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Great place.. I'm in.. and I've got a story to say!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by phate_b, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Well folks I've been one among the early customers of Punto in India (October 2009) and also an experienced netizen who came to know about this forum only a couple of hours ago::pP---Thanks to Fiat India for sharing that TFI meet album on facebook; and now I'm here...!! And if all goes well..the next time TFI meets up somewhere around; my ride is gonna mess tha party, for sure...:D
    And I'm well impressed with the way this forum is running; the admins, mods and the members...take this.. :clapping

    My Punto had been carrying me ever since as my first(not exactly though, got a lot to explain in that..later) and only car. My ride's name even ended up even as my nickname, since it happened to be the first Punto ever seen by many of my friends. Once some kids in my neighborhood even asked if the car was imported..:!: In fact my interest in the ride came all the way from the good ol' NFS Most Wanted....and the time I heard that its coming to Indian markets I had managed to grab a driving license (without neither proper knowledge nor skill in driving) so I was sure this will be my first car. Though I had an idea of taking a used car at first for perfecting my driving, my parents were not supporting it (bad idea..they later realized) and wanted some new cheap car(obviously petrol). Talking about Fiat we had a problem (still have it) that the nearest service station is at Kochi, almost 100kms from my home. After lot of persuasion I managed to get things fixed at the Punto MJD Active Bossonova White :rolleyes:(atleast...even if you don't get an emotion, this is sure better than driving a nano or an alto)

    My excitement had a mishap...we got our first ride delivered at the sales office of Kulathunkal Motors(Fiat Dealership at Thiruvananthapuram) at Kottayam, which was the nearest place where I could get a Fiat. My automotive illiteracy at that point of time made me to ask those dealers to get me alloys installed for ma new car, and they did it. My uncle took the seat behind the wheel from the dealer office and just around 8kms from there we felt something wrong and soon we saw the front left wheel fall flat on the road :shocked

    Clearly, the guys who installed the alloys did it completely wrong....and the dealers said at first they will fix the car and deliver for free. I demanded for a new car since its idiotic to take a damaged and repaired piece at first hand price. They denied it, we sought help from the consumer forum and also the personnel at their Kottayam sales office supported us in the issue(he had to lose his job later for doing that). After a two month long out of court arguments, we made Kulathunkal Motors deliver us a new car. This time it was fully a factory made Active MJD with no customization. Even now my dad will kick me if I utter the word 'alloy' :-D

    The new ride didn't take much trouble for the first couple of months and then on a semester break I started taking it to the road with assistance from my friends. All my guides were terribly disappointed with my performance almost every time...the car did have a tough time for sure..poor soul:(

    And on my first ever drive without a companion, I did it..my first accident!!:uh hit a pedestrian with my left rear mirror and all that a rookie driver could do...was obviously run!! it was night and again when followed up, people were telling that an indica hit a man and fled. Again since not too many people have seen a Punto and also it was dark. In addition a major accident happened at the very same spot to my good luck (their bad luck of course) and the people were more concerned about it. In a short time we came to know the person who got hit was safe and had only minor injuries.

    Later as i gained skill I gained speed and lost care. later came five more incidents in my amateur stage with all of them involving significant loss of paint/accessories/both. No casualties were involved in any of those incidents. Then at the worst one a bike hit behind my car on a U-turn in the middle of Kochi city. Both passengers on the bike had to be hospitalized and again the car took heavy damage..:-?

    Alongside I have a funny fact. Both my front rubber had burned out at 11k kms!!! And again all four tyres had to be replaced at 23k!!!!!!!

    I hope all you guys got a great impression altogether...:wow

    Presently I concentrate on sensible driving plus economy..so the speed always stays at 50-60; even on highways, unless I'm in a hurry. My rubbers are solid since 23k and no incidents either, thanks to almighty. And even after taking all this, my Punto still loves me..and I'm truly in love with her too... :dance

    In my 3rd year of being with her, we've traveled almost 40,000 kilometers together... :rolleyes:
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Welcome phate_b, and you came to right place.

    So many incident to read in your first post.

    Do open a new thread here - Punto 1.3 MJD - and we would love to read the ownership experience in more detail.
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  3. Welcome aboard phate! That sure is some story. Good to know that you have slowed down a bit. Happy driving.
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  4. Warm welcome to TFI phate ... Have a great stay here .. So now start posting some great snaps of your beauty ..

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  5. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    That is some story u have phate!!:) welcome!!
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  6. Thank you guys...:wink: so i'll come right up there in the MJD category for sure @Ravi...and pics..yeah..am starting right away..

    That's her in front of the Indian Coffee House@ Alappuzha(Aleppey) beach


    And a dark view..at the paddyfields near Pathamuttam, Kottayam...wid a background of evening twilight..

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  7. Oh Man .. This is the place where I use to hang out almost the whole night with my frnds ...

    Thanks for this pic .. Brings back a lot of memories ..

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  8. @Ajit.. thats usually d route i take for an eve out...pleasure drive... both the AC road nd kumarakam-chertala route...a drive to aleppey cutting through lush greenery, canals nd backwaters... is always a good time-out for me..
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  9. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Welcome,nice write up.
    Tyre changes at 11k and 23 k kms???,some thing wrong??,my Linea's tyres are still new at 47k kms.
  10. Nothing seriously wrong...just the way I was driving :shocked

    the current set (Bridgestone Potenza 185) is doing great since 23k..

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