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Grande Punto- EM Pack- ICED

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by Cubbie, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Folks.. I was dying to ask few question or clarifications last week when I went for a upgrade of my GP's music quality.

    Whilst the TFI site was being upgraded, It was a feling of a lost like a child in kumbh melaa and was:confused: confused.

    but i had noted down few critical points from earlier TFI ICE Thread visits (read it as stay and not visit ;) )

    Ok, now to the point - I visited MI Road in JPR, this is the hub of all ICE dealers for us.
    there are shops located in narrow alley ways including the main MI Road.

    My budget was Rs 15k (Without SubWoofer)

    My 1st pit stop was Reliance Autozone near panch batti circle on MI Rd, there ample of parking space and various items to choose from.
    Doesnt deal with Blaupunkt systems
    JBL AMP - 800 W - 4 Channel -9000
    JBL Components - 6500
    JLB Coax - 2600
    Wiring - 700
    Fitting - Free
    Dampner - Full door - 2 front doors - 2500
    Subwoofer : by this time i was sweat

    2nd pt stop, a dealer on main MI road, passed thru the alley way carefully as others cars including autos, tempos were queued up to get iced and wanted to avoid any contacts with such dealer due to the fear of Gugaad kind of work they are habitual of doing & no trust in the quality of material they would use... pretty much this lane is full of ICE shops only and a child in me was pushing me to stop and query them on the requiremets... by my heart took over and told me to drive to main road..

    On MI road visited 3-4 dealers and everyone sounded as they do Punto ICE every day.. one even claimed that he just did on yesterday and et all.. I just avoided that kind of dealers and went to a shop called Shyam ICE shop, besides Stan Chart bank. this guy had advertised Clarion on his hoarding & there were 3-4 vehicles being atended to.

    Went in, it was a welcome break from Jpr heat, it was a/c shop.... asked him about Clarion, he said its not available anymore as the cost of CLarion is too high and no one wants to opt for it and he said he got the dealership of PowerBass range and its from USA, but made in China and gave me brief lecture on quality etc and persuaded me to move away from JBL and opt for PowerBass.
    The rates were comparable and actually was Rs500 cheap than JBL.

    However, I had made it clear that as there was no audition given, my car can be used to do it and if I am not satisfied, i will return the speakers and amp and he has to replace it with without any frills or question - THis pact seemed important to him and me as well, as I like to expermient and give away feedback.

    I will come back on what happened (leaving a clue to guess), snaps, if I still have PowerBass or changed.. what went wrong and what went right... stay tuned... wife is cranky, to take her out for some routine shoppin as i spent last 2 weeks ICE'ing my beauty.
  2. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Now, back to the topic,shop owner made me fall for PowerBass brand of Components,Coaxials & the AMP (800W, 4 channels)
    Time it took to install and do the wiring - 6 hours !!
    Jugaad - Yes, few areas :eek:
    Completeness of the Job - Yes
    Satisfaction on the Sound generated after the setup - Not Applicable -- As it was as bad as before or as nice as before(?) :confused:
    Total Spend - 17.5k & Dis-satisfied :oops:

    Snaps : The Powerbass Kit- Front Door:Components, Back door :Coaxials, Wiring from Boss, 2x High to low impendence converter - All China Make, but manufacturer or the Product Brand name is from USA !!!
    No Dampners

    Sound Output : Volume post 15 mark was terrible to hear, distortion, treble was just imperfect..mids was OK till 10 mark and then on all mixed up to give out some terrible music -

    My Suggestion : not compatible with the OEM Stereo system, as you wont get the great sound output that you planned to hear after spending INR 18k

    After 1 week of troubled hearing, this Sat (09-Apr), got the speakers out and got in Kickers Components and Coax, Amp Powerbass still as the JBL one is not yet delivered to his store

    Installation done with Dynamat Dampners on the speaker sockets on all 4 doors

    Total cost 18k+3.5k= INR 21.5k

    Amp will be changed Tuesday to JBL brand...

    The sound output is 180 degree shift from -0 to +180 :dance ::O its now a WoW

    Kicker brand recommended !!











  3. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    gr8 tht u changed the powerbass stuff....its nothin but worth a couple of packs of salt

    u can also try ur hands at a good kenwood 4 channel
    they are cleaner and tht little more powerful than the JBL's
  4. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi Cubbie, nice to see this thread. I think you should have consulted a few FIATians at Facebook while TFI was down. Facebook was the next substitute for many of us till TFI came back. The post count of every TFIan seemed to increase during that 1 week.

    Anyways, I think this saved you from a massive loss:
    I've heard Rockford Fosgate of Karan and they sound awesome, better than my JBL. By the way, the quality of sound increases a lot after damping.
  5. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Thanks Phew and Yashik for the suggestion... but i had already done the deal for JBL and Powerbass was just a intermediate solution so that no one else waste the time experimenting on this brand.

    Now, I have JBL AMP 800W, + Kicker Speakers (Front Components + Back Coaxials) + Velocity 12" Subwoofer (used)
    Final Cost : Approx Rs 24.5k

    Sound Output : 200% improvement from stock
    Satisfaction : Dil mange more !! but I am fine with what I have (Currently)

    Next steps : None for next 12 months (atleast till next bonus time & i may consider Rockford Fosgate or Polk)m+ Wife allowing(Criteria) ;)

    Thanks for all the support

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