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Happy Bday gReyHound(1.3 MJD Emotion)

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by gReyHound, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. gReyHound


    It has been a wonderful journey so far with gReyHound (Punto 1.3 MJD Emotion) and today gReyHound is one year old :) so I decided to share my ownership experience and how I ended up buying this beautiful machine.
    It all started in June 2009 when finally i decided that I needed a car, now the option were quite limited that time and i had to choose between Swift, I-20 and Punto. Now the big question was petrol or diesel. After a lot of calculations on the miles that I would cover and considering the ease of comfort in city driving I decided to go with the diesel. I-20 was simply too expensive and was out of the equation. Swift! Maruti has really tuned up the engine nice and even power delivery never felt the turbo lag thanks to the fine tuning and light chassis. Finally I test drove the Punto and the first thing I noticed is the thud sound the door made when I closed it, now that is a solid door ?. Throughout the test drive I got to know how stable the car was and the ease with which she could absorb small potholes was simply superb, best in the class I felt. I felt a bit of turbo lag but as soon as the RPM crossed 2K there was no stopping her. By the time I finished my test drive I had decided “Punto it is for me”.
    I booked the car on 17 Feb @ Concorde motors – Hosur road Bangalore as this was located pretty close to my house. The car arrived on 2nd March and I did a PDI before registration and got delivery on 3rd March. The buying experience was pleasant with no hassles and delivery of the vehicle was on the promised date.
    I drive to office daily and she return pretty descent figures of 14-16 KMPL with 14 being worst and 16 being best and all of this with AC on all the time. On highways she returns anywhere between 18-21 KMPL based on my driving mode?, again this is simply superb. After a year now i am really not bothered much about the mileage( kitna dethi hain crap ;) no offense ) :car
    It is a joy driving this machine,I simply love to drive on the highways never felt so secure even on speeds of 140+ kmph :wow . She also does steep climbs on full capacity without a fuss. :dance
    My take on the after sales support/service is simple; it is not as great as compared to Maruti/Hyundai, but at the same time it is not bad also. Every manufacturer delivers a small amount of faulty cars be it Maruti, Hyundai or fiat for that matter. If you just goggle you will find lot of maruti/Hyundai customers complaining and the worst part is Maruti has a very bad attitude when it comes to sales, it’s like take it or leave it we have lot of customers in queue. :thumbs down
    My car has made around 7 trips to the service centre and below are the issues, some were glitches and some were due to minor accidents
    The first glitch came soon enough and I believe it was after 1 month and the AC stopped to cool all of a sudden.
    Problem- Faulty gasket caused all the cooling gas to leak.
    Resolution- Replaced faulty gasket and refilled cooling gas under warranty.
    Rear left door not locking.
    Problem- Faulty locking cable in the door.
    Resolution- Replaced under warranty.
    AC stops cooling after 20 minutes
    Problem- Faulty expansion chamber
    Resolution- Replaced under warranty
    AC not cooling effectively
    Problem- AC Recirculation mode not working
    Resolution- Rectified under warranty (this one took me 2 visits to resolve)
    Paint Job on Rear left door
    Cause:- A cab driver got someone to get down at the signal and the cabs door was opened so wide that it scratched my door.
    Resolution- Tinkering and Paint job- approximate cost 5 k
    Left front door stuck after accident
    Cause: - Stupid speed racer :hit on his bike crashed into the left door at almost 50-60 kmph when i am taking a right turn.
    Resolution- Left front door replaced and paint job for scratches on the rear door – approximate cost 19 k :shocked (claimed insurance and had to pay 2k :clapping )

    Finally i would like to thank all the members for sharing their experience and providing proper guidance as and when neccesary.
    Also my special thanks to the moderators who work really hard in keeping this forum neat(well organised) and clean. :up
    Simply love this forum
  2. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    very well written and a great ownership review. felt relaxed by the time i read last lines

    wishing you very best with your greyhound .

    from a happy fiat owner.
  3. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    There are very few cars that make you fall in love with....
    Enjoy your love as you celebrate the anniversary / birthday ..

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