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Grandeur, Then and Now!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Grandeur, May 11, 2010.

  1. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    OK, so far no courageous painters, looks easy and simple from the video, and I almost thought of buy one. But after reading about 2 users who is not happy and didn't have the courage to try further, I thought to wait till Grandeur tries it.
  2. can this be used for deep scratches? I have got a real bad one on the rear door ( near the tyre)..scrapped a rock. The metal underneath is visible now. Or is the service centre the only option?
  3. Fiat-Yamaha

    Fiat-Yamaha Superiore

    Grandeur -

    Its better to stay away from Com-paint. I had use it to paint the Fin-Antenna(look like) few months back & now the painted surface had started to crack. I had even used clear paint for finishing.

    Will get the pics tomorrow.
  4. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Thanks guys for the feedback and suggestions. @Fiat-Yamaha. I was too late to read your feedback :(. Today morning I tried a small job on driver side A-Pillar. The mark was less prominent and not so easily noticeable so I thought it won't differentiate much if things go wrong ;). So here's how I did.

    1. Clean the surface
    2. Used emery paper to smooth-en the surface before applying color spray.
    3. Once the surface was smooth and clean, I used the color spray bottle on required surface.
    4. Immediately after color, use the com-merge can and spray over the area.
    5. For the first time user like me, the first attempt was not successful, I saw few bubbles which I immediately rubbed with fingers with plastic gloves on and made it look smooth, it really helped.

    As per instruction I have to leave the pain for another 24 hrs than I'll put Com-Cut on the painted area. So my next update will be by tomorrow. :)

    However, after finishing the job I'm not confident that I could go further and do the main job which is required on rear wheel arch. I'll wait for another few days or weeks before I do the next job to see the result and how the paint last under the sun. Hope no bubbles and any other issues arise.

    Well, take a look at it in pictures.








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  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Wow, thats almost perfect. No touch up signs altogether. the good thing you did was sprayed on entire pillar area. The masking done is very professional, even the good painters dont take so much care.
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    You are absolutely right, Sandeep. When I tried I also noticed those bubble like perforations or impurity-like marks making the paint surface uneven. How is the difference in shine as compared to original surface nearby?
  7. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    the same in eBay.com by the same seller cost only $120.. max it cost rs.6000 and in eBay.in it cost 13000
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  8. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    where is the next update Sandeep. Lets see how it looks like after the com-cut is used.
  9. This is the nice DIY I should say and very good on your DIY.

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    Nice alloys grandeur.
  10. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    nice work.... thanks for the steps....

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