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Grey smoke from exhaust

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by nand_nanda, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. nand_nanda

    nand_nanda Timido

    Hi All,

    After few days driving in rain in Bangalore, today I observed a issue while returning from office. I saw fumes of grey color smoke coming from the exhaust. I always use to leave my car idle for one minute before starting/stopping the car. I have not seen this issue in the past three years. Once I saw the smoke on the rear mirror I safely park my car on the side and checked for any warnings on MID and I did not see any issue. I kept my car on and still saw smoke coming from exhaust. Then I opened the hood and checked the oil level which looks perfectly ok. Oil was changed 5 months back during regular service and I have completed close to 6k after service. Only thing which I saw is oil was dark black in color and the viscosity of the oil seems to be ok as per my knowledge. I waited for sometime and the smoke went off. I waited for 5 minutes with car in idle and I did not see any smoke coming from exhaust. I called KHT fiat and told them about the issue, they gave me a reply that smoke will come when the engine is cold (I really don't know if they understood the problem). They said I can drive till there is no warning in MID. I stopped somewhere in between and checked again and I did not see any grey smoke coming. I drove cautiously and reached home. Planning to take it to service center tomorrow itself, but thought I can ask experts to suggest what could be the issue? I don't know if this issue will be seen again. Any suggestions on what should be checked as I don't want any surprises on highway.. :-(

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