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    FIAT presents the Grande Punto Sticker Lab, the digital laboratory where you can customize the Grande Punto with a design, an idea or an image that reflects your personality.

    If you fancy yourself as a budding artist, why not show off your talent by creating a sticker for the exterior of the Grande Punto. Can’t draw? That doesn’t matter. The important thing is your creativity and your desire to express yourself, your style. All you need is an idea, a thought, an image, or a song, book or film that changed your life in some way. Your creativity may create an not-to-be-missed opportunity for you to see your project brought to life in collaboration with the Fiat Team, and you could even win a gold ingot worth € 5,000.

    Find out all about the Grande Punto Sticker Lab: http://www.stickerlab.fiatpunto.com

    Source: Fiat.co.uk
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    what's with the log in authentication???

    some secret??:? :mrgreen:

    BTW, contest over.... but the gallery is open...

    Interesting entries there!!

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