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Grande Punto-1.4 Emotion Pk

Discussion in 'Punto 1.4 Fire' started by Cubbie, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Following my purchase of GP 1.4 Em Pk http://teamfiat.co.in/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1336
    today, its the 2nd day of ownership and these are the events :
    Underbody 3M Rust Proof Coating Charges : 2200 (incl Tax)
    Warranty : 5 years on the coating - Dealer was out of Warranty Cards and has promised to get it delivered to my home - Test number 1

    Took the car to Tata / Fiat ASC, car was greeted with smiles as it had the ribbons... people made quick way for the car to get into the washing area, priority was given... i felt happy that after all its not such a bad scene as read on the various online reviews... employer has employed differently abled team to look after the washing department.. felt happy about that and really they are upto the mark in thier task...

    The Deal : Get Under body rust proofing done and Engine bay spray, that would keep the plastics and hoses and other engine parts looking like new on the exterior surface... they showed me another Punto and was impressed.. dont know if this would stay on for long enough...

    After the washing, 1st they sprayed the engine bay protector or whatever they called and then the Tar (black) kind of mixture (3M propritery chemical) was thinned and sprayed with the spray gun thus giving an even coverage of thinsulated underbody cover...

    There was small area between the boot lid and roof that had some paint chipped off...this was corrected... actually have mentioned that if I am not happy then i will get them to repain both the surface during 1st service.. they said its ok...(2nd Test)

    The workshop was over crowded with vehicles Nano's, 1 Merc, 1 M800, Safari's, Indica's and Indigo's.. Only 3 Fiat Vehicle in the whole lot !!!!

    Finally after 3.5hrs, my GP was given back to me.. with the bill to pay... they dont have a facility to take Card Payment... can u believe it... had to request one personnel to drive me to a ATM....

    Service Advisor mentioned that althiugh this is a Sep-2009 model (VIN ending with JPZ), till the time issue doesnt show=up they cant exchange it.. he feels that this car might have had a fix already as it is manufactured in Sep09 - trust he is right...

    What I miss : I remember Honda, Maruti and Hyundai ..they have plush customer longue, with sandwiches, tea coffee etc served or offered inside the longue as complimentory...
    However, there is no such stuff with this delaer.. heard rest of the dealers are of similar state.. so now I know what not to expect !!

    What I got : 2 plastic jugs filled with water - help u r self dhaba style... one TV running some crazy channel... reginoal new paper, no magzine, Toilets stinking, Pan corner - Yes, people spit paan in the corner !!

    Ok, look around you only find drivers - Indica and Indigo... you cant complain... I am not driving Honda City anymore... so cannot complain... i own a Fiat serviced by Tata... :sad1

    After the service, took the car for a long drive of 25kms stretch... the 3rd and 4th gear is good for the pull and 5th for cruising,,, 1st and 2nd.. very sad :confused ...... unlike my previous verna D...which used to take off ... yes take off in 2nd gear...

    The 1st plastic fell off : living upto its tradition ::OO , the 1st plastic part..the bonnet lever fell off... my wife was sick worried...i showed her its a common thing... and easy to fix...

    Strong body, stable at speeds of 80-90kmph. not so slick gear box, bit stiff power steering than my previous cars...
    Clutch travels all the way down..im 6footer so not an issue.. Blue and Me (Nicked her Punni, as against Punto) wonderful= but punni doesnt listen to me.. accent neutralization is my next agenda having worked in BPO for last 10 +yrs..have to redo the accents training :lol:

    So thats it for 2nd day review... enjoy ur ride..cheers


  2. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    fotgot to add....Rust and 3M in the process
  3. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Service Advisor mentioned that althiugh this is a Sep-2009 model (VIN ending with JPZ), till the time issue doesnt show=up they cant exchange it.. he feels that this car might have had a fix already as it is manufactured in Sep09 - trust he is right...

    -- this is in regards to Clutch Sleev replacement... had it in mind but failed to type it...
  4. royj

    royj Esperto

    Sorry to hear this.. Here in Trivandrum, the customer lounge in both the dealers are pretty good - air conditioned and with clean and comfortable seats /sofas - and comparable to that of Hyundai. Hyundai did not offer tea/coffee but KM (one of the TASS) does. No sandwiches though.
  5. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    That rust is a bit worrying.

    Rarely any family prefer sandwiches in this part of the world,so.
  6. Nice to see dealer employing differently able'd folks.About customer lounges all dealers i've been 2 have A/C customer lounges and they serve tea no sandwiches.They have TV as well as loads of magazines too.
  7. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Quick Question : I took my car on highway, noticed that at some 60-75kmph the car give very very light shakes (kind of vibrating types)... this is the second time i have experienced on the same road... may be its the road ??
    Steering remains stable (I mean goes straight line) not much deviation to either side....
    slowing down does help, shakes (vibration) disappear...

