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Guys, How do you enjoy the highway ride

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by PranavOne, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    The driver drives and I relax sight seeing!!
    Ilayaraja songs in pendrive,you never know when you've done 150kms!,but intermittently disturbed by the stupid tollways
    More than anything I take a drive on highways only to love and enjoy the palanquin ride of my lovely car and actually there would be no reasons to do 300 kms and return late night,even the drivers would be wondering what was this journey for,only I know why,it's for my Linea!!
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  2. Loki


    Seatbelt on, lane indicators when necessary and wishing that my 1.4 FIRE transformed into a TJet :) Its still more than adequate I think. Sometimes I tend to show-off over bad roads when I see Honda Citys doing it slowly, whereas I just zip - no problem at all - Thanks to my Linea :)
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  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    I love long drives especially the stops in between. I drive at about 110 to 140 and love overtaking zig zag thro' left side on 4 - 6 lane highway like Mumbai- Surat highway.

    I stop lots of time in between. Kids you know. And then stops at good spots from where there is a good view. And then stops for tea, snacks, meals.
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  4. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    its about the journey and not the destination for me. i enjoy driving linea between 90-120 with some occasional bursts. i like taking breaks just for the sake of it, may be a coffee or juice. i believe theres no point in rushing to any destination, instead one should enjoy the route or a roadside eatery. music yes on most of the time, and i sing along when i am alone(i am a decent singer). i wish my linea had better insulation to wind and tyre noise so that i could enjoy her more.
    and when i am not driving i prefer the back seat which i find the best place to be in a linea (if its not a tjet). my dad maintains 100 and linea feels so comfortable at that speed with those super suspension setup. i love the feel when it glides over a bad surface. simply superb.
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  5. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    For me to its about the journey. .
    There are many times where I've deviated by up to
    100kms top take a more picturesque route and just enjoy cruising between 90-110
    For the she thrill I like driving in the ghat section and winding roads and this is only because I have the punto. Occasionally I like to rev hard and maintain top speed

    In city, I generally roll the windows up play good sublime songs and just think of everything fiat :)
    Sometimes I also play the number plate game to pass time in blr traffic
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  6. Ferrariscdr

    Ferrariscdr Amatore

    I love driving this car in ghat road. Last week i had 570km round trip. To my surprise this car can pull easily in 3-4 gear and also accelerates. My speed was 80-120 throughout but except at few stretches where roads were really bad. Music is not much important but like to listen to some rock; do not like breaks but had to stop twice because traveling with family.
  7. prihir

    prihir Amatore

    On Highway Depend on purpose.
    Like when going for an outing Enjoy full comforting on 80-90.
    And if going for some work the then around 100-110.
    Were seatbelt, play music on as per mood and claimant. Like in night I play old songs.
    I maintain my speed on highway and avoided breaking and clutching.
    Also like gurjinder don’t like stopping.
    I have enjoyed my car comfort maximum on highway.
    Also its FE is very good, on last Friday on highway it was given me 22.4 with A/c on 23 degree. I am done run 350 km.

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  8. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I do a lot of highway driving. The speed is totally based on road condition & traffic. Even with excellent roads, I have set my speed warning to 125 kmph, and I normally try & stick to this limit.

    I always wear the seat belt & insist that the front passenger (normally my wife) also wears the seat belt.

    Use of AC is based on the weather. When it is pleasant, I keep the windows very slightly open.

    Based on my experience, I find that a short 'leg stretch' every 3 hrs keeps you going all day. We normally carry some food & soft drinks/water, and I snack at the wheel in low traffic conditions. Once in a while I stop for some hot tea/food. I prefer day driving & usually plan to start early (4 to 5 AM) and reach early. While I have done around 980 kms in one day, in retrospect I feel doing around 500 kms in a day is a better option. It is a more enjoyable way to travel.

    I keep the music on practically all the time. It is mostly soft rock.

    Lastly, in the Punto, only I drive. It is an excellent car for long drives.
  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Still to experience a genuine highway drive. Last one i had was on NH-1 but alas!! It was 2nd day only since i bought 90HP & i was hardly aware of this car's capability, Still i unknowingly had lots of fun. Other than this, some local state-ways or highways segments through cities which has Jam & heavy traffic. Things look better during noon hrs with less 2 wheelers around. That's what i look for, no 2 wheelers, i start enjoy drive. They are totally unpredictable.

    No doubt on it's capabilities now. Whenever i genuinely have it on a highway, I am going to reveal & share a lot & lots of data of 90 HP that journalists have kept secret otherwise (kick auto-cars & bla bla..):mrgreen:
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  10. xler

    xler Novizio

    Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
    Linea 1.3
    If the road is good (4/6 lane) we usually maintain 80 ~ 90 kmph. The underlying motto is "Live and let live". Take care of the poor truckers struggling with their monstrous loads.
    My wife take turns at the wheel and both of us are sedate drivers. Our drives are on an average 1000 kms round trip. Non-stop for about 250 kms before stopping for refreshments.
    Music is on intermittently - selections from the USB or the CD player. Mostly it is the lively chatter of the family catching up on latest updates.
    Only during the night rides - it is only me driving with the kids sleeping at the back. and lots of coffee

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