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Gurgaon Car in Bangalore

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Ichimaru, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Few years back this period used to be 2 months. As per the Team bhp thread link that I have posted it appears to be 11 months now. The road tax in bangalore is pretty high, in the range of 10-14 % I believe.

    If you are shifting permanently, then you can weigh the pros and cons of selling your car and getting another one in Bangalore.
  2. HI All,
    Bangalore Road tax is 14.5% equal to Hyderabad almost.
    all your queries solved:

    When should an out of state vehicle register with RTO in Karnataka?

    A Vehicle is not permitted to ply with other state registration mark beyond 11 months from the date of migration . So you should apply and obtain the Karnataka Registration mark before that period.

    Things to do to re-register an out of Karnataka state vehicle:

    Intimate the nearest RTO within 30 days.
    Pay the required tax.
    Re-register the vehicle within one year after coming to Bangalore.

    Documents required:

    NOC from registration authority of the state where vehicle was registered.
    Registration certificate.
    Proof of address [Bangalore].

    There are few exemptions to Central Government employees and defence personnel.

    Life-time tax will continue, if paid in other state.
    If yearly tax is paid, they continue to pay yearly tax here in Karnataka.

    You can call the RTO helpline in Bangalore: +91-80-2235 3434
    Please visit this:
    and keep a printout of this if you are driving other state Cars or Bikes:

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    refer this LINK for Bangalore RTO


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