    Is this because I haven't driven a Alloy Rim ever or inadequate Tyre Pressure or the Road itself?

    All my previous car I have used this road (Jaipur-Ajmer Expressway), havent observed it.. so Road might not be the culprit? -- Hence leaves me with Tyre Pressure and Alloy Rim...

    Tyre Pressure might not be the culprit, as slowing the car or increasing it beyond 80 kmph solves the issue...
    So is it Wheel Bearing?? ::OO

    Or Am i just Paranoid or I am getting old and my body, knee etc have started to rattle? (naa.... I am just 25+10 Years only :dance ) ---- Pls Help !!
  8. redbull


    Get wheel balancing done!
  9. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    ok.. didnt strike me... as its less than 2 weeks old car...will get it right away and report on the outcome...
  10. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    OK...i got the wheel alignment done, no major deviation, but the alignment fella mentioned that the toe had to be adjusted and thats fixed....what about the vibration?? i haven't noticed it or may be i am used to it now !!

    My friend asked what made me buy the Fiat Grande Punto?? why not other cars...we had done test drives of all hatches together and he was sure shot that i would prefer either a Figo, i20,VW Polo or New Fabia...

    Here it is....why Grande Punto of all the cars...

    I went around and asked for an exchange for the Diesel Verna 2007, 2nd owner 70K Kms... Excellent Condition...
    got 4.5 and it was gone....Hyundai offended me by quoting the lowest exchange offer !! :hit
    Had to commute to office in a taxi.... lined up Test Drives...

    VW Polo - Not interested to pick up the phone and no response for 2 days on the promise to call back & arrange for a TD..

    New Fabia - Immediate response, 30mins the car arrived for TD... 4 of us including the Salesman, took the car for a spin... All Excellent feeling, Door closed with a definite thud...ignition switched on... couldnt make out that the car was ON.... nice simple car with good build and interiors...now there is a nasty road hump...our test bed... there the car made all kind sounds....underbody scrapped the hump...Salesman's face was to be looked...he fumbled for words... Ground Clearance ... 155mm... TD ended with some smiles and a worried look of the underbody..salesmn mentioed that there is a protection layer below and it will affect the chassis...Uggg.. not sure if this was a false promise..what ever protective cover would be tightened to chassis itself...
    Lowest variant no power window

    VW Polo -didnt want leave it uncecked i went to the showroom...complained to the sales team..least bothered to say sorry... thought they have good sales and thier attitude showed...
    Car with Good Looks, highest variant no automatic climate control feature... Engine same as New Fabia..
    VW even went to the length to mention Fabia is not a nice car...i asked what makes him say that... he fumbled..i told both comes from same assembly line... so why its not a nice vehicle...no response... took the car to same hump...passed bcos only 3 people as against 4 in Fabia... i was told VW has 165mm clearance.. good
    Black dashboard...Trendline didnt have many features....no discounts..they were ok to offer 60k discount on the TD vehicle...which had 13K kms...

    i20 - Wow factor, costly and Hyundai tag name...put me against buying this machine...when they cant give a decent exchange rate for thier best selling sedan then who in the world cares to own another machine...well atleast not me... exchange bonus and corporate discounts+free mats, 50% off on seat cover and mud flaps

    No Swift, No Ritz & Vista....left with Fiat & Nissan...
    Took friend to Nissan showroom... 5 cars were parked in different colors and trims... unfortunately all of them were out on battery !!! can you believe it??? Showroom display car !!! they got a Teana and connected th jump start leads to micra's battery ... i told them not to connect the negative directly to batery but to clip to metal part...they didnt listen.. anyways the car started and the stopped...no Fuel !!!!!!!!!! :boxer

    there was a TD car... took a test drive... no keys to start...i felt good about it... smooth engine..steering feels light just like Honda city...drivability in 3rd and 4th gear is good..response was enough to pull the car from 20kmph... no discounts..no alloys on higher variant... some how the round round instrument controls didnt appeal to me... plastics looks cheap...but i may be wrong

    Finally Grande Punto was shown to me..I fell for it...and good deal...fit my budget exactly...
    I had New Fabia and GP in mind...but GP won my heart...didnt care 100 others saying its Tata dont go for it advise... my heart beat for this beauty....i wanted to own it... 10K cheque paid and arranged for finances in 4 days... all set and vehicle delivered.... happy smiles...

    Today i washed my beauty with Amway Car Wash, Polished with turtle wax, Used MicroFibre Cloth to clean and give her a squeky clean finish... some snaps...




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