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Greater NOIDA to Gwalior

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by johnny, Feb 28, 2012.

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    On 24 Feb, I drove to Gwalior and returned on 27 Feb. TFI member Shashanknathani had given me some detailed instructions about how to navigate through Agra. However, since I did not totally follow his instructions, I thought it would be useful to post my experiences for the benefit of any other person wanting to do this route.

    I started out from Greater NOIDA at 0600 AM. Short of reaching NOIDA, I turned left on the Kalindi Kunj road. The traffic was light and the drive was uneventful till just short of NH2. Due to extensive work in progress, there was no way to turn left on to NH2. So, I turned right on the side road, and carried on till Escorts Hospital. There is a cut in the divider in front of Escorts. So, a U-turn was done and then it became possible to follow NH2 towards Mathura. The road thereafter was four lane till Agra. Just short of Mathura there is a nice complex on the left of the road which has a Sagar Ratna south Indian restaurant. This is a good stop for breakfast. Unfortunately, you cannot access it while returning since there is no cut in the road divider in the vicinity.

    Reaching Agra, I was planning to follow Shashank's advice. However, I was also having MMI which was showing a turn right before Kanpur flyover. Shashank had advised a right turn below Kanpur flyover. Anyway, I decided to follow MMI and turned right. I went through some side roads and finally reached MG Road which finally joins up with the NH. At that time of day, there was a fair amount of traffic.

    From Agra to Dhaulpur, the road was very good. There were two bad patches where flyover work was in progress. The stretch near Dhaulpur bridge waas also quite bad - the bridge surface was also bad. Thereafter it was good going.

    Just short of reaching Gwalior, there is a sign which says to turn right for Gwalior. I decided to follow the new highway which was straight ahead. After driving a few kms, I realised that this highway goes to Jhansi. So I asked directions and realised that I could follow it to reach Maharajpur where the Airfield is located. Since that was my destination, I continued straight. 15 Kms from the fork to Gwalior, there was a flyover over the Bhind road. So, I went under the flyover and turned right under it. 5 kms ahead was the airfield. The Bhind road was in quite a bad condition, but driving most of the distance on the new highway made it worth the effort. After driving on the Bhind road, I am thinking that it may be worthwhile getting the GC mod done.

    For the return we started at 0700 AM. It did not seem a good idea to drive on the Bhind road in darkness. The return trip was similar, except that the drive through Agra was easier since it was well signposted (There was no signposting on the way to Gwalior). The problem came up only after reaching Faridabad. The traffic was choc-a-block even though it was only 1230 PM. The turn towards NOIDA is not well indicated. So continue till Escorts Hospital which will come up on the right, and do a U-turn at the cut. The turn left towards NOIDA comes up immediately after the U-turn. The traffic was really bad till the Greater NOIDA expressway. So, finally reached home only by 1430 PM. Total one way distance was about 370 kms, and I got an average 20.6 kpl.


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