settings.
    The car is really a gem, don’t miss this car for some simple reasons. This is the car for those who want a petrol engine for “DAILY USE”,”WEEKEND TRIPS” OR “RACING TRIPS” i will recommend this car for any one.

    So finishing it now as i want to move to kuwait tomorrow with heavy heart that goin to miss all my sweet girls.(my wife, daughter and new born baby Fiat linea). 20140107_172733.jpg
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  2. pemmasg

    pemmasg Regolare

    Congrats gkabillan.

  3. naruf1

    naruf1 Amatore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Congratulation on the new buy.

    Neatly written! and great comparisons for arriving at your choice.

    Hope your trip to kuwait is a short one. Would be good to install car cover or/and someone to periodically start the car to maintain battery charge
  4. krish1484

    krish1484 Novizio

    Linea T-Jet
    Congratulations on your new TJET gkabillan. Wishing you miles and miles of happy motoring with your jet. As a proud owner of jet myself, I am sure you are going to have many a relishing moments in your new FIAT.
  5. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congratulations gkabillan for the Jet :)

    Your jet looks awesome buddy.
  6. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Congratulations for your jet and jet looks amazing.

    If possible remove those door visors it does not look good on Linea. :up
  7. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    Congrats on your Jet, she looks smashing as usual. After driving any Fiat on a two lane undulating road if you then try driving a City on the same stretch you will come back very disappointed and you would have made enemies out the people sitting in the rear seat ;), we have both these cars at home and my better half never likes travelling in the City. No offence meant to any City owners, the City is a very good car in the City :).
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2014
  8. Shri1972

    Shri1972 Amatore

    Congratulations !!! You have made a right choice . The jet is an awesome car. The write-up is good . I agree with Kedar on the door visors . Happy jetting !!

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  9. mathuranuj

    mathuranuj Amatore

    Congrats on the Jet buddy !!! Really glad that you did the correct thing and chose Linea over the Japanese tin can :)

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  10. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Congrats buddy, wise choice!!
    Tjet is looking great.

    Happy Tjetting

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